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  1. Firm on 650, sorry. Too much of a loss for me and it’s basically new.
  2. Have any nazi memorabilia?
  3. Looking to sell my vsx 150, it’s in excellent condition. Prefer local pickup on or near Staten Island. 650$$
  4. I’m trying to put together a good fluke setup. I’m pretty set on the blackhole challenger 701, was just looking for a good spinning reel suggestion that would match well. Thanks
  5. Bought*, and yes, obviously. Unless you’re interested though, keep it moving.
  6. Looking to sell my 10’ lami nightshift rated 3/4 - 4. Basically new, 580$ local pickup only near Staten Island. edit: will upload pictures later tonight when I get home from work.
  7. Looking for anything from Mikes c&r line, thanks
  8. I’ll take 1
  9. Bump, someone come through for me
  10. Don’t really need one currently but if I can get one for a good deal I’d take it, respectfully offer 120$
  11. I’ll take this.
  12. Added a few to the collection today, can’t wait to fish them. Much thanks to Marcano for hooking me up and treating me fair, really cool guy.
  13. Looking for a voorhies standard troller, thanks
  14. Tease
  15. Beautiful. How much are you looking for the bottom one with the black stripe?