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  1. Neoprene booties and cheap ice cleats if i need a little bit of traction on top of rocks after swimming out to them. Dont want to carry extra weight and these do just fine out there.
  2. a few dinks off the rocks today in NH
  3. farmed trash fish.
  4. its New England... it might happen after the heatwave.
  5. couldn't even keep in contact with a 3oz bucktail from shore today.
  6. they address issues?
  7. Returned to my rocky beach for togs yesterday and they seemed to move somewhere else, only 4 togs after a long outing with 2 other friends. Beautiful days are ahead of us!
  8. play with your twitch speeds with a slow varying retrieve speed.
  9. i suggest fatty tires if you will be riding on sand. Milk crate and rod holder is pretty much the simplest setup you can do.
  10. It has been spotty but should pick up this week with warm weather. Been catching alot of herring over shad there.
  11. Hot spot drop for ya 42°20'21.5"N 70°59'12.2"W
  12. a redbull and a joint of the finest devils lettuce.
  13. Pretty rocky beach, Inside.
  14. Went this morning and fished a beach for togs, limited out with 2 other buddies within 4 hours. Left before the weather turned crappy.
  15. Next couple days will be fire for sure when it warms up. They are huge too.