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  1. There's way too many factors..are we talking boat fish included? We all know they dont count as catches. Lol my main concern was any experienced surfcaster endulging in losing count of catches has a much lower rate.
  2. Who said anything about fishing on top of other guys or posting all of my catches. The 9% mortality rate is absolutely bull****. I wouldn't even begin to attempt a estimated percent of c&r's literally impossible to get accurate numbers but I'm pretty damn confident most experienced fisherman release properly.
  3. What if that 100th fish is your new pb or even a state record. What if you want to catch 100 just to say you caught 100..idgaf about a percent someone wants to make up out about c&r fails nor does it cross my mind while I fish. I've spent way too many hours on the beach not catching to not endulge in losing count..just my two cents
  4. OC 9pm to 3am jumped around few spots in the dark for high tide. Found 6 to 30" workin the cuts all on a Scabelly "GLIDAH." Happy Thanksgiving!
  5. Started in moco before sunrise yesterday nada. Headed south found some peanuts with nothing on them in tight to some jetties..headed further south found peanuts in the wash at dead low and got a slow pick at them for a few hours to 28" felt good to find them outfront for the first time this fall
  6. *
  7. I mainly use instagators by kts customs they are infused with pro cure and super durable with tons of action. *
  8. I'm pretty new to surf fishing last fall was my first attempt. Needless to say I'm hooked but man this spring has been tough. I've put in alot of hours all the way from outfront barnegate to Raritan bay. Anyone have any suggestions? Maybe pm me if your gonna be out tomm morning. I'll be around Moco somewheres.