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  1. Yea soooo Nazi=National Socialist Party, Democrats=Socialist Democratic Same<>Same
  2. You got it Chief...but you parroting my parroting typical Democrat rhetoric in this threat is kind of funny.
  3. Oh yeah like Bull Connor or 'we'll have them ****s voting Republican for the next 200' years' LBJ
  4. Jeepers
  5. I humbly submit the following post for consideration of 'post of the year', 12 year old female and under category.
  6. Slick Willy and Killiar labeled blacks 'super predators' and jailed blacks and the poor at rates never seen before or since. You people did that.
  7. "he's clean" come on man "it's storybook"
  8. You didn't build that
  9. That is all
  10. Here, ambulances do not transport dead bodies. As you stated, EMT's would have initiated life saving measures before a load and go. Which would include checking for a pulse.
  11. Dr Boden the ME hired by the Floyd family came to that conclusion
  12. There is a group called Black Guns Matter and that is their platform. A little known fact the NRA was founded on Long Island New York by two Northern Civil War Veterans for the purpose of arming and training Blacks whom where hunted down and lynched by Democrats after the Democrats lost the Civil War THEY started to keep Blacks in slavery.
  13. Q for my Democratic counterparts, should Mr. Floyd informed the popo he was infected and highly contagious with the deadly Kung Flu? Bearing in mind your oft used slogan "if we can only save just one life" and all
  14. The first time non-land owners, Blacks AND women where allowed to vote for their future was in 1838 in Pine Hill, Highmount, Ulster County, New York at an Anti-Rent War rally, the ideological birth place of the Republican political Party founded in1854 in Ripon Wisconsin for the SOLE purpose of stopping Democrat slavery.
  15. Or that Democrats attempted to murder Lincoln on his way to his inaugural and to this day mock Lincoln for allowing himself to be dressed as a woman to be whisked away by his Pinkerton security detail.