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  1. "Big boy words"? Got it. Thanks for setting the fine example.
  2. Oh I see, my literal meme is offensive to your high standards, while PG has a dedicated space for visual memes. Allow me to restate, for your approval or edification, a French Politician was shut down yesterday on Shep Smith's Show on Fox yesterday, trying to say this is "our 9/11". Shep told the French Politician "not on my watch". My commentary, which you described aptly above, included my pointing out Shep's hypocrisy of his regurgitation of the Democrats Russian conspiracy theory.
  3. *
  4. Fox just said there are 50 investigators investigating this fire. Fire Investigators here are specially trained for the investigations of the origin and then causes of, fire.
  5. And investigators do not rule out anything before they investigate everything, unless, of course, it is FBI investigating Killiar.
  7. According to Trace Gallagher on Fox, arson and terrorism has been ruled out.
  8. Fort Covington New York April 13 2019 Border Patrol Agents from the Burke Station captured 7 illegal alien Mexicans what illegally crossed over Northern border south into New York.
  9. Rut Roh. The singer Cher has come out, today, saying Los Angeles "can't take care of it's own, how can it take care of more?'.
  10. She was a Pube back then, so there's that.
  11. I am sure his freshman Congressmushloon will come to his defense, also.