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  1. Yesterday, 4/14 Me and the kid Fished MC in the back around 7:30-9:30. A lot of people and about 12 kayakers but didn’t see much caught. I didn’t even get a tap. Tide dropped quick. We Switched it up and fished MC out Front 10-12ish and got 2. One 25” and one 21” both on the SP. (I let him reel ‘em in). Then the fog and wind started picking up a bit. Not bad for the first trip out. Last night’s storm was brutal. Might try again today in the evening depending on the weather/water conditions...Otherwise it looks like a day on the boardwalk with the kid...
  2. I might be mistaken but I think there is a beach you can drive on in IBSP. Would be nice if they let you do it at SH during the closed season.
  3. Thanks, I understand about the spot burning. The areas are only so big and get real crowded. Its only a matter of time until spots are learned. Lets not rush it by burning them.
  4. DragonsLax48, Thank you. I will hit the Tackle Box on 36 instead of going back to Dicks. I've been there many times and I like supporting them. I have to be careful though, I can easily spend $300-$400 in there without even knowing it. I mean 'I heard' I could....Pheeew, good thing my wife isnt a member here...LOL
  5. Thanks Guys
  6. Hello, not sure if I'm allowed to ask this. I know some people dont like to give away secrets but here it goes: I have been Surf Striper fishing for the past 5-6 years so I'm a newby compared to a lot of you here. I've mainly been a bait guy but recently started throwing lures too. The only striper I've ever caught throwing lures was on a white 2oz. bucktail this past November out front in OC. My question is what lures/plugs are the best to use? I went to Dicks the other day and spent $100 on Mag Darters, SP minnows, Deadly Dicks, diamond jigs and poppers. Is there anything else specific that you guys can suggest? I try to look at the pics posted here and see what's in the fish's mouth...lol. I want to run to Dicks again tomorrow for any last minutes things if needed. Thanks All D
  7. Thank You, cant wait to get out there with him.
  8. Heading out Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. Got a hotel room in Ocean County and taking the kid with me (10 yrs old). Hes off next week for Easter break so I used a few vacation days and we are making a mini vacation out of it. The wife will be happy to have a few days home to herself too. Its his first Striper trip. Had him out last year for fluke in a monsoon and he caught a small blue and loved it. Ill probably hit a few areas from RB to the Seaside Park Area. Looks like rain this trip too but I dont care. We'll be out there. We got our rain gear and waders ready. Like most kids he cant sit still too long so casting and reeling over and over again will keep him busy. He will be tossing metals and plastics. Ill probably dead-stick some clams and throw some metals and plastics with my other pole...Might even look at getting the night permit for the Hook...Hopefully this is a better season than last year...