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    Fishing of any kind, including spin/plug and fly, fresh and salt. Love fly tying and jig making.

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  1. Manhattan

    nycstripers16, that is another amazing offer. Yes, I'd love to meet up and try to catch a few fish. I'll have PM capabilities this weekend. I'll send you a note then. Cheers
  2. Manhattan

    buckmaster, I am on the edge of too old do that as well. I figure I can do it a few times this summer with a morning of rest afterwards. I'd like to talk to you about that some more. Maybe we can meet for a beer next week. I am available just about any evening.
  3. Manhattan

    Flybyme, that is an amazing offer. I should have PM right's this coming weekend, I'll send you a note then. Thank you very much!
  4. Manhattan

    McMurray had me go with one of his other guides, don’t want to give name as it could have been a dozen different reasons for crappy fishing. June 2018 was the time. The fact we couldn’t find blues really blew my mind.
  5. Manhattan

    Thanks silvervchevy. sand eel, is a surf candy a good imitation? Do you have a better suggestion?
  6. Manhattan

    Bob, in in a few more days I’ll have PM privileges, I’ll send you a message then. Thanks for your help and your patience.
  7. Good points... i like Ike the guys idea about a knot. What about using a Dacron bobber stop?
  8. I’d switch rods with him just to see, he won’t give up his Power Pro though
  9. I agree with cast, line diameter is the key factor for distance. My dad likes Power Pro and I like Fusion. Same rods, lures, reels, etc. I get 15-20 feet more with my outfit than he does even though we are fishing the same lb test.
  10. Manhattan

    Thank you all for your help. I tried Harlem Meer today, 15-20 other anglers , both fly, spin, and bait. didnt see much cought, maybe 3-4 gills. Saw some nicer gills and some decent bass, but not much catching. i will give it another shot at some point. spelling by Apple!
  11. Manhattan

    great information folks, I truly appreciate it. I can't afford too many ubers, but a few are ok. They are still cheaper than trying to keep a car in the city. I also spin fish so I might try the old and new piers around 75th in the hudson. The water was just so dirty. I looked at central park lake the other day and it wasn't very clear either. I think I have to get used to that.
  12. Manhattan

    JCH, Thanks for the info. I went to UA and got a cold shoulder (three times now). I will try Orvis then maybe. I think they have an event at their store this weekend. I tried going out with a guide of John McMurray's last year, went to Jamaica Bay, fished for 6-8 hours with fly and spin tackle, one strike on a walk the dog topwater but it was a small striper and didn't stay on for very long. Nothing else. It was a tough, tough day. Got the standard, yesterday was great, don't know where they are today, and I know that can be absolutely true, it still stinks.
  13. I just told my wife I we shouldn't go here because I couldn't find much info on fishing. Went to Mexico instead, saw a bunch of tarpon and had a monster snook bite right through 30# shock tippet on the eat. Biggest I think I've ever seen eat my fly. I wish I'd have seen this post beforehand, I love wading flats searching for Bones and Cudas.
  14. For trout I would agree that Hatches was great. I also really liked Active Nymphing by Rich Osthoff. I am in love with smallmouth and the new-ish book from Tim Landwher titled, Smallmouth has some really great new ideas in it. I have ready every book I can on them, and this one is special. For salt and general fishing, I still reference Presenting the Fly by Lefty Kreh several times a year.
  15. That is a pretty good week to be up there. Check in the with folks at the Delaware River Club before you go, or stop by. They will give you honest advice.