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  1. Last night MoCo back spearing all over last hour and a half of incoming. Almost cocktail blues popped up for a few minutes and disappeared only to pop up again for a few more minutes. A few were caught . Moved out front for dusk nothing happening.
  2. I’ll take if falls through
  3. Black glider is a Dean Gibbs.
  4. Tackle Box posted on their IG account a Swordfish was caught on the inshore Sea Bass grounds in view of the Highlands 325lbs
  5. Thanks Goldy
  6. One more time. gas glider anyone have a clue. 3.5 ozs and almost 7” thanks
  7. Anyone have any idea who built the black glider?
  8. Yes no luck with ID yet and it got a quality flag on it.
  9. Thanks 7
  10. Thank you RFC
  11. Thank you. Any clue on when he put out that style pencil? Value?
  12. Could anyone ID these 2 plugs thanks in advance. Gary
  13. Look up Marco PPW Tackle ODM authorized builder in SINY
  14. FYI this sand is making it all the way to the back of Raritan Bay. Making the beaches of Staten Island bigger and filling in parts of Great Kills harbor with new beaches with this fine sand. The rivers of Manasquan and Shark River are also being filled in requiring dredging almost yearly.
  15. And the Alpha also if you split