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  1. The heat and humidity is really kicking the growth of my zucchini plants into the next gear. Just harvested these today
  2. Looking for recommendations on good seafood markets on the north shore. Specifically looking for clams and steamers. I like going to Fisherman's Wharf in Gloucester but they don't offer shellfish besides scallops. Thanks
  3. Excited for the upcoming season, the weather hopefully will keep all the dog walkers etc out of the woods. I hunt public land and was scouting one of the places I usually sit the other day and noticed a tree stand there, I'm guessing it's a leftover from deer season. Has anyone ever heard of anyone turkey hunting out of a tree stand?
  4. Select is currently my favorite in Boston, the chef/owner used to be the chef at Neptune Oyster. Mooncusser is another good option
  5. Tonno is awesome!
  6. Got this girl a few weeks ago up in Maine, dressed out at just under 200lbs
  7. Agree! Great ambassador for the brand even though his two fists are more powerful than any Glock
  8. ged, wilmington
  9. New to hunting (just passed the hunter safety course a few weeks ago) and turkey will be my first season. Using a Mossberg 500 Turkey tactical. Real excited to get further into hunting, already have a bear hunt planned in Maine this fall. Going to hunt public land this spring, how crowded does it get for spring turkey season? Any advice to a new hunter would be greatly appreciated!