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  1. Thank you
  2. there is no ferrule on the rod. Both sections are 40" long. Male end is 7.3mm OD, female end is 8.8mm OD, it is fiber glass.
  3. I have a old 2 piece rod that the female end has about a 1/4 inch split in it. I want to keep it 2 piece and I want to use it, its been in the family a long time. If a feral is the way to go, which feral should I use and are they easy to install. If there is another option I am all ears. Please help!
  4. Does anyone know of any places in southern California that sprays protective coating on hulls of aluminum boats? I heard after I patch these holes I should have the bottom sprayed. Do you guys agree?
  5. Thanks everyone for the help, now just to get it done. Would any of you spray the bottom with a truck bed liner after patching the holes to further protect?
  6. Thank you
  7. I'm sorry, I'm a little slow, what is the advantage doing this. I have never plugged the end of my blanks. Please let a slow guy in on the secret.
  8. This may not be what you want to hear, but use what makes you comfortable. The rods my wife and I build for our self's are always out side the box, meaning we will do stuff to our rods that we wont use on a customers until we test drive it on ours. Do what feels right, Good Luck
  9. bare
  10. thank you brother, I do have treated wooden carpeted bunks
  11. I always order more then I need at that time, and when I have extra cash I will order items I will use on future builds. Lately I have been ordering old guides for rods I have been ask to repair. I like having supplies on hand so if I need to get it and its back ordered, its only to replace the supplies I already have.
  12. I just Love
  13. First of all I'm on a retirement income. I have a 21' bay runner with salt water corrosion through out the bottom of the haul. There are many small holes that need to be repaired. I know the right way is to have them welded be would be very expensive. I know they have spray on liners and roll on membranes that can be applied like they do on John Boats. I am hoping that one of you guys have a suggestion or method I could use to mix my boat. At my age I don't go very far out in the ocean, but I sure like to catch my rock fish for fish tacos. Please help, Thanks
  14. When I built my Banana Rod, I sanded down the guide. It was a mistake! I only fish salt water and within the year the guide foot started to rust through. I will at sometime redo the guide but this time the guides will either be titanium or stainless or some non-rusting metal. I hope you learn by my mistake.