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  1. I have sent my PM info to you. Thanks for the quick response. Let me know how I can help your club and any upcoming events, fishing dates, meetings etc. Again I look forward to learn, share and meet with folks who share our common interest and passion for this sport.
  2. Just found this thread about your club. I am a fly guy too and would like to get involved. I live inland along the 495 corridor and would love to have the opportunity to learn from each of you and to also share my knowledge and experience too. Been fly fishing in salt and fresh for a couple (more than I care to admit) decades, but took some time off for family and other stuff. Picking back up where I left off I have updated some of my gear and am ready for the season. Let me know how I can contribute and get involved.
  3. Thanks for the warm welcome. To answer a few of your replys I am frm MA and like to fish the Cape and also some RI sites as well. The new guy has to tell a joke huh Phil? Ok... what did the fish say when it swam into a brick wall? - DAM!!
  4. Just joined the forum and looking forward to learning lots from those willing to dispense their knowledge. I will also try to contribute and share my knowledge and experiences if/when appropriate. I am primarily a saltwater fly guy, but also enjoy conventional surf casting as well. So, HI there everyone!