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  1. If your reels are going to stay dry then buy a reel with the gear ratio that best suits your fishing. If getting wet then go ZeeBaas or van staal.
  2. Just remember that only cover the blank. You have to take your guides off and handle and return the blank. My opinion is after all that money spent removing the gear just have a new one made.
  3. Check your local DNR or fishing regs to see if it’s legal to tag fish in your state.
  4. About 8 months ago I called vs and was told that they were making changes to there system and to try back later. Well I have tried several times and still haven’t been able to register my reels. With the selling of vs I’m guessing that they still haven’t been able to get it together.
  5. I use the FG knot. For the best video go to Scooby’s channel on YouTube “Tackle Advisors”. For me it’s a pain too get right normally two attempts on 20# but 40 or higher it goes well.
  6. Check the screws on the bracket that the line roller is connected to. One of mine had a burr on end of screw that was rubbing on bottom rim of spool.
  7. Well good luck with finding any company,bank or credit card that your not on hold for.
  8. I ordered a rod and some tackle a day after your complaint and had my order in four days. Reordered some spool wraps and they’ll be here on Tuesday. I received notification within two days or less.
  9. *******.com has the wrench pt#VST-034A. That’s the official site for Van Staal parts. If no what’s to sell there’s.
  10. When I was going to order one they called me back with a quote and how long it should take. Lenny then told me about some reels that they had on there website and I bought the uneven blk&blu that’s on the site.I can’t remember if their # is on website but call and ask on the make time. I was going to order one but saw 1st. run VS300 for sale on the site so I picked that up.
  11. I own both but fish my Z’s more. I label myself a z-guy but own more VS. Finding someone to give up there ZeeBaas is like winning the lottery that alone should tell you something. Maintenance is the same price 50$ each for seals. With ZeeBaas at least you can customize your reel with the added cost for a colored one. My two cents is buy a ZeeBaas.
  12. I’ll take it for asking
  13. Payment sent, Thanks Christian
  14. I have 3 V300 and was hoping that I could turn the full length one to fit my spooling. But if you want to keep it no problem I’ll still take the tool