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  1. I wish this guy was my friend back in preschool.... great vid
  2. I have a tranx on an abu I toss spoons off the rocks with but haven’t had the chance to get a conventional set up for the surf. Do you have any suggestions you would like to share as far as rod and reel? I want to start throwing plugs 1-3 oz. As far as the saltist I took it out of box last night and realized it is a massive reel! Much larger and heavier than the saragosa I can’t swap it for a smaller model I plan on matching it up with my TFO GIF mag heavy almost like they were meant for each other. Next trip I get out I’ll compare the reels casting and post what I find. Thanks for the input/help
  3. Anyone have any experience tossing slim fish was checking them out in bunker style for some Bass and blues in the inlet what do you guys think? Thoughts are appreciated.. thanks for looking
  4. From experience I have a Mitchell AvocetR medium proved to be a great rod caught a lot of largemouth throwing everything from spinners to a sinker. Even caught a 34 in Muskie on it. I believe at the time the combo was less then 50 in my experience was well worth it
  5. Hello to all, I am a new member this is my first post looking for some reel advice. I have a shimano saragosa 8k I’ve been swapping between a chunking surf rod and fluke jigging rod I just acquired a daiwa saltist 8k have not much experience with daiwa spinning reels. Wondering if anyone had some knowledge if one would perform better than the other at said tasks ? Thanks in advance and appreciate everyone and everything this sight has to offer!