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  1. I know we touched on the hook and that does not change the action. His eyelets that use the sinker weight does that change the action compared to the 34184/85.
  2. If you want to bang them out quick I see what you are saying. Do you think it changes the action on the bucktail or bullet the two different hooks.
  3. Riddler is there a reason you don’t prefer the 34184/34185 over the 3407 on the smiling bill what about a bullet mold
  4. What are the weights on those heads
  5. That’s the exact hooks I want to use. With the sinker eyelet
  6. I was looking for the mold that can fit the mustad 3407 I like that heavy hook.
  7. I was looking for some feet back from guys on the bullet mold with collar from Collins or the smiling bill mold. I understand different lure different application. I would like to know what guys prefer and why. I want to start making jigs is it worth spending the money on the Collins mold.
  8. Thank you for the feed back also I just ordered it.
  9. Ok great that you for the advice I will definitely look into that hook
  10. Hi I was wondering what hook size and if 3407 mustad would be good to tie for fluke and stripbass. I have a lot of bucktail hair left. Any help will be great. Thankyou
  11. Ah ok good stuff. Would make my life a bit easier then using single hook method. Thanks for the update
  12. Awesome that’s for the advice I will definitely try that
  13. Ok gotcha on that with the fish definitely do not want that.
  14. That what I did used a sinker eyelet to attach the hook. I pried the heck out of it to see if it would pull out. So far it held up. The bottom one is the 34184 from mustad. I wanted the bucktail to be shorter. But I got the wrong hook at the tackle shop it was 34091 it felt weak. That’s why I was inquiring about a 2x strong hook.
  15. I was looking at sizes 5/0,6/0 and 7/0 for hot lip bucktail mold