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  1. Looking for a eurojett Nike and jointed Nike in bone. Thanks
  2. Robinhood freezes trading whenever they feel like it which is ridiculous. Also, you cant send your crypto to another wallet from there, so it’s just trapped on robinhood and they can ultimately do whatever they want with it. I recommend using Gemini and coinbase and storing all your crypto in a wallet like metamask.
  3. Looking for a 2oz swimmer in black, blurple, or any dark color. Thanks
  4. Looking for a RM jr and sr troller, SA deep swimmer. Thanks
  5. Payment sent. Closing this thread. Thanks SOL
  6. Thanks, I’ll take the 2 top ones, the blurple and the yellow one.
  7. Don’t hAve any RM to trade unfortunately. I will definitely buy one if you end up not trading them. Thanks though
  8. Looking for a bay minnow. thanks
  9. I have a 10ft lamiglas nightshift 1-4, 425 if you pick it up on staten island
  10. Offer 60 for the mag, I’ll pick it up located on SI aswell
  11. Retracted.
  12. Spotted these today at my local tackle shop. Still don’t know who the builder is but he does make some nice plugs.
  13. Cut 3/0
  14. I have this humidor and traveling humidor I’m willing to trade for some plugs if you have any interest