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  1. You might have a better chance looking at there website and going to ZX select and buy another spool it might be cheaper or a little more but you’ll have spare parts.
  2. Put some scales in so they can use the DNA to grow a fish to see what they look like.
  3. Hay D.B.85 I picked up a right hand crank rotor and spool here on SOL and the cap is threaded the same as my left hand crank.Both reels are 2nd gen. Getting a response from ZB is tough at the moment. Had them switch the rotor arm on the RH and I just sent it in after trying for two weeks to talk to them.
  4. How about $700
  5. Did fishinthedark buy the large knob if not I’ll take it for 55$
  6. Yes they do and that helps them more in the dark and dirty water.They rely on there vision to hunt there food. Want too see more big ones! Start fishing with fish safety first,loose the trouble hooks .Who cares if you loose a couple when your not keeping any for food.
  7. How many bass over 20 lbs do you see with one eye. Hard to see predators with one eye.
  8. Very sad and that’s one person 30 dead in a day. Makes you wonder how that one got to 68lbs probably never got hooked or learned to brake off using the rocks. Well just spread the word and teach a newbie how to fish right.
  9. Well if you want to cause less harm and increase fish survival then all stripper fishing should be single barbless hook. Circle hooks for live bait. Or is that already the law. Seams like a lot crying no fish but are you really helping the fish? Never used or had to use circle hooks until I fished Florida beaches. The good old days are gone forever.
  10. Thanks Tim and Capt. A ,and the rest of you.Sorry for misunderstanding the post.
  11. My guess is that or permit.
  12. Payment is on the way
  13. Keep it! You basically have killed it anyway after the fight or made it easy shark bait. If not fishing to bring to some home to eat then why harm them.
  14. Would you do $250 for the spool.
  15. Then someone should open thread on fish decline. That’s what I trying to say