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  1. Check out the vmc 2/0 hooks. Strong, sharp and cheap. Just replace when you feel they are too rusty. Owner hooks I feel are little nicer but twice the price or more and they will rust as well. I mostly replace my hooks at the start of my fishing season and let them rust up and replace next year. Hope this helps bud
  2. What size reel was it set up for? What guides and lay out? And what is the handle length from butt to reel seat? I would need it shipped. Would he do $200 shipped?
  3. Cut the single hook off but leave the hair. Put a #1 or if fish are in the teens a 1/0 owner stinger on. 3x
  4. Sounds cool. Nice project man. What you think the weight rating will be on that old long dong
  5. ya I got screwed. I’m still trying to figure out how. He sold me some cheap blank huh? He has his web page and Instagram account. Videos on YouTube and tackle direct. They even carry the rod or did. Still on there. But I don’t see one pic of the blank making process. I didn’t think about that till now. If your out there trying to get “likes” I would put pics and video of the making of such a prize durable fishing tool. Not one picture. Huh? He doesn’t make it To Mexico enough? I f@$k up when I let him talk me in to “his rod”. If I stuck with the CTS he was just a middle man. His rod was less and I though at that point it was just his customer services that was in question, not his Quality
  6. That one didn’t need a lifetime warranty lol. Nice stick. I know nothing about it but I’m sure the guy who Made it and the guy who fish it we’re proud. how long is it?
  7. Seeker has the same guys rolling there world class blanks. Same guy, same roll job. If Rh even had the tooling it still would not be the same. I could roll a joint, then give you my papers and bud and you roll one. Mine is still going to be better because I know what I’m doing and ever single person that holds the two are going to know it the whole point is I bought the rod because it had a warranty. I did my research. Most high end rods come with it no? I wanted a vapor trail. I found SOL when I was looking him up. I read all of the trash on him before I ever talk to him. I gave him a chance and he con me. I wanted a rod that I could have for years for sentimental valve that most would not understand. The VSX 150 is still in perfect shape as is the gear up surf bag. Even my first CCW is still going strong even with all the battle scars. This blank/build is the weak link. Blank Probably made in China or Mexico? Where they made the ferrule fit? I spent countless hours while I was fishing it thinking of why it always twisted and how he got me. What about the spine of the blank? If the top half spline was off and the ferrule was loose? after thousands of cast..and it twisting to the left..it wore down the female ferrule from the inside? That is exactly where the crack is. The male shows wear on one side. “One side” Not from one time putting it together or taking it apart. i was going to ask how to fix it before but knew you guys would want me to fuse it need the 2pc Thanks @snag777 thats what I’m thinking too. I’ll get it “stupid” clean as well for billy
  8. And maybe not. Unless he took the “tooling” out of country lol
  9. I was to frustrated when I posted. I feel in my heart that this happen because of something on his end. I was grasping at straws of why. As far as the joint being reinforce I had read on here or somewhere that the blank manufactures will specify if they want you to wrap the female ferrule. Most do it so they sleep better at night right? I think some said about working it out so the bottom of the guide wrap dose the Job like in this case. I knew that but was hoping someone knew more and that would be my smoking gun lol. I should have never taken delivery of it. I knew right away it did feel right not to mention the specs I had order were totally off.he did offer to rebuild but I was not going to send it back after what it took to get that one because the fish were here and I took it that very night and put a fish on it. I bought a unknown rod from a guy I don’t know on the other side of the country. I mess up. My fault shame on you. His emails and photos conversations lead me to believe he was over the rolling America made blanks. I don’t even know who or what made this blank. I did like it tho. Tad heavy for its size. Maybe the extra paint. so in closing for anyone who want to know how the story ends I will post if I ever hear from him but I’m probably going to fuse it into a one piece and get a few more fish out of it till it fails spectacularly on the beach like a hero! I’m thinking of picking up a GSB 11’ 1-3oz blank and rolling it up myself, throw an American flag wrap on it and smile.
  10. She is lucky to have you. Im sure you have taken the best care with her. Stay strong
  11. Yes my tone is wrong. I can see the writing on the wall and I’m going to have to eat it and move on. Feels like I got con on this. He had no trouble emailing me when I was asking about buying a rod. Talk to him and he even had some rods in tackle direct so I felt like he was legitimate. The rod rod was so loose from day one that it came apart no problem. Never had to put a glove or ice pack or grab a guide to aid it breaking it down. I know what you are saying billy and you are right. You have no idea what someone is doing with the rod after it leaves your shop. If you look at this rod like the rest of my gear it is in great shape. There are no scratch or any signs of rough handling. @theshadow I was lead to believe he was making this blank I guess so if the day came it had to be replaced he would be able to take care of it at low cost since he was making it. And that’s what I’m questioning..if when he or who ever made this blank didn’t have the joint 100% figure out. I feel that it fail permanently and if noting else would be kept track of on his end as something that may need to be fix. With the lifetime warranty and all lol
  12. cool. sold to ANGCorsair thanks guys
  13. Look I’m not saying I expect a lifetime warranty. But if your going to offer a limited lifetime warranty to get more business don’t you have to stand by it? A guy more experience them myself pointed out the guide placement as suspect. I’m keeping names out and trying to relay what I have learn from guys who do know WTF they are talking about. The only thing I think is that the fitting was off in the beginning and cause it to wear to the point of failure. so you are saying having a guide that low on the joint is not a problem? That is Ok? Im not a rod builder. That’s why I pay a rod builder. But it it is not rocket science buddy. It’s a stick. It cracked. Where it crack is weird right? This guy has a bad rep for sure. Is that a excuse? I don’t appreciate your tone. I know your a rod builder and sticking up for your side of the business. But if you didn’t have “stupid” customers wanting Bart Simpson on there handles or paying 450$ for a rod with a warranty you wouldn’t have any work huh?
  14. Hey bud you want them for $108 shipped? Would like to close this and get them out tmw with some others I have to send
  15. Thanks for the input fellas. If the builder would communicate with me I would have not brought it here. This rod is rated 1-4oz. It’s a moderate action rod. I would say it’s more like 1-3oz. the heaviest plug I used was a super strike 2 3/8oz. Popper. In fact I stop throwing even those and just threw the 1.5 oz popper, 2oz metal and 3/4-1oz bucktails with it. I honestly don’t think I over loaded it. This thing is a whip stick. A lot of flex. Is it possible I under weighted it? Is that a thing? Like dry firing a bow? Mostly been using 3/4 this year. The top not seated properly I believe has something to do with it. What about having a guide on the the joint like that? Is that top notch building? Looking through my rod rack the only other rod I have that has a guide that low is my made in Mexico triumph. It’s twice as old but still feels new. Rod I broke before this I slam the truck door on. Rod before that I high stick checking the drag. Both I knew I mess up right away. If I knew I did something I would keep my mouth shut and be to embarrassed to start a thread about it. This one has me thinking it’s not my fault. I pulled the 10’6 1-6oz legend off my rack to use now. I’m the 2nd owner. I don’t think I will have any problems with that one. sorry for the jumble thoughts. Will try to put more time into my proof reading