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  1. So I went down the rabbit hole of making my own 3d printed lures. Its been one hell of a journey. Since the last thread I made about this had so much interest I figured Id update as I make new Lures. This is a bass popper I wound up making. I've decided to share the files online for free. If anyone has a 3d printer feel free to test it out. More information on how to make it and the files can be found here:
  2. I haven’t tried that I’m not sure why mixing them would help. I’m sure the cold doesn’t help considering the water was in the high 40s
  3. That was supposed to be the final version it swims great. Unfortunately the resin lip was to fragile and kept breaking off. So I’m making a few more now out of petg
  4. For anyone just getting started 3d printing lures that doesn't know how or want to model there own lures I have a few different ones I posted online for free. There are only a few there now but I will be updating it regularly as I make more. Have at it
  5. So I finally finished my lure just waiting for the clear coat to dry. Hopefully the weather holds for Friday and I can see how well it fishes
  6. If your upgrading the hot end I would assume your going for abs. Make sure you rewire the cooling fan for the motherboard so it’s always on. Stock it’s connected to the extruded cooling fan so if you turn cooling off in your slicer it shuts the fan off that cools your electronics too.
  7. I’ve seen it done in pla plus I’ve only used abs
  8. From what I’ve found 2-3 hours for a bass lure around 12 for a large saltwater one
  9. I make soft plastics with my fdm printer I’ve been printing the molds and injecting them. You just can’t put to much pressure on it.
  10. I’ve got a resin printer but haven’t made any lures with it. If you go that route your going to need to buy the more expensive engineering resin. The normal stuff is way to brittle. I was testing lips made of resin but they shatter on impact.
  11. So I think I did that density measurement method wrong because it sank like a stone lol. But through testing I need to get it to just under 2.5 ounces or around 73 grams for the perfect float rate. The version I just printed was 68 grams before paint and epoxy gotta glue that one together and the test it out. I’m also gonna experiment with different lip sizes again.
  12. Last time I went to the jbay jamboree i saw someone towing a kayak trailer with his mustang.
  13. What layer height are you printing at. Mine is .12 I don’t really want to go much lower than that. It already takes 12 hours to print. PETG and paint don’t really mix well either. I think I might spray it with some of that krylon primer that’s made for Plastic and then airbrush on top of it.
  14. Have you sanded it before you paint it? I’m not sure what I’m gonna do. I doubt fish care about layer lines lol
  15. Printer is back up and running. I got one test print done today and one that should be done tomorrow. These should be the final weights to decide what is best.