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  1. I'm going but I'll be quite a bit further south than you
  2. Check your pliers. I had a nice pair confiscated by TSA.
  3. I'm new to this- is it typical to pull traps in Sept and Oct? I just assumed you can do it year round if you don't mind the cold.
  4. These fish are easier to catch vs the Delta / California Reservoir stripers. Top water and paddle tails, you should be good to go. Pay attention to the tides direction and speed. Good luck.
  5. Due to the noon time small craft advisory this past Friday we only stayed in CCB for 4hrs. Spent most of that time bouncing around looking for fish. Found fish on the meter at 40 to 50 ft, some looked like very large arches. No takes. We did snag some small bait fish, cunner/perch (?). I wanted to liveline them but without familiarity with the fish or regs we just released them. Overall the bright blue skys, recent front and building wind didnt help so we fled back to buzzards bay by 11am, just in time for the wind to build against the tide. A few observations from the trip back: 1) we idled at 10 mph thru the canal and we were passed by several big boats. No wake!? Also had a guy in a 25ft+ CC split boats on plane and buzz thru at 20 to 25 mph. It seems the speed and no wake aren't heavily enforced. 2) I've spent enough time around the west end to know that a SW wind vs the outgoing tide creates nasty conditions. When we passed thru at 1130am it was awful from the onset rip all they the end of the dike. And getting worse. This was one of the worst days I've seen it there. 3) while chasing schools of breaking fish (blues confirmed, with funny fish too?) we encountered several boats who blast right into the school- approaching against the wind/tide and scattering the fish. this never works?! Why do this?! Circle around and drift in! I was slowly drifting into the frenzy when boat after boat buzzed in. I found it incredibly frustrating to spend the time to get the drift perfect only to have someone coming in scatter the fish. We ended the day with a mix of blues, scup, and striper that were all gorging on peanut bunker sized bait.
  6. Thanks for the 3 mile clarification. I need to worry about catching a keeper first... I've got a buddy that is encouraging me to stay south of the canal. Either way I'm looking forward to a great day on the water.
  7. I've really only boated in the Canal and south thru Buzzards Bay. Now that I have a boat large enough, this Friday I'm considering a run thru the canal to cape cod bay. If anyone has advice I'm all ears. I'm pretty good with my electronics so if I can get in a fishy area I'll figure out how to catch them. I'm going to be prepared for everything- small bluefin, stripers, blues, bottom fish, everything. Yes I am aware of the 3 mile rule. Thanks in advance.
  8. 3oz and 4oz spro bucktail with no trailer. Catches everything. Inexpensive and surprisingly doesnt get fouled or snagged often.
  9. I've bought several from Jim in 2008 to 2010. I believe he did not build them, and he had a mfg partner he worked with. Last email I got from him was 2014. At that time he couldn't help me with my repair/replacement. Happy to share the contact info I have. PM me if you want the email i had.
  10. Confirmed case of EEE down here.
  11. Tranx all the way. Just need to use the right size line for it to fish right
  12. Long Pond Lakeville. Absolute Jumbo's in there.
  13. I was only able to find micros and small blues from this school. I did try to target larger fish with bigger baits, no dice.
  14. I live for the sound of those marker bells. Just need a screaming drag to go along with it!