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  1. I'm currently in the process of dusting off my panhandle Florida gear and converting it into a New Jersey setup. I'm primarily interested in catching dinner for my wife and self, but don't recognize the fish on the menu or know how to catch them. Any suggestions on how to convert my past fishing combos into worthy combos for the Northeast would be much appreciated. Thanks! Combo 1: Penn Battalion 11' Surf Casting Medium Heavy / Fast Penn Spinfisher V 6500LL 30lb braid w/ 80lb braid shock leader Just realized I paired a casting rod with a spinning reel and should probably split these up Combo 2: Penn Battalion 9' Surf Spinning Medium / Moderate Fast Penn Spinfisher V 4500LL 20lb braid w/ no shock leader on it at the moment Combo 3: Penn Battalion 7'6" Inshore Spinning Medium Light / Extra Fast Penn Spinfisher V 3500 15-20lb braid, no shock leader