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  1. A few years back I remember people catching small togs at the Hampton Jetty.
  2. Aggressive spook hits
  3. caught a 35lber doing what i've been doing for years, blind casting spooks til something gets it.
  4. You sound like a racist.
  5. What size reel is everyone putting on a Suzuki 801L?
  6. Sufix. Was a long time powerpro user but ever since I swapped lines I never looked back.
  7. Was there any kind of work done to the any of the rods, Replaced guides and whatnot that you know of? IF the condition for both rods are in great condition, I'll offer you 250 for the pair. Picked up ASAP.
  8. Tomos in Salem MA
  9. I bought a few of these at the Plum Island fishing show last year for like $2. I still have a hard time getting the action down.
  10. is that 60 or 600? I am in the wrong business if 600
  11. she's free to swim til the next person catches it.
  12. So far, I find the lever drag annoying to mess with and what's wrong with lefties? Its much more comfortable for me reeling. Other than that the setup feels great. Plucked her off a bridge without a problem.