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  1. WTB ross cla 6 fly reel
  2. please post pic if u have something
  3. haha yea one for me and one for the kid, I am in CT would u ship it? if yes what price shipped?
  4. looking for burkheimer 8128-4, cabelas CGR 7-8wt as well as the older carrot stix spinning rods
  5. hi I wanted to maybe see if I can get some suggestions for a good 2 handed rod for me to get, I would be taking it to upstate New York for salmon, and also want to use it for steelhead as well, what is a good overall size 7 or 8, also would like to keep it compact but not to the point were it really costs me a lot of distance, what are some of your suggestions? thanks
  6. I have a brand new 9wt nrx considered best 9wt still 2018 model
  7. I am not exactly sure it was purchase in US but I see on there sight they have jdm reels also I got it when it first came out everywhere else was sold out, I would prefer to just sell it, but might consider trades
  8. Thank you all for your input!!
  9. What's a good Canal rod for jigging and top water as well as sharks, something durable that can chuck some bait, I have a couple jigsters but looking for something more top water friendly
  10. WTB carrot stix bass spining rod the 2010 e21 model
  11. hey sorry for the late replay I will pass on the 1.5 2.5 is what I would be looking for in the plug
  12. Yea see what else u have thanks
  13. what weight are they? I wish it was the model with a eye
  14. WTB Jim Jaget needle fish or habs stubby, also looking for 6 inch super strike both 1.5 and 2.3 oz