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    For forum purposes, I fish on surf, dock, and kayak out of Saltaire, NY (on Fire Island) in the spring and fall (both fly rod & spin, the former not very well).

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  1. Can't speak to the waters, but if you're looking for a lower-priced 8 wt, I've been very happy with my Redington Vice.
  2. I've dreamed of seeing this.
  3. I have a Hummingbird Helix 5 DI GPS G2 that I used for half a season. I used it to confirm depth, see bottom structure, and mark spots where I caught. Aside from some blackfish on bottom, it's never "found" fish that I could cast to, however. I regret not going up to the side-scan model to get better coverage. The cone on the DI means that you're mostly seeing a record of what you're passing over.
  4. What do you do for footwear w/ the semi-dry? Do you use neoprene boots or just over-sized regular water shoes?
  5. I've used them for sailing, especially for summer when it's hot. Only once had need of it & it inflated fine (and even then I was able to tread fine before the hydro valve popped it). The only drawback is that you need to replace the bobbins every 3 years on most. It's easy to forget about until that red indicator shows.
  6. Thank you. My season would end mid-November at the latest and start late April at the earliest, but most probably it would be 1 May through October 31 , so I don't want to shell out $1k+ for a drysuit that I might not be able to wear or would end up sweating excessively in.
  7. I'm on the Great South Bay; this is my first season w/ a yak. How do you outfit for October weather conditions? Do you use wet suits or just neoprene boots? Thank you.
  8. Thank you all for advice. I guess I forgot to take into account the slight angle of the hull that the transducer mount-plate connects to. It looks fairly level once I actually got it on and mounted. Though like the one video says, the Helix transducer cable does bend sharply. It seemed to work ok out on the Great South Bay off Fire Island yesterday (although chop made the seabed look more hilly than it actually is). Per the YT video, I used stainless steel 1024 3/4 inch screws w/ nylon-threaded bolts.
  9. So I don't have it fully attached because the plastic snaps (in 2nd pic) look like they'll be hell to unsnap or break and I need to screw in the part to the left to the plate before snapping them in, but the when flush to the plate you can see the slight angle.
  10. Kayak transducer mounts and the Helix transducer mounts look similar, but in my line ups it seems that my transducer will be at a slight angle v flat in video (or so it appears to me). Not sure if this is normal or not. The Helix 5 transducer mounting instructions themselves are not very helpful. The Humminbird website isn't easy to navigate in terms of transducer instructions; the Helix 5G2 packaging doesn't clearly identify the transducer model # but the Humminbird website is built around transducer model #s.
  11. I have an Old Town Sportsman Salty 120 PDL that I am happy with. Decided to put a Hummingbird Helix 5 DI GPS G2 fishfinder on it. I've seen this YT video on how to mount a Helix 7 onto an OT Autopilot. The Humminbird-provided screws do not work with the Salty mounting plate. The YTuber suggests stainless steel 1024 3/4 in. bolt w/ lock nuts. Anyone else have suggestions or what have others successfully used? I'm a bit of n00b at this -- it took me many hours & a package of third-party butt connectors to figure out how to properly crimp the wires to connect the head unit to the battery without the stripping out -- so any patient advice would be appreciated. I saw the Hydra Concepts universal transducer mount for OT kayaks but it is sold out everywhere. Thank you.
  12. The freshwater fly-fishing community, which has been C&R focused for some time, became upset w/ Instagramers, especially sponsored ones, showing bad fish handling (you don't even want to take wild trout out of the water if you can avoid it). Someone started an FFBI Instagram account (the Fly-Fishing Bureau of Investigations) to shame them. Sounds like the saltwater fishing community needs something similar.
  13. Getting a tandem to track is really hard. My late teenage daughter and I used rented tandem kayaks on some rivers w/ strong winds a few times and found it far easier for us instead to each use our own singles. Much easier to control. You can always stay to windward of your fiance or tie a line on to tow her if strong current is a concern.
  14. Curious to hear any responses to this. I've been considering a fishing kayak out of Saltaire. I tried maybe 10+ years ago on a rented paddle yak for a weekend but had little luck, not knowing all that much about the fishery at the time & being badly equipped for yak-based fishing. I've seen someone on an Old Town Predator once and someone in Fair Harbor has a tricked-out fishing yak. I've seen them fishing near the West Fire Island sand bars. I'd like to be able to hit flats west of Kismet near the lighthouse from water. The current can get quite fast though.