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  1. Did penn even have new products for icast?
  2. Does anyone know the ETA and specs for the 4000 SaltX? I have seen 50lbs drag listed for the 4000 SaltX. No way that is correct. I would be surprised if the 6000 model could do that.
  3. I wish you would have tested 30lb PP V2 superslick using a double palomar. I tested 20lb PP V2 superslick with a double palomar and got a 24.5lb average.
  4. Ghost did you just use enough mono underneath to cover the spool? I spool alot of my reels that way. IT gives the braid something to bite into and it's not as messy as tape.
  5. What is the Van Staal VR50 real world line capacity? Please post line type,weight,and yardage you got on your reel when spooled.
  6. It seems like every Icast they release another Tatula reel. I hope this years Tatula Elite reel has a clicking spool tension knob and a free floating spool.
  7. Its about time for some leaks for icast 2019. How about a Torque 2 3500/4500 spinning reel?
  8. I took your advice and got a bailed version.
  9. I didn't know that i had to buy another rotor. Why can't I just use mine and add parts to it?
  10. I want to convert a Torque 2 5500 bailess reel into a bailed one. It will be permanent. What parts did I need? Does penn offer a kit?
  11. which 2500 do you have? Is it the XH?
  12. Just this week i bought a nice Okuma PCH popping rod for my Slammer 3 8500HS. It barely goes into reel seat 1/4 inch. My friends saragosa sw 20k fits perfect.
  13. Penn Quit using a oversized reel foot on your Bigger size spinning reels! It starts on the 5500/6500 sized spinning reels. I noticed some rods start to have trouble with the thickness of the reel foot. Then the 7500/8500 size reels The reel foot will barely fit any amount into the reel seat on some rods. i dont feel its safe to fish. The 10500 reel is even worse. Now if I use a penn rod it fits great. But penn doesn't make some rods I would like to use. So I have considered using a file to the reel foot. But I don't want to do that. Why can't you make your reel foot the same size as a similar sized shimano reel?
  14. After checking Penn's website it seems the Slammer 3 HS reels hold more line than the regular Slammer 3 models. Is this correct or is there a typeo on the specs on Penn's website?
  15. Aquaholik I'm glad you started including the Double Palomar knot in your line test. I bought and tested several small diameter braids with the Double Palomar and was shocked how weak certain braids/sizes are with that knot. The ABS of given line is NOT always a good indication how well it will hold up to a Double Palomar.