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  1. You know you can purchase ball handle knobs specifically for that reel in Japan. You can get it in gold or black
  2. Have you tried the uni knot? Much simpler and incredibly strong
  3. Awesome reel
  4. They are, I bought mine about a month ago and received an email saying they will ship tomorrow after being delayed for a month
  5. I have heard from guys who swear up and down they they swim with their Stellas and Saltigas including reeling under water and not having any issues. I don't know why a lot of folks on here think you can't do those kind of things with those reels. I've had my Saltiga dunked and submerged under water many times without issues but never reeled it underwater.
  6. Shimano coltsniper jerkbait
  7. Look into the Shimano Coltsniper jerkbait. I prefer it over the SP and it casts further.
  8. Lots of fellow military veterans smoke it. I love it and would rather smoke weed than drink alcohol nowadays. You'll never experience a hangover with it. A police officer once told me that every incident he has responded to was either dealing with hard drugs or alcohol related, never marijuana alone.
  9. I've used both. Actually have PP ssv2 on one reel and invisibraid on another reel. They say the breaking strength of invisibraid is higher than the displayed lbs. Not sure how true it is but I like both and none has given me issues. I prefer invisibraid white in crystal clear water and PP ssv2 for casting distance.
  10. Yeah! They are called Flair Hawk jigs down here. They work well for Snook, Tarpon, Reds, etc. I'm curios if they would work up north for stripers.
  11. I definitely haven't babied the reel. I've reeled it under water a few times and so far so good. It's only $375 lol
  12. I've never caught a striper or fished for them Grouper is just awesome. I'd say it's the best white meat fish I've had so far. It's really a toss up between grouper and cobia. Snook is an excellent white meat fish.. I mean pure white meat
  13. I got the Saltwater edge vise. It's perfect for tying big bucktails up to 9/0 mustad hooks. You're looking at about $219 for it.