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  1. I have the yak attack one with the bent handle. Only used it a few times but works really well. I don’t net stripers though only use lip grippers.
  2. Although I would never pay $50 bucks for a soft plastic I understand where that price comes from. It’s not like a traditional molded bait that cools down and can pop out a few baits every couple of minuets. Silicone takes hours to cure. Those molds are tied up for hours at a time and cost a ton of money to produce. The return of investment is much quicker with regular plastic. If I were doing this I would look into 3d printing a bunch of molds and use that time and cost savings to drop the price accordingly.
  3. Sorry missed that. You can do it with nylon I use polycarbonate though. They have air chambers in the top and I use ball Berings as ballast to get the float rate I want.
  4. Drive down there a while ago to see it was closed. None of the beach was built up like that when I saw it. Very sad. I thought weeks marine was just using it as a staging point to build the sea wall off of station island. Clearly that isn’t the case.
  5. Don’t have it and never tried any of these but I have looked into them before. Look up solo skiff and I think hoodoo makes a different one that look much better suited for salt.
  6. So I’m not too worried about working on the moter as I am somewhat mechanically inclined and I love to learn lol. What I do not know anything about is fiberglass work. I’ve been reading some more and I keep seeing quite a bit about rotted transoms and stringers. That’s making me a bit worried as it seeems way above my pay grade to fix
  7. Patching it is fine but what do you do when your 2 miles out when that happens
  8. That may be an option. I could probably store that inflated in my backyard and just toss it in the bed of my truck. No issues with hooks or sharp fins?
  9. Yeah so I can afford to pay around 7 ish for the boat. Still trying to figure out what I can do annually. I’m going to hold off till winter when everything gets cheaper and see what I can afford then. The reason I was leaning towards the sub 20’ is fuel economy and maitnance cost. Plus whatever I’m buying is gonna be old. I’d much rather replace a 40 horse than a 100 plus.
  10. I appreciate all the responses! I would love to just get an aluminum boat but I don’t think that is really an option for me. I cannot store it where I live. I can store it at my dads house but if I want to go out it adds an extra stop and a ton of extra time. It doesn’t really seem practical to me with my situation. That’s why I was leaning towards the slip. I’m used to with the kayak being able to do whatever I want and go wherever and not having to deal with googins. I usually go out once a week most of the time on weekends but I will go out during the week quite a bit during the striper run. Kayak makes this a pain in the ass because I have to break down load and unload the boat every time and drag it to and from the backyard. I don’t know much about fiberglass hulls I was going to bring my buddy who is knowledgeable on working on boat to make sure I’m not buying a lemon. I think I was a little unclear on the money thing before. I’m not looking to see if it’s cheaper than party boat runs or not the price is absolutely justified with the freedom alone for me as this is what I love to do. I’m just trying to figure out if I can afford it. I really wasn’t thinking about the comefort of the ride that’s something I’m going to have to consider more. I am concerned with the motor. I’m pretty confident I would be able to work on the outboard myself and with the people I know but you can’t fix something if you can’t get parts for it. Most of the stuff I was lookin at has outboards from the 80s to early 2000s
  11. I think it’s might be time to bite the bullet on a boat. I’ve been kayak fishing for years but that really isn’t cutting it anymore. My wife actually like to fish but every time I go out with her be charter or party boat the price is double. The saltwater kayak isn’t really practical for her because it’s really hard for me to help her with anything and there is the added danger of flipping. I’ve been looking into some small skiffs. I’ve been seeing some 13-15 foot skiffs tri hull with a steering console 40ish horse for between 4-7k they run at that price range but are old. I’m hoping that would be good enough to tool around the bay and make it ocean side if you pick your days. I’m trying to figure out the other costs to make sure I can justify the cost. I want to get a slip somewhere along raritain bay. It seems like there summer rates are 1800 for a boat that size but I would need that boat in the water from late March through December. I also need insurance and registration. The fuel economy would be pretty good I would imagine considering it only has a 12 gallon tank. Then there is also winterization and maintenance. I know the matinince will vary wildly and so will a lot of the other costs but I was hoping someone with a boat that size could help me out and give me a breakdown of their cost. Thanks, John
  12. I got everything separated in Plano boxes by lure type. I then make boxes when I go out on trips with whatever I need. Then I never put anything back gets more screwed up until January. Then I fix everything rinse and repeat.
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