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  1. look at the odm frontier x 9'6, its in between those two.
  2. a lightweight 9 looks ideal for that reel since its about 15 oz. I would recommend odm or a st. croix legend. If looking for something affordable okuma rockaway is 100 and very good, odn dna 9 footer is around 200.
  3. Love tinman tackle bucktails! Ive been killing stripers in the west coast with the banana head.
  4. The Legend is very light, you could go vr50, vsx100 or 150. VR50 would be a super nice lightweight setup.
  5. Yeah, I will be going with the 9'6 then, maybe in the future i'll get the 8'6. Thanks for your input.
  6. I think the vs150 would be better off on the 9'6 then
  7. yeah legend 3/4-4.
  8. thanks for your reply, I fish for stripers and my plugs are mostly in the 1 oz range.
  9. How does the rod cast? Just ordered one. I have a 10’6 legend I use, and wanted to get a smaller one for walking the beach. Went with odm. Couldn’t decide between the 9’6 and the 8’6. Figured the 9’6 would be too similar to the 10’6. Not a lot out there on the 8’6.
  10. How does it cast?
  11. thanks for your reply, I don't know if you have used the other odm rods but would you say it has the same effortless cast and parabolic bend the longer frontier x's have?
  12. Looks like they took it off, yesterday I was just browsing around and saw the post with the pictures posted on this topic. If you go on tackle direct and search for st. croix legend it will say "old model" on the description.
  13. I got a legend off tackle direct (10'6") a couple months ago. Although expensive, it is an amazing rod in every aspect. I did see the that they are now selling the same one as an "old" model. Like stated in other comments, hopefully its just a guide change to lower the price and nothing too major. Current guides are amazing though.
  14. Hello, looking to buy the new frontier x 8'6. I have a 10'6 legend so looking to get something shorter to walk the beach. I have a vsx150 that I'd like to pair it with, any opinions from those who have this rod? Was also considering the 9'6 one but I believe it would be too similar to my legend. Thanks in advance!
  15. Hello, I am looking to get into striper fishing on the surf. I am completely new to it. Looking to get some input as to what would be a decent starting setup that wouldn’t break the bank. Rod, reel, line everything. Also, what are good times to fish for them, high tide low tide etc. I know it’s a lot but any input helps. Thanks.