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  1. It is suggested to leave them and unhook them in the white water . But there’s no restrictions on taking them out to unhook them . In Massachusetts atleast . Some states did place restrictions on it though so your not completely off
  2. Sharks
  3. Get out and go fishing if you have the know how and gear to handle it . These sharks are down in numbers so please do not go after them if you can’t land them in a timely manner and handle them properly . Last Friday we landed 6 sharks lost 4 and missed two . 12 total takes that night
  4. Yea I’ve called around to a few places no one has them
  5. Well let’s stay hopeful and keep our fingered crossed
  6. Really hoping tonight’s full moon and the 4:42 am tide turn tomorrow will get some decent fish in and around the canal . Wishful thinking but I’m hoping some bigger bass show up
  7. Yes still waiting on the recs to really show up! We will talk more and plan a trip
  8. Yup they are showing more everyday . You been tuna fishing at all? We could buddy boat and work together if you wanna plan some trips
  9. I’ve been seeing some bonito caught everyday this week Jack . Most have been in cape cod bay . But I did get into a good school of fish Tuesday morning down in Nantucket sound! Things are starting to get good
  10. I know that is nothing but for no albies being around it’s funny all morning I watched boats running infront of each other straight through schools of bones and sounding them . People screaming at each other . And it’s just the behgining
  11. The **** show is beginning
  12. I got a 21’ Boston whaler I got a wedding next weekend but after that I’ll be out almost every weekend . Your welcome to come out for a trip mike
  13. We got on them quick tonight . 40 minutes set up and it wasn’t even fully dark and we had are first take . Hooked and landed a beautiful male brown shark at 64” and with the formula the state gave us puts him around 85-95 lbs . Was in the process of getting a tag in him and one of our other rods took off screaming . Another male at 71” formula gave us about 110 lbs . Was awesome fights for both sharks
  14. Glad the set up worked !!
  15. Down the cape this week . Going to hit the beaches hard searching for brownies and sand tigers . Got a sandy last year and lost a nice brownie close to shore . I have two spots in mind but want to ask some more experienced shark anglers opinions