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  1. Some people can’t catch commercial sized bass anywhere but the canal . Almost like beaches don’t exist
  2. With the full moon tomorrow we stand a good chance of some bigger surf caught fish this weekend
  3. Pm sent good luck
  4. Big fish have shown up in pretty good numbers this week . By big fish I mean 20 lbs + so bigger fish I should say
  5. Soon enough they will stop all fishing at the canal . This is the beginning of the end boys
  6. Lyme disease sounds like it could be a real candidate
  7. Jeff I feel you on this one . I’ve been fishing hard and while catching lots of fish almost all are sub 28” and a few 28-32” fish . That’s crazy for the first week of June . June 2nd last year I had a 32# and a 36# fish in one morning tide
  8. You can get a penn battalion or pen prevail 2 10-11’ 2-6 oz for 79-120$ . Perfect starter canal rod
  9. If you read your post it says MOST fisherman at canal are unskilled . And yes this would be accurate if you take a look at the whole mass of fisherman who storm the canal . Don’t get me wrong there are PLENTY of very skilled fisherman at the canal daily . I’m not disrespecting anyone Bob all I’m saying is that the canal is certainly a place where people can catch fish quite easily a lot of the time that could not find fish anywhere else on any normal basis . No disrespect to any fisherman . As long as they respect our resource that we love and cherish so much I have full respect for every angler and hope everyone catches fish
  10. Cough cough .....
  11. The last 3 years at the canal big fish have been committing suicide they are still around maybe not like the 90’s but there’s big girls around . Hopefully they stay out of the ditch and on the beaches where only the more skilled anglers can consistently catch them !
  12. You must mail it in . I mailed mine in and got back in 3 weeks
  13. I’m baffled at the fact that there still hasn’t been a decent push of good sized bass into the lower cape yet . Very strange
  14. They were open Saturday morning
  15. If prices go like last year 4 30 pound bass a week could be plenty to live on for a week