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  1. LB I was bidding on one and dropped out and 75$ I believe that it sold for 100$
  2. There’s a grease inside the line roller for the bearings that’s what is leaking out.
  3. I’m forced to find them on *bay or here on SOL not to many VS sold in my state.
  4. If you zoom in below the reel pictures it tells you who’s doing the engraving.
  5. I thought that was a special order lot and made for one guy who was big in the fishing community.
  6. Here’s some others that were available. I’ve seen them done in all three colors and the 200 not sure about other sizes.
  7. Suckers starting to get there breeding colors.
  8. Mike at saltwaters does a great job in the past I’ve always had a month wait with a week or two tied up in shipping. If you talk to him he will give you a fairly accurate time. The way around this is that I own more than one VS and ZB and do most of my own maintenance now. So if a reel happens to go down I’m still fishing!
  9. I like the gold and silver ones as they hide scratches a lot better.
  10. I’ll take the BM jointed for 45$
  11. Payment received I’ll send tracking number when I ship.
  12. pm is coming
  13. This is the only one I have a double on it’s the piglet 35$ shipped.
  14. I’ll take a pic and post tomorrow when I get home from work 3pm central time.