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  1. This happened in Worcester the chief got in big trouble maybe even some jail time from wrongfully denying Ltc permits
  2. Why haven’t we wet a line yet then !
  3. It’s a war zone out there . I wouldn’t feel comfortable fishing like that again. I’ll be far away from crowds or on the beach
  4. And there was so many people you could never truly know who the culprit was . Needless to say I’ll be fishing beaches
  5. I said something to a guy and he literally lifted his shirt to show me his gun .... I conceal carry also but is a 5$ jig worth a shoot out . I just told him I’ve been doing this 20 years now and it’s guys like him and his 20 buddies who ruin our sport and give the good guys a bad name
  6. Last night was one of the biggest **** shows I’ve seen . I’ve been down for nearly a week and hadn’t lost one jig untill lastnight . 5 times I was crossed and screamed at to “open your fu**ing bale “ and Everytime I’d let my line to the person my line got cut and my jig was taken . I fished the last 3 nights at different spots all over the canal with all different sized groups of people and we never managed to get tangled EVERYcast or to steal each other’s tackle. Guys had no idea what canal etiquette is or a casting rotation . I do not think I will ever partake in a **** show spot like that again .... oh yah and there was no fish either
  7. m
  8. She wants to go visit her friends from college . And that was her way of getting me to go ...” we will be rite on the water so you can fish all night if your bored “
  9. I’m staying at my girlfriends friends camp site tomorrow night . It’s me and 4 girls .... needless to say I’m going fishing ALL night . Can anyone help me with spots that might be fishy.... I have a house down the cape so I rarely fish Rhode Island ! Help me out for a night
  10. Diawa bg 5000 or 6500 is in my opinion the best canal reel for a bargain
  11. Yes and I love them . Put 6x 4/0 vmc hooks and 180 lb rosco split rings and your canal ready
  12. I have a website you can order he knock off swimmers and stick shads. They come with no rings or hooks . 3 for 29$ . Put good hooks and split rings and they preform rite up there with sebile
  13. Dm me I’ll send you a few spots . Some great shore and kayak spots
  14. When are you guys coming up ?