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  1. Sold! Sending PM
  2. $150 shipped or else i will probably keep this
  3. bump $160 shipped
  4. for sale used only once Penn Clash II 5000 perfect condition spooled with 30lb lime green sufix 832 reel is awesome but I will not have a use for it really, I still have box. $175 shipped
  5. You got a deal, I'll shoot you a PM
  6. Yes no problem. BG sold to Armyman I’ll shoot you a PM
  7. looking to unload some gear sitting around. can ship or meet up I’m in central Nassau, PayPal for all. Pretty firm on the prices based off the condition they’re in, if you want to combine certain items I’d be open to offers. Any questions just ask, thanks Tsunami shield 5k bailless (bail included) used once. Drag knob does not make clicking sound when adjusting for whatever reason but does not effect anything. $75 Quantum Reliance PT 45 (has seals in same locations as Spinfisher VI, 5 year warranty) brand new, reel feels very nice just have way too many reels in this size range. Tiny scratches from being in my reel bag. $75 Daiwa Laguna LT5000 brand new $35 *SOLD* Daiwa BG 4000 used maybe 10x total spooled with brand new 30lb j braid 4x 10/10 cosmetically and 9.5/10 mechanically. $75 *SOLD* Aquaskinz elite surf belt brand new. $35 *SOLD* Aquaskinz bucktail pouch brand new. $25
  8. Chipotle kinda fell off but you need to just get a chicken burrito with no guac and drink water from home and it's one of the better quick healthier options for under $10 still
  9. this is an older child level reading book but I always loved it, such a quick read too you can bang it out in an hour or so it's like 100 pages
  10. remember "The Human Fund" from that Seinfeld episode haha
  11. I'm gonna watch part 2 but part 1 was disappointing you can just tell it's a show that should have been wrapped up already. seasons 1-3 were great though. Jason Bateman seemed like he didn't even wanna be there for the first part of season 4
  12. if the bottom half is ok and has a guide or 2 you could always have a convenient short rod to spool line onto your reels!
  13. Point Jude lures make a "black knight" series that are nicely painted black and usually have a black feathered hook, could have been one of those!
  14. I'm with ya, even if allowed just leaves bad taste. at least wait a week or two before listing jeez i wanna say it was listed on ebay the next day
  15. i think he commented about it already, said since it's a one-time thing and not a commercial selling type deal it's allowed