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  1. new or lightly used
  2. new or little used
  3. This is a brand new custom shell shaping lure for tuna/GT fishing, its 126 grams about 8inches long very hard to get abalone $190 shipped
  4. item received closing threat
  5. Nemo sold! shell shaping still available for $190 shipped
  6. its been about 20 hours since he was on im not sure, but i would drop the price to $ 250 for both if no one takes it sure
  7. i would like to keep them together, but 75 shipped
  8. just added sorry having pop up issues with this post
  9. The shell shaping lure took 4 months to make, very rare from japan, and SA Nemo is no longer made i believe, asking $275 shipped
  10. sending paypal info thanks
  11. sorry the only split i can do is take the nomad out and sell for $85
  12. brand New lures, super strike lot with nomad pencil all new 90$ shipped via paypal
  13. sorry, as a matter of fact my apologies im going to have to make changes to the price as is, i got a shipping quote, it will be about 25 dollars in average, i guess because of its weight so what i have it at im going to change, again apologies