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  1. Thanks a lot. I'll just soap and water with a soft brush.
  2. How do you clean your dry tops when they get dirty?
  3. Pictures?
  4. I'm located in the new york city area. I'm willing to drive to either pick up or meet half-way depending on where you're located. Please contact me via private PM. Thanks.
  5. lamiglas XL/XLS/XP bass rods, 703S models. My absolute favorite
  6. Description says it all, i'm looking for a VS250 or a VSX250 in silver. I'd prefer pick-up and i'm located in Brooklyn NY and willing to travel within NY/LI. thank you
  7. depends on your budget.. Penn Battle 2 4000 size Penn Conflict 4000 size Penn Slammer 3 3500-4500 size
  8. How did the crack happen exactly?
  9. thanks
  10. Thanks, i'm gonna try it out in an hour or so.
  11. You've never had one snap at at the bottom of where it connects to the reel piece? Should I be a bit concerned? I'm not planning on flipping keepers with it.
  12. I have fears this 70/30 system will snap on me, has anyone had any issues with it?
  13. They are both 2 3/8oz. But i never tried swimming the largest, thanks for the info.
  14. I put a single treble mustad with a nice bucktail/feather teaser on mine.
  15. don't overspool