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  1. This was my favorite fishing method before the beach replenishment seemed to get worse and wipe out my spots. I gave it a shot last week and saw no signs of life. I caught 2 fluke over 28" from the surf/sods in 2016 and many more keepers. Just when I started thinking I had the game mastered my spots dried up and I didn't get one keeper from any of them last year!! My only advice would be to experiment with your teasers. I won't give away my favs but experiment and you will be surprised what works.
  2. 3 short stripers and my buddy got 1 keeper at 32" working the bridges and banks. Pink flukes, swim shads, and bucktails all got bit. For some reason we just couldn't find a hot pattern.
  3. Unbelievable! There was a similar picture floating around facebook last year. People are scumbags! Drum are difficult to fillet. If you are too lazy to watch a utube video to learn to do it right then don't kill them!!!
  4. We could always use a good stocked pond to get the kids confidence going! Our little pond takes a beating from the locals on top of our weekly classes.
  5. I am an instructor with the Hooked On Fishing Not On Drugs Program in NJ. If you want more info shoot me a message or check us out at - We are always looking for volunteers/donations and always willing to help any kids. If you know any underprivileged kids in need of gear hit me up and I will see to it that they have a rod and reel in their hand asap.
  6. I worked at a bar where the cops would chalk your tires! For example they would come by at 2pm and chalk your tire, when you leave at 5pm they knew you were drinking for 3 hours and would pull you over. The owners used to get pissed! I think this would be tough to do in 2019 now that everyone has cameras on their phones and I believe it is illegal for the cops to do.
  7. Yak. I did not kill the driveway snakehead. I released it to my front lawn where it slithered into a sewer drain and swam into your local fishing hole . All bowfin were released though
  8. Saw the same **** on the AC Jetty. They had cab drivers coming and picking up bags of short tog. There isn't much they can do to the Asians because they give fake names and come from out of state. Apparently NJ won't issue warrants for fish and game violations to out of staters. I was pissed when they told me that. I gave the guy all the info/license plates of the cabs and pics of the perps. He already knew it was going on and said they would do what they could.
  9. Good run on snakes and bowfin. Still avoiding the river as the rain is probably making it nasty!
  10. Bluefish are my favorite fish to eat and I have had almost all of them fresh caught. I hated them for years and tried everything until I figured out how to prepare it. It's actually simple. As soon as you catch it you slice its throat. Let it bleed for no more than 5 mins then fillet it. Put the fresh fillets on paper towels to remove any excess moisture/oil. Then put a few paper towels in a Ziploc bag, add the fillets, seal the bag and place on ice. The are many problems with bluefish meat. Bluefish meat gets nasty when wet. Bluefish meat gets nasty when not filleted instantly as their stomach acid gets in their meat. Bluefish meat gets nasty if you don't bleed it and cut out the blood. Follow these rules and I promise you it is delicious. Fail to bleed, fillet, dry, pack and ice and it comes out like ****.
  11. These regs suck! The best fluke fishing in the SJ bays is april and may. It is a crime what the politicians have allowed to happen to our fishing regulations. They allow commercial boats to drag up the biggest spawning fluke on the continental shelf and punish us for the declining stocks!
  12. It's still too nasty to fish the river! I went out yesterday from land and caught 3 snakeheads and a couple bowfin. The biggest snake was 5lbs and the biggest bow was a lil over 4. They were all caught on frogs and a chartterbait with a swimbait trailer. The bowfin have their blue fins which indicates they are ready to spawn soon. I actually witnessed a snakehead with a fry ball already! Those bastards must spawn from April til September! Its no surprise they are getting bigger and growing in population in nj. Yesterday's fish was my biggest snake and I had a follow from one that dwarfed it!
  13. Did you get banned from making predictions on the yearly spot totals yet?
  14. Yo JZ, I used to follow this thread on BB. I'm glad it is still alive and well!
  15. Awesome fellas. I will keep yall posted. I'm waiting for the river and wind to lay down and the bite to pick up.