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  1. Bull shark spotted in Hempstead Long Island this week. I wouldn't doubt the Mattapoisett shark attack was a bull shark. Warm and muddy water of upper buzzards bay. Seems more likely than a GW.
  2. I've never hooked a seal... but I know someone that hooked a Loon. His young daughters witnessed it all. Pretty messed up. He broke the line eventually.
  3. Newfound lake, not far from the main ramp at Wellington. Check the island nearby, Belle island. Its gotta be a 30 to 50 ft drop into deep water. You will need a boat or kayak to access. It's also frowned upon by the Marine Patrol. Be safe.... wear a life jacket when jumping!
  4. A friend sent me this photo. Dead deer floating out by Cleveland Ledge, first week of June this year.
  5. Found some good ones last week. Photo quality sucks, dont care. This was +36 inch and smaller than the big fish I ran into 2 weeks ago. Once the moon came out the fish disappeared.
  6. Lots of blues in BB. Not far from shore.
  7. Let me be clear I have no idea what I'm doing. But I did catch some last year at night at a local spot, enough for bait for the rest of the year. So I have an idea on how to catch them. And I'm looking for pointers if I'm on the right track. I've since bought an underwater light (green blob) and some nice squid jigs. But the spot I'm squidding in upper BB seems dead. Lots of small fish, no squid. Maybe im not leaving the light on long enough.... maybe the squid have moved out of the harbor area I'm at.... I dont know. Does high vs low tide matter at night?
  8. I had a run in with a very large striper last weekend in upper Buzzards Bay, a fish I'll never forget. I was catching fish 20 to 25 inch and then this big beast ate my plug at the boat, turned and swam away breaking my line. My drag was too tight and since the fish ate it only 10 or 15 ft from the boat, there wasn't enough line to stretch and save me. I estimated the fish was over 40 inches, maybe bigger. It was bigger than any striper I've ever seen. But it made short work of my 25lb Berkley big game line. The best part is after the fish swam away my plug floated up with 20 ft or so of line still attached. I still cant believe the power of that fish. I'll be back out looking this weekend cause I know it will only get better. Enjoy and be safe out there.
  9. That's a solid rod. Contact St Croix and they will upgrade it for a fee. Go get them!
  10. Anyone see this post I made about these crazy looking critters on my trap?! Google search to identify was ineffective. Thanks
  11. Memorial day weekend last year I got into lots of Blues in upper Buzzards Bay. Fish were small but I found em up to 6 or 7lbs.
  12. Need help identifying this small creature on my traps. They were everywhere all over my traps in the muck and growth. It's like a mini crustacean with one dagger claw. Attached is a video that shows one flaring its claw. They sure are nasty little things. Any help? 20200506_170117_1.mp4
  13. I found this beast of an eel dead about a week ago. This thing was huge. Is this a meat eel? I'm thinking of setting traps too.
  14. I found fish Sunday AM at daybreak. I picked away until 10am. Easy I had over 20 fish. These were all babies. I got one decent fish that was about 20 inches.
  15. Watch the water temps at the various locations you fish, and at different stages of the tide. There will be huge swings in temp from incoming sea water. The bite can shut off when the cool water floods.