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  1. And in completely unrelated Knewz:
  2. Blow boaters...go figure.
  3. Um 111%
  4. Could one of youse kindly post the nipers name? My old wood fired computer only has abc's, not them new aged symbols.
  5. Baby X.......'s mom's, Grimes, FINALLY jettisoned it's dead beat sperm injector, Elon Musk. So there is that.
  6. Bigger q, whom has to wipe the oatmeal off of Jim Crow Robinette JoePedo's mush, if in fact he does bring his baby killing ass down them proverbial steps??
  7. Jeepers one wonders if them ski lift burning ELFer's grandcritters are up to theses shenanigans?
  8. Jeepers youse from Havana?