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  1. Hey guys Just purchased a brand new 440 SS graphite spinfisher reel. Both 420 and 430 SS from the 2 nd generation had the same body shape. The 450 ss was same as the 550 SS. The pics I've seen of a metal 440 SS had the same shape as the 420 & 430 SS mistake there ! Never seen a 440 metal on eBay ever. I'm a collector of both 2nd and 3rd generation Spinfisher reels. This new 440 graphite I just purchased from Europe comes with a new box, extra spool all in mint condition, all stamped made in USA. It has the epoxy side badge like the 4400 SS ,but when it was released in 1988, I think it was released with a metal badge like all 2nd generation reels. Anyway I'll post it on YouTube soon .