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  1. What is the finished weight of this spinning rod? Can this rod deadlift a gallon jug of water?
  2. I had unrealistic expectations for a Shimano reel at that price point.
  3. I will not preorder one these POS reels. Shimano's graphite/fisher price rotors suck for even moderate drag.
  4. I wonder if the new gosa has a metal rotor?
  5. No i dont plan to fish 50lb drag with that reel.
  6. How much does this reel weigh? Specs state max drag is 50lb.So I assume at full spool it should do 25lb. Could somebody test this.
  7. 18 and 20k are higher @$1099
  8. I tested max drag on a Penn Slammer 3 4500 with a full spool. The most I could get was 15lb 7oz at full spool. Penn rates max drag at 30lb for this reel.
  9. Did penn even have new products for icast?
  10. Does anyone know the ETA and specs for the 4000 SaltX? I have seen 50lbs drag listed for the 4000 SaltX. No way that is correct. I would be surprised if the 6000 model could do that.
  11. I wish you would have tested 30lb PP V2 superslick using a double palomar. I tested 20lb PP V2 superslick with a double palomar and got a 24.5lb average.
  12. Ghost did you just use enough mono underneath to cover the spool? I spool alot of my reels that way. IT gives the braid something to bite into and it's not as messy as tape.
  13. What is the Van Staal VR50 real world line capacity? Please post line type,weight,and yardage you got on your reel when spooled.
  14. It seems like every Icast they release another Tatula reel. I hope this years Tatula Elite reel has a clicking spool tension knob and a free floating spool.
  15. Its about time for some leaks for icast 2019. How about a Torque 2 3500/4500 spinning reel?