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  1. just do some browsing man. i used to live in columbia and i found places. all you gotta do is put in the effort. google earth becomes your best friend here in maryland as well as the reports are worth checking out but expect 50 people there by the next day
  2. Was catching them everywhere but they get bigger the more north or south i go. I’m a little bit south of the bridge
  3. I use a 7ft on the chesapeake. Definitely considering a 6’6 but a heavy action for jigging in the shipping channel even casting heavier plugs on a blitz
  4. Closing to sell else where
  5. Yeah im not sure what’s he talking about lol.
  6. Tried soaking some bunker and plugs near BB. Nada, water was chocolate milk but calm
  7. Nope it’s still really smooth
  8. how do you like it? I'm hearing lots of positive feedback on it. how does it compare to pp/832
  9. die hard superslick v2 fan but recently tested some 832 in 40lb and it's pretty good. there's a pro and con to both but i like them equally. I think my favorite has been to use superslick for 4k and under and 832 for 5k and over. I've been hearing some positive feedback on the new berkley x9 so I may give that a whirl.
  10. Bump $150 shipped
  11. Anyone still in oc? Is it still crowded lol
  12. Mirrolure mirrodine get hip san san
  13. If i was college bound and had only one setup. 2500 or 3000 stradic fk or fl and a medium bass pro carbonlite 2.0 I purchased it for moving baits on a caster but damn it’s a really light rod
  14. I have a 2500 stradic on my post
  15. Very good condition 2500 FK w/ 150yds of 15lb 832. Used in FW only, have serviced it once Books and shims/washers available but no box Asking $160 shipped