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  1. Where you using fall flat jigs? Am I Seeing two big hooks?
  2. Just for clarification... when I’m offshore(stellwagen) and I catch herring what is the actual regulation. I’ve been told they aren’t Considered River herring. Ran into a bunch last weekend. Didn’t keep any but I have used them for bait in the past.
  3. I’m looking for a new marina/yacht club this year. I want to be as close to the Medford/Somerville line. Mystic Wellington and Riverside have waits. Am I missing anything in the Medford/Everett/East Boston/Chelsea area. I see the East Boston marina. Is Winthrop/Revere my next “closest” option?
  4. Yea trying/tried those spots. Was hoping there was something else I missed.
  5. Yes but the fish that have a broader catching season, and are desirable seem to have dates attached.
  6. I think they are all year because they know you have no chance of catching them. Gray sole, weakfish, dab are also all year. I think you could cast/bottom fish all year 24/7 in Boston and never catch any. Redfish is also all year but you gotta go deep I believe. I’ve only caught them at depth that Isn’t available from shore in Boston. I do remember reading someone catching a big holdover striper in the Charles last couple years. The thread had pictures. Why not throw at one of the bridges, chance at largemouth bass and stripers.
  7. I don’t think there is any chance to catch a bluefish. I haven’t really started getting cut off until June. They seem around in numbers late July/August. There’s other guys on here into the holdover striper game that might have some positive reinforcement for you.
  8. I was wondering if it was possible to throw a few pots and lobster in a clean way. I’m only looking to put out 1-2 pots. I just don’t want to destroy my boat doing it. I’ve seen guys in center consoles like mine using a mat and hand pulling them over the side. What level of mess is that going to be. Is it practical to weekend warrior the traps and take them out completely after like 12 hours. Thinking that maybe cuts down on the growth and crap that would grow on the traps and rope. Maybe I’m blowing the mess/wear and tear out of proportion? I’ve only pulled lobster traps that I’ve had got lures stuck on but they were filthy. I realize I’m probably not going to be catching a ton of lobsters. Just kind of want to dip a toe in the water. Could you just send one of those wire light duty crab/lobster traps like very short term have some success. Not even sure those traps are legal for lobstering.
  9. Went NW corner on Sunday. Tons of sculpin. Not a good haddock bite up high. Seemed like they were between 140-170. All the drifts were quick. You would get doubleheaders for a few drops then nothing. I tried some real deep like 200-300 nothing doing over there.
  10. I just want to make sure I have the regulations right. I can haddock fish in State waters in Massachusetts right now? On April 15th I can haddock fish in Federal waters. Looking at the regulations I think I should be all set in State water just want to make sure GOM doesn't override Massachusetts Regulations. I've also never tried to haddock fish in state waters. I fish out of Boston, any depth I should try this weekend? I was just going to go past Boston light and Try say 75-100-150-200-250-300 Feet. I was guessing they would be at the drop-off hump but no idea. I know guys used to Cod fish just past Boston Light but guessing Haddock aren't that close?