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  1. Brax landing in hrwhich is a great dinner or lunch spot … fishing you could try stage harbor at high tide or dusk or dawn . I use to catch some real nice bass and fluke in there from shore
  2. Decent amount of pheasant stocked areas
  3. I get about 2 free taxidermy mounts a year from supply my taxedermist with pelts . So I’d say 1000$ or more
  4. I got mine for zone 8 and will grab a surplus for zone 10,11 and 12
  5. It clearly states on the page you sent the link too . It goes from October 15 2022-March 8 2023 . It simply says jan 1 showing it’s a new year
  6. Lol your very wrong . Coyote season is from October 8-end of March . You simply cannot use electronic calls for the two weeks of shotgun deer season
  7. It’s a cattle and sheep . So no coyotes must go
  8. I had - coyote Chase 4 deer past me in ct this year
  9. At a couple farms I HVE permission to hunt in ct the land owner wants every single predator shot on site . I’ve had to ruin some pretty active deer hunts when a coyote walks in . Land owners one rule is any coyote seen is shot or shot at … that’s not usually my style . But some places they are a problem some places they aren’t . Either way if one comes to my call it’s shot
  10. Lol so much arguing . I simply wanted to know if anyone hunted Scusset . Nothing you guys say will get me to stop hunting coyotes. I don’t kill 60 a year . I’m lucky to shoot 5-10 in a 6 month season . It just gets me out of the house and into the woods during the off seasons
  11. I love hunting goose and deer too! Tell me where and I’ll come try and help lol
  12. I’m by no mean saying we need to kill more coyotes . I’m saying I like to hunt coyotes it’s challenging and fun . And taking out a coyote or two certainly doesn’t hurt the deer population and fawns odds of surviving . So i hunt coyotes for fun and predator control. Not saying we need predator control but it doesn’t hurt either
  13. Because it seems 95% of the guys here are from or around the cape . Figured it was a good place to ask
  14. 73% of fawns were killed . 80% of those by coyotes
  15. https://stacylynharris.com/do-coyotes-affect-deer-populations/