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  1. My kids and I went out to the hook on Saturday and fished 9am to 7pm starting on the ocean side and moved to the back second half of the day. Got skunked but I had a great time watching my kids learning to cast the big rods and consistently getting better with them. We fished high and low tides and threw clams, bunker, sandworms, silver spoons, top waters in bone and minnow color, white bucktails and maybe a few others I may have forgotten. Even without the fish it was an awesome day with some good learning experiences in finding new places to fish and also learning that I don't need to take every piece of tackle that I own when dragging a beach cart through the sand. We are hoping to get back out to try night fishing in the next couple of weeks.
  2. Getting excited about my first outing of the year. I almost kept the kids from school today to get an extra day in but an education is more important (but not by much).
  3. Thank you sir. Glad I broke down and bought a beach cart
  4. where can you park on the bay side of Sandy Hook? Is there parking near the point on the North side of the Bay? I see all the parking spots on the ocean side but the bay side looks like roads and the base with what looks to be trails leading off of them.
  5. I'm heading to Sandy Hook with the kids this weekend and we are all pumped. Bought a night parking permit so we may try Saturday night also depending on how the fishing goes during the day and if they don't mind the chill. My thought is to fish the ocean side but I was wondering if there are any benefits to fishing the bay side?
  6. Not sure but I did get to read it and I thought it was helpful. Thank you.
  7. Thank you for the advice, especially the regarding the current. I will check out the link. Good luck with the fishing this year.
  8. Although we fish frequently in our lakes and streams at home I am fairly new to surf fishing and my 2 children (11 and 8) are also very interested in anything fishing. Last year we took our first family trip to Sandy Hook and we had fun (there were a few fish thank goodness) and we plan on taking another trip in about 2 weeks to try our hand at stripers and winter flounder. We are going equipped with 2 surf rods (10' and 8') and two of my medium-light rods (6'6" range) that we use at the lakes around home, the surf rods will have Daiwa BG reels (5000 and 3000) with 20lb braid on the bigger reel and 17lb mono on the smaller reel, the lighter rods will have Daiwa BG 2000 series with 15lb braid. Also we have sinkers from 1oz to 5oz and circle hooks ranging from #2 all the way to 8/0, bucktail jig in a few different sizes, top water lures, metal spoons and some Berkley Gulp that I keep reading the flounder like. Is there any advice you may give from rigs that might work better this time of year, bait, etc.. and do you think I would be better off on the North side of the beach and is there any benefits on fishing either the ocean side or bay side of the hook? I read the post about spot burning and I am not asking for that kind of information, but just a little insight, please don't get yourself in trouble if I am asking the wrong questions. Thank you for any advice you are will to give to help me keep this fun for the kids.