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  1. got u message me for paypal info that's the correct way to do this yes?
  2. yea I answered there questions and will close it soon if no response thanks
  3. the jackfin and 2 mack lures is still available 70 for jackfin and hooks and 25 each for Mack lures
  4. jackfin is available with kudako hooks 70 shipped
  5. Ok thank you im new to this sight having a bit of trouble keeping track
  6. sorry price is set lure retail is 75 shipped, hooks are around $15 bucks new couple bucks for split rings so the $70 shipped is not a bad price, everything is new
  7. its called black but it seems both middle is silver
  8. sure hear its is with 2 other lures, which have sold the Mack and jackfin is still available the siren has sold
  9. New Jackfin s-165 plus kudako hooks $70 shipped
  10. $725 $725 shipped
  11. $ 725 shipped CT
  12. want to sell vsx250B brand new never used $725 shipped
  13. WTB zeebaas ZX22RB black
  14. Rio big nasty 6wt floating $68 paypal been on reel but never fished obsoletely new with box
  15. Looking for van staal vsb150 black x or VS older model