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    Fishing of any kind, including spin/plug and fly, fresh and salt. Love fly tying and jig making.

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  1. My first real vice was the Renzetti 29+ years ago and I still have it and love it but seven years ago I switched to dyna king and I’ll never go back. I’ve never had the problem mentioned above (hook shank not parallel to ground/table). I’m a commercial Tyler and I’ve tied pike, musky, stripers, bluefish, snook, tarpon, GT, milkfish, peacock bass, salmon, and trout flies. i think it’s the best vice on the market. i also think the story on how i choice it is a cool story. i was close with Chris Helms, and I was unsure which vice I wanted. Renzetti master or dyna king indexer. Chris was one of the most generous people I’ve ever met. He said it’s real simple, I’ll charge you for one of them ( they were $20 apart back then) but I’ll send both to you. Keep them both for a month or two and keep the one you like. After 2-3 weeks I sent the Renzetti back and haven’t tied on my personal Renzetti either.
  2. Another thing to remember, using lots of thread wraps isn’t what makes a fly durable. It’s knowing where to make them and how strong to make them that really matter.
  3. Check out the dubbing brush maker that Bill Sherer creates up in Wisconsin. He is a musky guide and runs the We Tie It fly shop. it is impressive.
  4. Greta thoughts here folks. I agree with several thoughts, and I really like the idea that you can’t tie a clouser ‘wrong’. If your back cast is hitting rocks or sand, nothing will take that abuse. Same with having your forward cast hit the jetty or the bridge piling. With all that being said, I still follow Bob’s directions: i just use tuffleye now instead of epoxy. Bob always use super glue on the eyes, then epoxied the belly wraps, eyes and thread head. He also filled in the visor between the eyes and the hook eye. I still do that too. cheers
  5. Manhattan

    John McMurray on Ask About Fly Fishing
  6. Manhattan

    nycstripers16, that is another amazing offer. Yes, I'd love to meet up and try to catch a few fish. I'll have PM capabilities this weekend. I'll send you a note then. Cheers
  7. Manhattan

    buckmaster, I am on the edge of too old do that as well. I figure I can do it a few times this summer with a morning of rest afterwards. I'd like to talk to you about that some more. Maybe we can meet for a beer next week. I am available just about any evening.
  8. Manhattan

    Flybyme, that is an amazing offer. I should have PM right's this coming weekend, I'll send you a note then. Thank you very much!
  9. Manhattan

    McMurray had me go with one of his other guides, don’t want to give name as it could have been a dozen different reasons for crappy fishing. June 2018 was the time. The fact we couldn’t find blues really blew my mind.
  10. Manhattan

    Thanks silvervchevy. sand eel, is a surf candy a good imitation? Do you have a better suggestion?
  11. Manhattan

    Bob, in in a few more days I’ll have PM privileges, I’ll send you a message then. Thanks for your help and your patience.
  12. Good points... i like Ike the guys idea about a knot. What about using a Dacron bobber stop?
  13. I’d switch rods with him just to see, he won’t give up his Power Pro though
  14. I agree with cast, line diameter is the key factor for distance. My dad likes Power Pro and I like Fusion. Same rods, lures, reels, etc. I get 15-20 feet more with my outfit than he does even though we are fishing the same lb test.
  15. Manhattan

    Thank you all for your help. I tried Harlem Meer today, 15-20 other anglers , both fly, spin, and bait. didnt see much cought, maybe 3-4 gills. Saw some nicer gills and some decent bass, but not much catching. i will give it another shot at some point. spelling by Apple!