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  1. This happened to me 2 weeks ago out front in MOCO. I had 2 poles set up with sand spikes. 1 with clams and 1 with bunker. As I'm sitting there the pole to my left (bunker) flutters twice and then on one massive swoop bends violently and rips the sand spike out of the ground and shoots my pole into the water at lightening speed. The pole and sand spike are completely gone within 2 seconds. It didn't even seem like my drag had time to do its job. I always make sure my drags are set and my spikes are deep in the sand to avoid this but as we can see it didn't work. After accepting my loss I fished for another 2 hours and just before I left I decided to throw a 2 oz. metal spoon. After a few casts I became snagged. At first I'm thinking there goes my spoon on the snag but I'm able to work it in and I'm tangled in a mess of braided line. I pulled the rest in and low and behold it was my pole. All that was left at the end on the line was my weight, swivel and part of my mono leader. The mono leader was shredded. Wish I knew what hit it, possibly a real big blue or a small shark?. One will never know. Just glad I got my pole back, although it would have been a good excuse to tell the wife why I needed a new one...LOL
  2. A few years ago out front in M.C. I was waist deep in the rollers as a school of blues shot through. As I tried to avoid getting smashed by them a shark shot through the school and took my leg out. Knocked me on my ass. I think I ran on water that day...LOL
  3. Out of habit I always kept my Salt Water Registry together with my NJ Fishing License (and pictures of them on my phone). Lucky for me, last summer I was fishing for fluke and NJ Fish and Game asked for my NJ fishing license. Funny thing is he didn't ask for the Salt Water Registry...It never occurred to me but I guess I was technically fishing in the river even though I was fishing for fluke.
  4. Did mine, No issues.
  5. I usually just go after 5pm...No Fees
  6. I've been to Crown Fried Chicken in Newark and Paterson, its Awesome. May hit the one on 36 tomorrow.
  7. Went to AC for a mini vacation with the kid this week 4/5-4/7...We hit a few spots out back in MoCo on the way down and the way back. Soaked Clams and Bunker. Threw plastics and metals... Nada!!..... About 30-35 people along the beach on 4/7, only saw one fish caught. Hopefully another 7-10 days the temps will be just right. Hey, its better than a day at work..
  8. Planning on heading down with the kid on Tuesday after school. Going MOCO-outback from the surf to let him soak some clams and worms and fiddle with his new lures. Supposed to be decent weather. Anyone seeing any stripers yet?
  9. Anything chasing them?
  10. Yesterday.... MOCO, out back from the surf with the kid from 1pm-6pm. Soaked some clams (frozen and salted) and blood worms. Bunker so thick they were beaching themselves and getting snagged in our lines. No bass yet. Hopefully in the next week or 2.
  11. I just ordered 5/0, 6/0 and 7/0 inline circle hooks last week to comply with the new laws. Supposedly coming today. The wife and kid have dentists appts tonight so I guess I'll be doing some hook tying while they are gone... :-) I'd Rather take the time to switch to the proper hooks than risk getting caught with an offset or a 'J' and get a summons or worse. They will be out checking, especially in the first few weeks.
  12. Yesterday, 4/14 Me and the kid Fished MC in the back around 7:30-9:30. A lot of people and about 12 kayakers but didn’t see much caught. I didn’t even get a tap. Tide dropped quick. We Switched it up and fished MC out Front 10-12ish and got 2. One 25” and one 21” both on the SP. (I let him reel ‘em in). Then the fog and wind started picking up a bit. Not bad for the first trip out. Last night’s storm was brutal. Might try again today in the evening depending on the weather/water conditions...Otherwise it looks like a day on the boardwalk with the kid...
  13. I might be mistaken but I think there is a beach you can drive on in IBSP. Would be nice if they let you do it at SH during the closed season.
  14. Thanks, I understand about the spot burning. The areas are only so big and get real crowded. Its only a matter of time until spots are learned. Lets not rush it by burning them.
  15. DragonsLax48, Thank you. I will hit the Tackle Box on 36 instead of going back to Dicks. I've been there many times and I like supporting them. I have to be careful though, I can easily spend $300-$400 in there without even knowing it. I mean 'I heard' I could....Pheeew, good thing my wife isnt a member here...LOL