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  1. There would have to be episodes with flashback sequences in order to cast SIM, Rav, etc.
  2. I’m in SC and have noticed we don’t have as many visitors to our feeders this year. Last Summer it was constant air battles . The last two years we had a feeder on the back porch and one on the front porch, but we screened in the back so moved both feeders to the front. I thought that might be why the decrease in birds.
  3. I’m 64. Biggest thing I notice is that it takes me longer to do things than it used to. I’ll look at a project and think “I’ll be done by 2:00”…at 3:00 I’m halfway through. One other thing…it does feel strange to think that I’m sleeping with a grandmother!
  4. Nope, I have been on Enbrel for about 15 years and have not had any side effects. It has worked very well for me. I know several people who have not had as beneficial results with it. Just seems to be the right one for me. They have a co-pay program that pays for the medication as well.
  5. I have both RA and OA. I’ve been on Enbrel for about 15 years for the RA. It is a wonder drug for me. The OA in my hands is getting worse. My hands look like they’ve been beat wit a ball-peen hammer! My doctor said if he could cure the OA he’d have people lined up around the building.
  6. It does suck! Had spinal fusion about 6 years ago. Long, long recovery but less pain. Still have major issues. MRI last year showed arthritis, stenosis, bone spurs and degenerating discs. Give myself a shot every week for arthritis (Enbrel).PT has helped with stretching exercises and core work. Used to lift in my younger days. I’m sure it had an effect. Walking is good. My PT says “motion is lotion”. Physical activity does make you feel better. I get a steroid shot in my spine every three months. It does help with pain and numbness. Somehow it’s nice to know others suffer too, but I wouldn’t wish it on anyone.
  7. Jeremiah Johnson October Sky Braveheart Animal House Rear Window
  8. You know what we need?...more throw pillows and candles.
  9. If they like history, nature etc. I’d go with Jeremiah Johnson. Made my kids watch it many times. Made my son-in-law watch it before he married my daughter just to make sure he liked it.
  10. Good thing...didn’t want to recycle a joke. Red, *************.
  11. Many years ago after doing a google search RE: fishing in the Outer Banks, I landed here reading one of SIM’s “Tales and Lies from the OBX” threads. I was hooked. I was amazed how he made mundane things compelling and eccentric things endearing. I’ve been here everyday since but have never posted. Thanks for guiding me to SOL Steve. RIP. I have to tell a joke now?