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  1. Thanks Mark, I got the 11/12 today, I like the way it casts and all except I have one question, can I target as big as fish with it as regular 12wt? because when I compare the shortstix model I got the butt section is as think as my 9wt nrx rest of the blank is very similar size, just wondering how it would hold up, my nrx 9wt is a beefy nrx, but still butt black is approx. same thickness
  2. No no the zenaq is a surf fishing rod 10ft tuna, stripers its actually great I have a couple, and the saltiga was for a trip to Hawaii I didn't end up going, and would probably just stick with a 5000H just because I would rarely use that size but yea that's funny lol
  3. Selling a new zenaq muthos accura 100h surf rod, like used in morning tide $625 plus shipping
  4. Hi im selling a brand new 8000H dogfight spinning reel $875 plus shipping paypal only
  5. Hi Im looking for a orvis banttenkill II 3-5wt newer model
  6. Hi I would like to purchase a G loomis short stix 11/12 New or in great shape
  7. has anyone fished the 2-6 odm frontier for the canal? would that be enough ratings for jigging it?
  8. what is a decent kayak to go with for a beginner?
  9. can a g loomis pro 4x short Stix 11/12 be used for GTs?
  10. what do u use for fluke? some favorite baits in what sizes?
  11. what is a good budget spinning rod right know for bass under $150
  12. what are some guides that are good for the surf?
  13. any thoughts on the nasci reel?
  14. has anyone figured out how to come out fishing for tuna without giving away your life's savings? is there a cheaper way were u can benefit from the catch?
  15. has anyone casted the odm frontier x 2-6 and 3-8 which did u like better thoughts on both rods?