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  1. For the full moon tides this weekend in my surf bag to start I have 6 sp minnows of different colors and sizes two stick shads , a darter a blurple needle fish , a black bomber 3 al gags a pencil popper a white spook 2 small magic swimmers in my surf bag . And I’ll have my tackle bag in the truck for any changes I decide to make
  2. I have sponsors who give me rods and tackle to test on film . No one gets this footage except me and these companies . Don’t worry guys I love the stripers to much to sign their death certificate
  3. Yah I’m over catching the dinks . I caught two over 30” last weekend . I’m ready for 40”+ lol something worth filming on the GoPro
  4. Think don’t 20+ lb bass will come in with the full moon?!
  5. What do you guys think ... some 20+lb bass come in with these full moon tides ? The south side beaches and canal have herring , bunker and mackerel ....
  6. I’ll be cape cod bound by 11 pm tonight to surf cast the full moon tides . I’ll be hitting the canal and some south side beaches !!! Anyone else fishing ?
  7. I bet your almost as excited as he is . Some of my greatest memories are of me and my brother on my dads boat
  8. I think there will be fish around , but not in the numbers we usually see for mid May . I think the big blue heads will be few and far between but should have no issues getting a limit
  9. Lol no one can just be happy that fish are finally here and the bait is filling in . Everyone has to find something to bitch about . Everyone is real salty here , just be happy stripers are back . There’s always been crowds at the canal and on the cape . Deal with it or stop fishing ... other people enjoy catching fish too, might be news to some of you the way you talk
  10. With the coming full moon I’m thinking some bigger fish should be coming with it!!!!
  11. Crowds weren’t to bad this weekend . Around the herring run had some guys but there wasn’t anything like it is come June and july
  12. I caught 3 fish at 30-32” this weekend there with countless 20-27” fish too .
  13. When do you guys think the bigger 20+ lb bass will show up . Last year I got one 22 lbs on May 17th . Let’s hear your thoughts
  14. Had a great morning
  15. This is a huge help guys I appreciate it so much ! Once she’s in the water I hope to see you guys out there ! Maybe even take some of the helpful guys on a trip !