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  1. Dibs on his ****!!
  2. Dinghey would hit that gash.
  3. None is so blind as those whom will not see
  4. Joey is THE reason people like "The Republican" Eldridge Gerry argued with Madison and refused to sign OUR Constitution. Gerry and others demanded OUR Bill Of Rights be added to OUR Constitution to clearly spell out OUR GOD given, inalienable, unalienable Rights. With inalienable or unalienable defined as rights that can not be shed or given away or taken away.
  5. Jeepers that's what CPL said.
  6. Sweaty, I simply point out Tories/Democrats/Socialist/Commies like youse have HATED the United States Of America since OUR Founding.
  7. The officer is dead. RIP
  8. Joo mean private servers in the basement at Chappaqua NY or the bathroom closet?
  9. Sounds like the cop is circling the bowl.
  10. We have Government officials and their wives what did the same thing