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  1. Thanks guys for all the advice. Great information.
  2. Body was recovered not far from the area where he went over. It was a real nice day temp in the 80 but water was still very cold. They were in Bull sh-t kayaks and no life jackets on.
  3. MoCo back yesterday afternoon happy hour cocktail blue party’s the tide flip. Last night 7 to 10 out front fishy looking water, stained but fishable. A few blues afternoon trip and skunk on evening trip.
  4. Ran out of gas before he made it to the pump.
  5. Great picture
  6. MoCo back, low to high flip , cocktail party some fish in the 5lb range. SPs preferred plug of choice.
  7. Thanks Sudsy keep up the good work.
  8. That awesome but we will be back here next year again. Thanks again for all invloved
  9. When I get that cow from shore then I’ll change it.
  10. It’s a nice store in Ocean township, great prices and very helpful. Don’t think you will have a problem with them. You can go direct to them and bypass the big river. Fresh water, surf and boat stuff.
  11. Water is still cold this year. If I remember right it was a lot warmer the last few years at this time.
  12. I called them cocktails but they were closer to big snappers. 10 12 14 “ fish half the size of the plug.
  13. Late post yesterday afternoon tide change MoCo back a cocktail party.
  14. Nice collection and I love the finish on the display case