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  1. I live in Rhode Island and just picked up a Lifetime Teton Angler kayak from Richard's sporting goods (don't know if they filter for names). I've got a life jacket and rod floats for if my rods go overboard, what else should I get? Plan on fishing freshwater and in Narragansett Bay near shore, may go out near Sachuest point on calmer mornings. What safety gear should I get? I'm planning on getting a Garmin InReach for other reasons, but what else should I grab?
  2. So unfortunately this is a lack of fish story, but I had a blast trying so I'll spell out what I did and where I think I went wrong Saturday Morning: Fished south of the inlet from the beach, saw a couple guys soaking bait and catching pompano. Wind was out of the south at about 20, gusting to close to 30. I like to think that I am a passable fly caster, trying on Saturday morning disproved my theory. Got to see a beautiful sunrise and experience som quiet and warmth, which was pretty nice. On the way out I noticed some paths cut through the mangroves and google maps confirmed it was a salt pond connected to the inlet Saturday around Noon: Rented a kayak and paddled the Loxahatchee with a fly rod. This was tough, the river is fairly narrow so casting with a fly rod was a little tough for me. Saw tons of spawning bass, had a few chase the flies as well. Tried out a couple Mangum Dragon Tail flies in this stretch of river and those things have an amazing action, but they kind of cast like a wet sock. Saw one other guy fishing, he pulled in what had to have been a 6+ pound largemouth. Saw a small gator on my way out, was a great day in general. My one regret? I didn't rub the spray on sunscreen when I applied it on my legs... Sunday Morning: Fished that salt pond/mangrove thing. It was windier Sunday than it was Saturday, but this area was pretty protected so casting was much easier. I saw a fish throw a wake and I casted at it, but no luck. The mangroves are pretty cool. So I wasn't able to cross Florida off my list, I guess that means I'll have to go back (shrug). Next time I'll definitely spend some more time wet wading in these protected coves. It's a cool environment I'm not used to, so it was generally cool to see. If I chase bass I'd also pick up a baitcasting rig to make my life a little easier. Thanks for all your advice, I'll keep you guys updated on my attempts at a fish in every state.
  3. Would you recommend I start out with floating line or intermediate? I have a spare spool for my reel so changeover isn't a huge deal. I'll be doing 100% catch and release. I'm trying to catch a fish in every state, hopefully I can cross Florida off the list.
  4. Oh buddy, that's definitely a stop ;-) I live in Rhode Island and everyone at work knows I'm heading down there. The number of people that are telling me to go to a spa....
  5. I like my boot foot waders for when I'm walking through a lot of much, but prefer the stocking foot with boots for just about everything else. I've got the cheapest boots LL Bean makes with some TEK screws screwed into the soles, only had them about a year but they're holding up pretty good. I believe Cabela's branded items have a lifetime warranty, so that's one avenue. If you've got an absurd amount of money lying around you can look into Patagucci stocking foot waders as their warranty is awesome
  6. Haha, definitely not. I try to limit my flailing to places with a limited amount of people. I fished the salmon run in the Salmon River in New York once and that was enough fun for me.
  7. Are these tied right to the shank or onto that little lip on the jig head itself?
  8. , but I'm hooked! Does this count as a joke? Or will my fly casting ability be good enough?
  9. You guys are the best, thanks for this advice. I'll plan on fishing from the beach in the morning, which will be before everyone else wakes up so I'll be able to drive myself. If the winds are unfavorable I may rent a kayak at the Indiantown Road location, even if the fishing isn't worth it I figure it would be a cool area to paddle around in.
  10. So the sheriff in a small town arrests a rapist and a thief but the prison is too crowded to lock them up. Since the town is a little short on money, the sheriff comes up with a plan to punish these two miscreants. He sets up two areas where the townspeople can come and either kick the rapist in the junk or hit the thief in the face and pay two dollars to do so. As the day goes on, people exact the punishment on the two offenders, but the thief is starting to get pretty beat up. As the last guy approaches, he see's that the thief's face is too busted to really hit anymore, so he kicks him in the nuts. The sheriff gets mad and yells, "No you idiot! This is the punchline!"
  11. Hey everyone, Longtime lurker, first time poster. I've managed to negotiate a half day of fishing in Jupiter when the wife and I go down to see my in-laws on the weekend of the 13th of April. I was planning on doing a morning kayak rental somewhere down there, does anyone have any tips? I was going to fly fish, have an 8 wt and a spool of floating line and intermediate and a fly tying bench with enough materials to add me to a PETA watch list. My plan right now is to rent a kayak at Jupiter Outdoor Center on Indian Town Road and paddle around there. Thanks in advance.