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  1. Fished under a couple bridges near the mouth all day saturday and landed a handful of 21s. Lots of macs around but nothing chasing them...
  2. any where with a parking spot. All of boston harbor has fish.
  3. 24-28 would be perfect for the grill. Each season i only try to keep fish between 28-31 anyways.
  4. Definitely an albie. it ran and peeled drag, almost 20inches and fat. Will get pics up later hopefully when i get out of work.
  5. Was on a certain jetty facing west fishing for blues when my buddy hooked up to an Albie... is it early for albies to show up or is this normal? i was surprised to see one.
  6. Merrimack river, oatmeal ball.
  7. VR175 / 106 Mojo 2-6oz VSX150 / 9ft Legend 3/4 - 4oz
  8. He wasn't even fishing, from the video it looks like he was just strolling the beach and collecting seaweed under the hightide line..
  9. When is the surfcasting party supposed to be held there?
  10. Got into a handful of blues Sunday morning in Narragansett in the low 20s. Didn't hook up to any bass but damn those big blues were fun on light tackle.
  11. The boat ramp side is the cleanest side to fish on.
  12. I only fish there in the day time with a friend. The fishing has been really good right at the dam. There are a couple areas where you can park and fish AND can keep an eye on the car as well.
  13. Sorry i didnt see this until now. Is the offer still open? Pics?
  14. Load up a 2-3oz sinker and cast a few times. It'll lay the line down perfect after.
  15. awesome!