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  1. I’m just confused on what you meant when you said the cart has made launches and landings possible for you. Do you take the cart out with you on your boat? I just walk mine back to the truck but then again the wilderness systems cart I have is heavy and bulky.
  2. This is why a small bailing bump is a great thing to have it should really be a requirement. The front hatch on my radar leaks. I’ve heard that many people have problems with the hatches on hobies. Even if the boat doesn’t fill up enough to start sinking it makes surf landing really freaking hard. I’ve dumped my yak because of that before. Remember every gallon of water that gets in adds over 8 1/2 pounds of weight. It adds up quick and severely hurts performance.
  3. I spent last week in beach haven and yesterday down in point pleasant. The beaches were completly covered in dead crabs. Like a layer coating the entire surf zone where you normally find seashells. Mostly sand fleas but also a ton of what I think are calicos and blue crabs. Is this somthing that normally happens this time of year or is this somthing new?
  4. I like having the fish finder because sometimes the birds are working too quickly to find catch up. Sometimes it’s also to choppy for them to find anything and the fishfinders really your only chance to salvage the day. Plus I got gps on mine. I throw the fishfinder in the hull and put a ziplock bag over the wires. I tightly wrap a rubber band around it to make it water proof ish. Idk how well this works when you dump it but it should be better than nothing. It keeps any splashing off the wires. Same thing for landing. Also it’s good to plan for flipping over we’ve all done it and those that haven’t will do it eventually. Practicing it in the summer is a good idea. Make sure you try it empty the first few times. Dumping a yak in the surf is a lot more pleasant in August than it is in November. It’s also much easier to focus on landing when all your stuff is leashed and you don’t have to worry about loosing anything.
  5. I have a lowrance hook 2 works great the gps is super nice . It’s saved me many times at night and in fog. I have the side scan and it’s damn near useless with a 5 inch screen. If I did it over I would get the bigger screen and somthing with depth shading.
  6. I’ve only seen party boats encourage spinning rods. But that’s just when people are renting and really don’t know what they are doing. Spinning rods are much easier to use if you are new.
  7. Half the rules are arbitrary. A bunch of the lockdown protesters got arrested here and yet when thousands took to the streets for black lives matter Murphy joined them. He was quoted in saying that he wished the lockdown protesters would have protested from home. Also on a side note great year to own a kayak
  8. I did get out but skunked wind was pretty bad froze my tail off. I got off of work again tomorrow debating on heading back out to the raritain again or chasing muskie
  9. I’m trying to get out early tomorrow morning think I got off of work tomorrow
  10. I’ve worn waders when the water is too cold to get wet but not cold enough to prevent me from getting back in my boat. When the water is that cold I always wear my dry suit. If you do wear waders a wading belt is key along with a pfd. Waders don’t make you sink but if they fill with water swimming and climbing back into your boat are going to be next to possible. I’m not saying this is a major issue now but if you do go for a swim in very cold water the key is not to panic. Giver yourself a few seconds to come down before scrambling into your boat. Many people die because they panic and use up all the energy panicking. Other key item is a vhf radio. Coast guard is always monitoring channel 16. Also always have that strapped to your pdf. It’s usless if you fall in and it’s in the boat. It’s also a great tool for talking to other boaters and kayakers. Most I’ve seen have been on channel 69-71.
  11. Find a good weather app one for sailing I use windy. I can’t tell you how many times the weather channel has lied to me and gotten me in some pretty hairy situations. This is what the weather looks like for Friday.
  12. Do you guys continue to yak baits out after dark. I’d imagine surf launching and landing gets difficult after the sun sets.
  13. Welcome my friend. I haven’t been able to go out lately but I will send you a message next time I get out. If you are targeting things like strippers and bluefish I’d recommend trolling. It’s a great way to find out where fish are especially if you are new to the area. I’ve done really well trolling sp minnows and I know a lot of guys like to troll the tube and worm. Just be safe when you do go out. A good weather app is your friend
  14. Would love to make it out but cant with work right now. Be very careful if you do as of now there are supposed to be thunderstorms there Friday morning. I wanted to go out tomorrow night but am bailing due to weather.
  15. No updates on their facebook page. Really sad this is a really great event.