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  1. I dont get it, dometic is the mainstream portable fridge every overlander uses
  2. Dometics!!
  3. make sure you record it with a good camera in 4k not like those 240p videos
  4. been using these little poopoo mustad scissors i picked up from a small B&T while in florida. Have been using it for line cutting to cutting chunks of small menhadden etc since early june and have not rusted yet so it continues!
  5. Super slick v2 does really well for me when using my medium rod for throwing light paddles, i got a wind knot but it was me overfilling my spool just a tad. One i stay away from now is that spiderwire stealth stuff. Phew i dont like it. Also got plans on trying the jbraid and 832 eventually when time comes
  6. Oh man, looks like I had them backwards and now it’s perfectly normal. Thanks! I was not really looking forward to lending my novice buddies a $200 reel
  7. i pulled my reel apart to service it, after putting it back it started grinding when the spool is fully up and fully down but when I push in on the handle it's perfectly fine. is my main gear warped?
  8. Fished the mouth of south river, couldn't catch anything. Other guys plugging too the only guys that actually caught fish were chunking
  9. good tourney has good refs on each boat
  10. my bass pro one works well keeping spot alive in a 5gal bucket, 1 D cell for 30 hours
  11. Looking for a conventional reel size to use primarily for bottom fishing, occasional jigging, and possibly light trolling for stripers, tuna, seabass, grouper, snapper, etc got my eye on a Saltist 30 2 speed hoping its enough to run 50lb braid. These will mostly be used around the chesapeake, ocean city, and florida. thanks sol
  12. You can turn off popups on Iphone in the settings. I never get pop ups or ads when on my iphone
  13. Hey. Im headed down there tonight islamorada specifically, what’s the hottest bite right now? Hoping to get on some blackfins and grouper/snapper. We have our own boat so no charters
  14. MD cut back down an inch used to be 21>19>now 18