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  1. How much distance increase do you think you’ll see if you switch from 60lb test to 20lb super slick v2 and 30-40lb shock? 600-800 feet?
  2. What reel would u recommend exactly for a 13ft century. And which century?
  3. The maximum distance possible, I’m off the surf looking for the big summer blues.
  4. What setup would you recommend running for long distance conventional plugging?
  5. Hey guys, so I've been fishing this one spot I discovered not far locally around me, and throughout the summer we get some big blues far off the beach almost consistently, I usually fish my 9 ft with a vsx200 and always land short, I'm fishing plugs mainly, tins, and poppers I'm looking to build a new setup (11 ft+) to reach those guys, what do you guys recommend for distance, rod + reel + line. I might even go down to 20lb superslick to increase my casting distance.
  6. it looks like a bail less vsb, why the entire redesign process?
  7. title says it all, preferably within the long island/jersey area.
  8. Sure, sounds good!
  9. I’m by Coney Island, I am willing to trade for a vsx200, how’s the condition?
  10. I don't wanna ship due to getting insurance. pricy
  11. If I put on the original foot back on the reel, would you increase your offer?
  12. I wouldn't necessarily call an extended foot a Frankenstein
  13. No box and no bag, I do have a service paper from Saltwater.
  14. Looking to sell my Van Staal 150X in Silver, it has a extended*vsb* foot and arm/handle. It has a couple scuffs on the rotor just due to fishing but mechanically is 10/10. It's a machine and is very comfortable to fish with. I'm looking to upgrade to a vsx200 to beef up my gear. Taking offers, Not sure what it is worth but I'm asking 600 or best offer.
  15. Krocodile and any of the Charlie graves, selection varies on the conditions.