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  1. sold to @i_like_poppers
  2. sent ya a pm appreciate it lo
  3. Previous model
  4. Annapolis
  5. Bump $220 shipped
  6. I like my safariland 7ts. Picked it up on the zon for $40 with a thumb release lever, it has served me well as a RSO
  7. A basic starting kit for tying bucktails, flags, or dressed siwash's Some items have been used and some are still brand new Asking $70 shipped
  8. Near mint condition 6k gosa spooled w/ 300yds of 40lb suffix832. Purchased it a while back and took it on a boat trip. Haven't been fishing since back injury and just collecting dust Still have box and spool band Asking $230 shipped
  9. 2 darters and bottle sold to @chrisodonnell13 only poppers and bomber left
  10. Sure i can that that ill send ya pm
  11. Sorry, been very busy and forgot to check notifications. Still interested? As said to chris, I can ship out tomorrow
  12. Lightly used plugs, some still brand new just sitting in storage Left lot $50 Right lot $45 priced shipped
  13. with proper tires, air pressure, and equipment the outback will do perfectly fine
  14. Have a very lightly used 6k gosa with box willing to let go for $240
  15. @CapePluggin I have a good condition sw6000 i'm looking to part with