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  1. The STRIPERS ONLINE title at the top is too big and prevents me from coming on this site at work most days
  2. shhhhhhhh!!!!
  3. Great thread- I'm still in the wine kit stage of this addiction, but would love to incorporate a barrel into the process or perhaps purchasing some grape juice vs using a kit
  4. Do they take sebiki rigs or do I need a cast net to get these guys?
  5. Does anyone catch these early spring herring and live line them from the river banks? Have any success?
  6. Anybody been out recently? Looking to set sail for the first time this weekend, finally have a decent weather window.
  7. Gotta be a holdover, we have a couple, I've caught one in the middle of winter through the ice in exeter before
  8. How are these spring gardens coming along for you guys? I've got spinach, mixed lettuce, romaine lettuce, iceberg lettuce, carrots, and radishes all starting to poke through. Tomatoes and peppers are in the basement under some grow lights doin ok but not growing as big as I'd like, I think I watered them too much. Wondering when I should start planting green beans...
  9. Febuary 20th, Swampscott river- through the ice.
  10. snappa reds for this guy.
  11. Stockies destroy cig butts
  12. Just bumping this comment, being as it is a fishing forum I'd be surprised to hear that nobody uses these things?
  13. Two friends are fishing in a boat.... as they approach a bridge they notice a funeral procession going by very slowly. One of the guys puts his fishing rod down and puts his hand over his heart and closes his eyes...the other guys says: "I didn't know you were such a caring person?" The guys says: "Well it's the least I can do after being married to her for 20 years."
  14. The Piscat is loaded with these things
  15. Do any of you guys use seaweed, fish racks, or green grabs in your garden? If so would you mind sharing how you processed them for use?