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  1. This shooting was in my town. My sources tell me the farm had pay roll problems, like they didn’t pay the workers.
  2. I’ll trade some plugs for it if your interested
  3. I got one brand new in package. $30 pp f&f shipped to your door
  4. Any of these catch your eye? the 2nd from bottom is a BM I know the top two came from a friend who said the came from a Santa Cruz builder but I’m not sure the bottom I can’t remember the maker. Maybe you know but I could dig it up. I would do your pic of 3 of them
  5. Would you consider plug trades at all? I would make it worth while with 2-3 metal lips. If so I’ll lay some out and take a pic interested in the bottom 533bk-2
  6. @Lou T @XBMX sorry guys for not getting back to you. This week has been unexpectedly busy for me at work. I was is looking for a good gift for a close friend. Something not from the “store”….. but I may go another direction now lol really appreciate the response and I’m goin to check out the runt Lou. XBMX I have eyeballed you knifes more then once. Cool and beautiful but not my style…yet lol thanks guys closing it down
  7. Hey man I’m the one with the WTB auto knife ad in the general classifieds… I saw in my emails you posted something but I can’t see it on the ad. Did you have a lead of where I could fine a Quality one?
    Thanks, Travis

  8. Hi guys, got a good friends birthday coming up and was thinking a pocket knife would be nice for him. looking for a nice EDC auto knife. Something from one of the well know brands in like new condition with box would be preferred but I’ll take a look at anything you got.
  9. Try warzone 2.0 battle Royale vs 150 other players. 100 of hours of your life you will never get back and it’s free
  10. They delayed the start of are commercial crab season in California to avoid whale entanglement this year also. I think they hope a lot of smaller operations don’t make it and go under, and they have less boats on the water to regulate. 100 small boats vs. 10 big boats. Lot easier to keep an eye on 10
  11. How about a wrap like they do on cars? Big O’ sticker to cover the marks. May have to sand it flat tho
  12. I’ll be 2nd in line if bridge rat backs out
  13. Sad sad day. Glad you had 20 years together Sorry for your loss JM