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  1. Hi, I’m good on GRS and BM I’d take a look at some slims . Older Jersey builders , or other tougher to get builders.
  2. Jaget, RG, Franktown, Bernzy, Gary2, CCW , TBone are what I would like but throw some equal quality out there. If you have something we could open trade thread.
  3. I would prefer to trade, plugs on right are in my rotation( put in there so you could see sizes) . Plugs on left available for trade.
  4. Most food prices will not come down unless it is causing problems for the company. Egg, flour prices went up and now came down but manufacturers won’t lower their prices because your use to paying it .
  5. Kevin offer 110 for the Hickey and Bluefish
  6. Kevin ,offer 110 for the Hickey and the Bluefish.
  7. Adobo , glad your ok, heal up and feel better.
  8. If there is anything that interest me I’ll start a want to trade thread.
  9. He called it a big troller 5oz with hooks . Of course CCW ,Gary2, Bernzy, Jaget, Jnski. Throw something out there .
  10. Hi Googs I have a few but would prefer to trade. Gary
  11. MoCo 2 to 4:30 start of incoming ,fish in reach except they were on very small bait. Not even interested in the teaser.
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