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  1. Thanks guys. YA boat hull is 200lb + 85lb for motor + 100lb for battery & gas & gear, maybe 350-400lb total is a joke compared to boats I have had in the past. I'm totally on board with the proper way to sure the boat up is letting it sit on the keel and use stands to keep it from falling over but this one has this weird keel that I was hoping someone would have maybe more experience with. I’m not going to let those rollers (stern & day) anywhere near that keel when towing. Was thinking maybe I build the bunks up more so I don’t “oil can” the thing. thanks again for the discussion about it. IM trap in my own head and nice to hear outside thoughts lol
  2. Thanks man for the knowledge. When I pick it up I drove 20 mins and pulled over on the freeway and put my hand on the bearings lol. They look like they were just replace (my lucky day) so so this is what I got now. Put the side guides on that I had. Feeling better about it but bunks still look short. Any reason I can’t move that middle cross brace froward more allowing me to use longer bunks? think I’m going to raise them as high as they go and move that front roller to that more reinforced part of the keel Still at least for now. If I add length to the bunks maybe I would won’t care if it just hangs from the front on the winch?
  3. And anyone know what this is? I thinking something to detach a transducer or live well pump or some but have never seen one like this
  4. Thanks for the input guys. This is what I needed. It’s a 98’ western boat mfg... model w-14, it’s 14’-4” with about 68” beam. They were made not far from me Andy my dad always told me they were as good as Gregor or Klamath welded boats, all made out west here for the west coast and baja. It’s really a nice looking little skiff and I was in love with it when I saw it but the keel surprised me as well. I really was kinda bummed about it and would say it’s probably a design flaw. Your not running that up on the beach lol. The colors makes me think Baja Special but the keel says no way MF lol. I think it’s stock but so little info out there I really don’t know. Looks stock for sure. The guy selling it didn’t have anything to say. He said he found it in a garage where it had been for 10 years. I totally think it’s a different trailer that looks like it has been recently clean up but looks like a bad fit. I got some side bunks from the last boat I had so I got that covered. maybe I’m over thinking it. I saw that the bunk was like 3” short of the transom and I was like ok I’ll pull it up a little then I look and I see how the fit was off and I started down the rabbit hole lol. Maybe for now I move the bow stop froward 4” and pull the boat up a little, adjust these bunks and see how it launches. I’m not far from the ramp but I want to be able to travel with it with a 90lb 9.9hp outboard attach and not end up with a dented tin can lol
  5. Thanks for the vote. I appreciate that. I guess its the keel that has me scratching my head. IT looks like 3/16-1/4 thick aluminum in a T form. Looks like if I put too much weight on it would taco it. I’m thinking they had the same feeling and that’s why it sits like this but I was hoping to improve a little. What if if I added a bunk to have 4 total. Both spots 1and 2 would be supported and I could run the inside bunk ( spot 2) all the way to that front roller and mount brackets on the angle iron at the back of the tongue? like this
  6. Hey guys just got this little 14’ aluminum and I’m not liking the way it sits on the trailer.. im thinking to lengthen the bunks out and move them to support location 1 or 2 in red in the pic (I’m leaning toward 2) and to move the bow roller to support the more reinforce spot on the keel that I mark with a red arrow and question mark in the other pic. As it is apparently the front is just floating with the winch holding it up. What I’m thinking is the keel may come in contact with the trailer at the spot the roller is in now and if I move it forward to the better spot on the boat I may scrape putting it on and off? I may be confusing my self but would love someone more experienced to talk me through what they see going on and would do.
  7. With all respect Could you do $200? I’ll cover fees
  8. Brand new never used gen 4 revo winch left handed. willing to trade for right handed inshore conventional size reel. A Calcutta 300-400 would be great but open and could add cash for the right reel. Will sell for $165 shipped any questions please ask, thanks sol
  9. It’s a gen 4 btw..+ $50
  10. Ok thanks. I do have a new in box abu Reno winch LH that I could add money too as well. Still got the price tag on it never used.
  11. Are you interested in partial trade? I have a stratic 6000 FJ used with box in good shape (can post pics ) and $50 I can offer
  12. So now that I have the bag out I got a local guy who is asking me about it lol, you want this bag or you holding out for something more to your liking?
  13. Let me get the m-tech for 25$ too please. Got a buddy at work who would like that
  14. I’ll take the Firebird Ganzo G7212 if PayPal is ok with you. I’ll take care of the fee
  15. Just snap a few for you. Little dusty and the yellow patch is slightly faded from the California sun lol. Also when I first got it one of the tube was crushed in shipping but I will include the extra ones I replace it with. 125$.. split shipping with me... 135$ shipped? going for a walk. I’m in no hurry so if you want to wait and see if someone has something better no worries