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  1. Hey guys tried servicing one of my tranx having problem with reassemble. Once I get the ar clutch sleeve seated the reel is locked up it seems the bushing inside the side plate only go the opposite of what the handle should be I’ve taken it apart and put back together multiple times now and can’t figure it out how to fix .. any thoughts would be appreciated thanks for reading
  2. Sooo been a busy season hours of casting on the rocks into these fish with not much success seems the fish aren’t actively feeding on the shad I have tried I think every suggestion with some confidence but no fish what was interesting into the night as shad disappeared the schoolies started biting. I’ve come to conclude the shad are rolling when the boat traffic dies down and the stripers are waiting even longer but really idk just my thoughts on the action and timing . Thanks for the tips tight lines
  3. I’ve heard that but always at one point or another see some bigger fish breeching on them but I’m gonna try all the suggestions just gotta get the gear together will post any results thanks everybody
  4. Hi y’all I’ve been searching with no luck to find a spot on hickory shad imitator lure. Background I hit one of my favorite fishing spots,about this time of year, just about every night the hickory’s are rolling pretty thick. I want to get a lure that will get me the presentation to catch fish feeding on them. The fish range from 6- 16 in the ones I catch on flies etc are always on the large side. This is a nighttime situation any thoughts or direction to share be much appreciated thanks
  5. Got some good direction here thanks everyone I have to check out rodgeeks always hearing good things about the blanks. Also the challengers I had a 701L built last year I’ve seen people using 8oz same application bringing up some doormats but just dont want to push the rod same note I haven’t even got it out yet just talked to some builders that suggested 4 oz max thats probably where Id feel comfortable there but I really have to look into the 731m. When using the 731m how’s the action on the heavy jigs ?That comes to shimano trevalas would be out the picture I’ve had bad experiences won’t go into now. currently I do jig a trevala f/tranx combo much stiffer rod it can handle the weight range but I’d like a little more action with the lighter jigs I feel it has a pretty narrow sweet spot . I wouldn’t want to go to crazy with the price but I’d consider anything. The penn carnage I’ve got couple buddies that picked some up I wanna see how they perform for them for now I’m not to crazy about penn rods anymore but if it does the job that’s another thing. Does anyone have any experience using Calstars GFs for fluke jigging ? Really like a spin jigging rod at that thanks for posting everyone
  6. Hey everybody fairly new to site appreciate all the advice. I am looking for a boat jigging rod that can handle say 4-10 oz jigging for fluke I’ve done a lot of searching and yet to find. basically fishing very deep water with a good current I am using 40# braid but I am down sizing to 15-20# season yet I’ve fished with several guys this season using 15# in my particular spot that have to use up to 8oz on some of the calmest days but it’s a tool I would love to have any suggestions appreciated
  7. Soo I have the TFO GIS Mag heavy/ saragosa 8000 combo and love it have had it couple years not. Most recently have caught a bunch of catfish on It between 1 and 16lbs bottom fishing and was able to pick up the smallest hits. I had the gosa first but the rod quickly become my favorite of the combo. It handles an 8 oz sinker very well and can still load a 3oz well. I was pleasantly surprised with the flex of the rod after hooking into a few descent fish. Hope this helps
  8. I have a rivers edge nomad bag it’s pretty sweet holds about four boxes on the bottom has plenty of room in top compartment and side pockets and pouches but the features are sweet it has light that comes in handy digging through the top compartment or can be flipped out external use. Also has plenty of sturdy loops I carbiner extra tackle binders to and hook my pliers etc very sturdy bag have had it over two years now still looks almost new some how I take everywhere saltwater from jetties to the boat. it has a solar panel option I didn’t get but the charger has come in clutch on several occasions but highly recommend
  9. I wish this guy was my friend back in preschool.... great vid
  10. I have a tranx on an abu I toss spoons off the rocks with but haven’t had the chance to get a conventional set up for the surf. Do you have any suggestions you would like to share as far as rod and reel? I want to start throwing plugs 1-3 oz. As far as the saltist I took it out of box last night and realized it is a massive reel! Much larger and heavier than the saragosa I can’t swap it for a smaller model I plan on matching it up with my TFO GIF mag heavy almost like they were meant for each other. Next trip I get out I’ll compare the reels casting and post what I find. Thanks for the input/help
  11. Anyone have any experience tossing slim fish was checking them out in bunker style for some Bass and blues in the inlet what do you guys think? Thoughts are appreciated.. thanks for looking
  12. From experience I have a Mitchell AvocetR medium proved to be a great rod caught a lot of largemouth throwing everything from spinners to a sinker. Even caught a 34 in Muskie on it. I believe at the time the combo was less then 50 in my experience was well worth it
  13. Hello to all, I am a new member this is my first post looking for some reel advice. I have a shimano saragosa 8k I’ve been swapping between a chunking surf rod and fluke jigging rod I just acquired a daiwa saltist 8k have not much experience with daiwa spinning reels. Wondering if anyone had some knowledge if one would perform better than the other at said tasks ? Thanks in advance and appreciate everyone and everything this sight has to offer!