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  1. I always have a good time on the Bounty hunter. Capt Eric knows what he is doing and if he doesn't like the outcome, a nice discount is offered for next trip.
  2. who is buying $130 canal needles?!?!
  3. I'd like to see it tested on blues.
  4. I don't even back up my bros this hard. lol
  5. Cool but a lot of work for the fish we have here.
  6. Can't be mad about that money. I like how he made a burner account stick up for the bait.
  7. if anyone finds a 7ft green OSAngler with a 3k ballistic. You can keep the damn thing!
  8. i have a sgn narrow. smoke red.
  9. I bought some ring sets off the big river site, 2 ton epoxy and fixed it myself. Easy DIY.
  10. I've been running south to chase hardtails. Its that time of the season.
  11. Moving to central MA sucks to get to the saltwater sometimes.
  12. Lots of action where I went. Couple quick blitz and mostly blind casting for them. Caught my PB sea robin while chasing for fluke too. Should have better time with clear skies tomorrow.
  13. Took a 2hr drive and found some chubs and huge bonito.
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