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  1. Bogey sounds like a great deal. just message me your pp info. Thanks again to all who replied
  2. Just waiting to hear back from Dave who replied first. Let me see what he's got to offer and then we can decide. Thanks for the reply.
  3. Thanks Dave. Of course looking to spend as little as possible but it would all depend on the condition. Pics would be great.
  4. Title says it all. Thanks
  5. Don't believe Penn made an aluminum spool for the 145. Newell made one and so did Tiburon. I have a Newell aluminum spool for the 145 which you can have for 45 dollars shipped. I also have the plastic one or chrome spool that originally came with the 145. Let me know which you prefer. Price on the Newell aluminum spool for the 145 is firm.
  6. Reel Sold Thanks Tim and SOL
  7. you drive a hard bargain. I'll pm you my paypal info let me know your address
  8. Charlie I have to hold at 170 shipped. The reel is mint and in NIB condition. Let me know and I'll ship it out today for you.
  9. Plainview Long Island. Exit 48 LIE
  10. Still available at 160 shipped.
  11. I have a Penn Slammer 5500 which I used once. Looking for 170 shipped PP preferred. Reel is in NIB condition but I will not try and pass it off as never having been used although there is not a mark on the reel. Comes with extra knob and all original paperwork.
  12. Rod sold. Thanks SOL