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  1. I want to get the Penn Prevail 9’ rod to go with my Penn Battle 2 6000 reel, I will b using it for casting lures, I’m not sure if I should get the medium, or medium light... any suggestions? also, will 30/40 lbs braid b ok with this rod n reel combo??
  2. Ohhhhh ok I think I know where it is now , k thnx a bunch for clarifying that for me
  3. Park at Overlook beach? Or oak beach? Overlook beach looks a bit far on google maps from the Robert Moses bridge that I want to fish by
  4. Awesome! Hey thnx again man!
  5. Ok I see , thnx man, I’m new to Long Island and to surf casting lol .. I’ve been to jones field 6 n west end also , so this inlet would b past jones beach correct? Is there a specific exit I take to get to the inlet shore by the bridge??
  6. Does anyone know if you need 4x4 permit to access the surf under the captree bridge ? I hve my night fishing permit but not sure if I need the 4x4 also to park n fish there
  7. Ok got it, so I usually cast bait like clams n bunker with 4-6 oz weights n I don’t mind spending more money for a separate bait rod , do U hve any recommendations?
  8. Once again a newbie question, I have a Penn Battle 2 the 6000 model reel,I wanted to get a 9’ Penn Prevail rod but not sure which to get and if I should get medium, medium heavy or medium light .. also I want to be able to fish both bait and lures with it if possible.. any suggestions??
  9. Copy that! Great advice !!! I will try it tonight .. I absolutely love this site!! I’m a amateur n want to learn all I can n there is so much fishing knowledge on here
  10. It’s my first time using these , Wen you go to retrieve them n it’s drsgging on the bottom is that mean the jig head I put in it is too heavy? Or is it supposed to drag on the bottom? Is there a certain technique to retrieve them ?
  11. Awesome tips!! Thnx guys!
  12. I was at the pier by my house earlier n I heard n saw fish jumping out the water, wen I see this happening is there a certain lure I should be using?also wat does it mean wen fish r jumping out of the water?
  13. @wolfdog , roger that, thnx brother! Will do!
  14. Lol soooooooo that meansssss... that there is not a lot of action here?? Lol
  15. I was wondering if anyone knew anything bout the new green island fishing pier at jones beach, jus curious to know how the fishing is there , thnx again in advance for the tips!