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  1. Hello,


    I've been following your thread for a while and interested in Black Hole Surf rod.   I have a Shimano Tiralejo Surf rod 12ft rated 2-6oz.  How would you compare it to Black Hole East Coast Special 12ft rated 2-6oz and the Black Hole Striped Bass Special 12 ft?  I found the Shimano Tiralejo 12ft 2-6 is a little bit too stiff for my taste.




    1. ksong


      The best way is to come to fishing shows and check them yourself.

  2. Hi, would you sell the 8.5 for 70?
  3. Thanks Mike, but I’d stick to $600
  4. Respectfully offer $600
  5. Sorry I didn’t mean to spam it, my phone is acting up
  6. Yup that was me, thank you
  7. Yup that was me, thank you
  8. Yup that was me, thank you
  9. J-Braid Grand is the newer version of J-Braid?
  10. J-braid x8?
  11. John, do you have to open it to spray wd-40?
  12. What size is your Penn Battle 2?
  13. He'll be an avid fisherman when he grow up
  14. Does it matter which brand you use?