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  1. Sorry I didn’t mean to spam it, my phone is acting up
  2. Yup that was me, thank you
  3. Yup that was me, thank you
  4. Yup that was me, thank you
  5. J-Braid Grand is the newer version of J-Braid?
  6. J-braid x8?
  7. John, do you have to open it to spray wd-40?
  8. What size is your Penn Battle 2?
  9. He'll be an avid fisherman when he grow up
  10. Does it matter which brand you use?
  11. Hi from another new guy. I'm just lurking most of the time!
  12. I mean it has anti reverse switch
  13. A friend of mine use the 10000HG. He bought it from Amazon and they ship it out from Japan. It has anti reverse, Saragossa doesn't.
  14. I have a Penn Battle 2 5000. Been using for over a year, no clicking noise yet