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  1. The good thing I don’t have any water coming in. I do need to fix some spots for sure. The house was built in the 50’s so waterproofing the exterior in unknown. Yes all my down spouts are away from the house. Grading I definitely keep a eye out for for sure. Thanks for that info hardy G for any cracks.
  2. Is that the name of the product. I guess the dehumidifier is to get all of the moister out of the air before applying it.
  3. Maybe some one can help me. I’m redoing my basement. As of now I have never gotten water in my basement. I have a poured foundation not blocks. Can I still use dry lock product or just let it be. Should I do a skim coat of hydraulic cement in stead. Any recommendations would be great.
  4. You probably fixed it by now but you should of tried heating the nut a little. Then try to unscrew the nut but always use two wrenches or channel locks one one way the other the other way. If you turn the nut there always a possibility you might crack the solder on the other side. Two wrench’s for stability.
  5. The template for your marks is a great idea.
  6. We’re you able to figure the problem out. A friend of mine had the same question for me. My first thought also was the diverter.
  7. You tube this old house removing moss from roof. Great video. Shows you how to apply zinc strip and bleach mixture.
  8. That’s a nice set up.
  9. Have anyone used KBS diamond clear coat? Can you dip that on the raw would or not even worth it?
  10. I have used gorilla epoxy stick that stuff dries like a rock.
  11. Capesam do you order it online or do you go in person and select the wood you want.
  12. Ok that makes sense now thank you
  13. I guess what I’m asking and should of been more clear is there a better wood and grain then another for example a metal lip, pencil popper or a popper. Is a AYC darker in color heavier then one that is lighter in color. Would that be same for any wood also popular. I should of been more clear.
  14. I have been here searching to find examples of types of wood there color and grains for each lure. Was unable to see any. Any photos of those examples in raw form before the lure is made and after the lure was turned.A explanation would be awesome with each block of wood. Sorry if asking a lot but help would be great to understand type of wood grain and colors. Thanks.