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  1. You can get green crabs from hampton harbor. Quick 5min net dipping.
  2. Daiwa BG. Cheap, takes a beating, does everything you want it to.
  3. Ill take the Stradic for asking. Paypal ready.
  4. Increases the yields. Also if you are growing near nosey neighbors it helps keep it short and under the fence line if you are worried about that. Short and wide is the way to go.
  5. Great rods, excellent warranty.
  6. Payment Sent. Sent you a PM with address.
  7. What size battery is that? 20,000mAh?
  8. I had more luck fishing the intercoastal than beach front at indian.
  9. Dark lightnings off the Zon. $55
  10. HGF are you stress training the plants? I supercrop/tie down my plants to make them short and fat.
  11. Ipswich took every chance to make it residents only even before covid.
  12. Scott7980 is like the drunk crackhead at the stop light. Just yelling out random words and trying to make a point.
  13. But when they work, you'll buy nothing but wounded plugs from now on.
  14. Woozy Fishing posted a nice weakfish from over the weekend. Are they making a return?