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  1. Sure
  2. sorry that's too low il do $475
  3. I just kind of wanted to get some thoughts on this, bought a couple rods was thinking about which to keep, test casted them side by side tfo bvk 9wt and Asquith 9wt, i thought the Asquith was def a better rod maybe by 15%- 20% tops but so much more expensive plus the warranty isn't great, my final thoughts were just to keep the 150 doller bvk and sell the Asquith, yet waking up the next morning i wanted to cast the Asquith, like it has a little magic to it in the end, anyone have this dilemma?? which do u go for the overpriced lol or more budget friendly gear??
  4. sorry i cannot meet up, we have several projects going on, and not despite to sell the reel! its new never used thanks
  5. No $475 shipped is best i can do, its brand new don't have to meet sorry
  6. $475 free shipping
  7. New price $1200 on the reel
  8. VR50B Gen 2 New $475
  9. 9550 Mako LHW New never used asking $1250 the little abel does not come with it its just hanging out
  10. New or lightly used condition thanks
  11. Ok cool sending message
  12. If u can do $375 cover paypal fees il ship it free, i would rather just ship, its like 1 2 for me, never understand how people have time to meet and all
  13. $400 shipped will ship in a thick Cabela's rod tube
  14. rod will ship in a proper thick rod tube, i have several from Cabela's and other tubes