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  1. Took it back out today to give it a few more casts with a new slightly longer leader and tied direct and after a few casts I took a close look at the lure and looks like some water seeped in. I cant imagine this being normal so I am guessing this might be the issue since it just completely sinks nose or tail first when the retrieve is stopped with no "suspending" at all. I can see it when I pause the retrieve and my braid on the surface just gets pulled down rapidly. Never dropped this lure on the ground nor banged it around on any rocks at all, pulled it right out of the box and tied it on. Upsetting to see such a high end lure already have issues right out of the box. I will still find use for it at some point as a deep water sinking jerk bait but might have to buy another and see if I have the same issue. At least with some water in it it casts a mile into the wind
  2. Bought it from J&H, packaging looked legit so I can't imagine it being a knockoff. I fished it with 15lb braid and about a foot or so of 12lb flouro leader. Tried it with a small swivel and tied direct and both times seems to sink very fast nose or tail down almost immediately. Doesn't appear to have any cracks, might have to try it in a bucket later and see if it is the flouro leader or something else causing it. Just seemed odd that it doesn't even stay very level at all when it sinks, only nose or tail straight down. Seems like a very well made product and maybe I just got a rare lemon.
  3. Got my first megabass jerkbait (Vision 110 1/2 oz Suspending) and all I hear everyone praise these baits for is their deadly jerking and suspending action that is great for lethargic coldwater bass. Went out to try and and it certainly casts phenomenal but as soon as I start the retrieve and stop it the nose or the tail points straight down and it sinks like a rock in the least life like fashion imaginable. Seems like the sliding weights inside go to the front or back and just weigh the bait down way too much to suspend. Is there something maybe I am doing wrong or something with the bait? I am using this bait in very cold water (upper 30's) which I know plays a big part in sink rates I see it all the time fishing hudds in March vs September but I didn't think it would have this drastic of an effect on the megabass jerkbait to the point that it sinks like a rock. Comes stock with 3 trebles which I plan on replacing, maybe only put on 2 hooks to help with weight distribution in cold water?
  4. Managed to pull a keeper fluke from the yak right in the harbor in a mud flat in less than 10' of water yesterday. Tide was moving pretty good and had to weed through plenty of shorts just like everywhere else.
  5. I love my Seigler SG I use it for everything. Fluke, BSB jigging, drifting eels for bass, tautog, and shallow water cod (100-200'). Great product and great customer service. Also 100% USA manufactured and assembled. One note about long crank option you mentioned though is that it is REALLY long, mostly made for the west coast tuna guys. I held one at a show and it would feel massive on an SGN. If you know that you prefer a much larger arm on a small reel go crazy but just an FYI. The regular 90mm arm it comes with feels plenty long to me and you get plenty of power.
  6. Sunnies were on the menu today for this big ole slime dart. Still hungry enough to chomp by soft plastic to bits after its stomach was clearly beyond full
  7. After today's briefing I guess the tentative plan now is to start opening parks and beaches (gradually) in RI sometime around May 8th when the stay at home order expires. I'm sure its all tentative as long as the number of new cases in RI continues to follow the sort of plateau we seem to find ourselves in now. Even if this is all tentative I'll take any encouraging news I can get.
  8. The Tampa Bay Patriots
  9. Been getting my ass handed to me fishing some mid bay spots. Only been fishing in the evenings when I get some free time but haven't had a bump in days. Hopefully some more consistent southerlies and warmer temps can help. Haven't had the chance to hit the south shore or some of the more popular tidal river spots in SoCo.
  10. To my knowledge Seigler is 100% USA manufactured and assembled. I have an SG and an SM myself and I love them both.
  11. I have that exact type of old plug and I absolutely love it. Found it in a mess of assorted tackle at a marine consignment store like 6 years ago and casts like an arrow a country mile once it gets water logged. Very easy to work in all conditions too. Caught tons of fish at the ditch on it when I used to fish there. Still catch fish on it now with hardly any original paint on it left.
  12. The Saltwater Edge has them up on their site and they ship
  13. Left Hook Raptor if I'm fishing a screaming current or a serious cross wind. Its a relatively small bodied plug for 3oz but casts like you wouldn't believe. Got to keep it going on the surface at a good clip though cause it does sink a bit if you let it stand
  14. Start out the season throwing sluggos, then by the middle of the season I'm throwing sluggos, and then until the bottom of the ninth, I am throwing sluggos. Early early in the season though I'll throw a cocahoe minnow w/ jighead.
  15. Might want to bring the bike and be ready for a bit of a ride if you wanna fish down there