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  1. I think that baby might need a couple pulls on that knocker of your's, Jack
  2. How about the transfer for the warranty? Do you re-register it or just send it in to show ownership if something happens?
  3. ok looks good! $400 I’ll pm you
  4. cool! I’ll get that to you today after I see the pics
  5. I’ll take the legend for $400 if it is in in good shape and I can get a pic of it first
  6. The legend mostly
  7. Would you be willing to sell and ship one of the rods? Have an idea of what you would want for them? You could get the lefty reel you want?
  8. Lol. I got you... since the reel is super light I would think you would want a lighter rod for balance and to use all day without fatigue. The inshore mojo is nice. They are stronger rods I feel. I got mine before the s/s rod but to me it’s fast action didn’t throw lighter bucktails the way I would want to. I ended up wanting something more, something mod/fast, to work it as well as cast it. I ended up getting the steelhead rod after. Handles are a big deciding factor for me and the steelhead rods have a little longer handle for casting that I like. I have never fish or caught fluke but I’m thinking it’s like our flat fish out here so it’s all just what i like for throwing small bucktails and my two cents worth. Your always going to want another one.I want a blackhole Suzuki now haha
  9. Since you said shore casting I was thinking a little longer would help in distance and that it is a 50/50 split so you can transport it to and from in a car or whatever. I have that rod (avid 3/8-1oz 8’6”) and use it in the surf for Perch, small bass, and in the bay for small halibut up to ten pounds or so with a 4000 ci4 fishing 5/8 bucktails. I have a mojo also (3/8-1 1/4 7’6”) but to me for beach fishing it feels short and being a 1 piece it can be a pain to transport. I think the mojo you are talking about weights 5.2 oz and the steelhead rod 5.6 oz and I feel the 1/5 of and ounce is worth it for the extra foot and being a two part... it is higher end ($280) but has the warranty. Mojo is half the price and would be good I’m sure too but since you said 1 oz casting that exceeds the 3/4 and the next one and weights more then the/a steelhead rod. Steelhead rods are made to handle spirited fish in fast water and are stronger then you would think. As far as salt water it’s just the guides or metal parts mostly that you have to worry about so as look as you give it a good freshwater rise they all would work. Most higher end are going to have stainless anyway or titanium if you got the cash....if I were to spend 130-140$ on a 1 oz beach/shore rod for a 3k ci4 I would be looking at Daiwa saltist westcoast inshore line up. I would have one but my girlfriend made me send that one back lol
  10. The trolls wanting to focus on negativity instead of staying positive and trying to become a better fishermen
  11. St croix avid salmon/steelhead 8’6 3/8-1oz
  12. Sounds like a deal! I’ll pm you my info and send me yours buddy. Thanks SOL
  13. How may you thinking? I like the top three. white, blue and the yellow ones..
  14. Your post or story’s are so well written I’ve really enjoyed reading them. I can tell you are a smart guy. That teamed up with a hard work ethic and you will be a great fishermen! Just a word of a caution about giving out your hot spot aka spot burning.. you don’t want to be so specific about where you are fishing. A few weeks ago I had a good little bite one day and couldn’t help but tell a buddy, next afternoon I go down there to find him and some of his other buddy’s all over my spot that I work hard to find. If a guy is trying and you want to help that’s cool but look out for the lazy ones that wait for a good report before they want to pick a rod up. I fish the surf for YEARS as a kid with out catching anything. Your doing great buddy. You should rent one of the skiffs in capitola and go out for rockfish and halibut. I bet you would have a blast
  15. Ya. I would be interested in the smallest SS popper 1st (4 1/2” I think) in sinking or SS bullet in fishy colors. I would also take a large 6” popper + one or two of the others depending