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  1. Daiwa's reel sizing does not match up with Penn's. A 4000 series BG is larger than a 4000 series Battle 2.
  2. The 20lb mono is not being used to cast the heavy weight and bait. Your 50lb shock leader is involved in the casting of the weight and bait. If you attempt to throw 8oz with 17lb-20lb mono, you will get serious distance but wont have anything to reel back. I don't use anything fancy for my shock leader, I use rose colored 50lb Ande mono. For mono I am using Tritanium and I've actually had great success with Offshore Angler Tightline mono. But I plan on spooling up the Prospec Chrome for my September trip to Buxton. Don't forget to stretch out your mono after you spool your reel. Not sure if anyone else does that but I always do.
  3. Conventional set up - 17 - 20lb mono with a 50lb shock leader throwing 8oz is the way to go.
  4. White meat and it doesn't taste fishy at all. All I did was add a little Slap your Mama seasoning (yellow can) and grilled them.
  5. Garden hose and then I wipe them with Penn Rod & Reel cleaner.
  6. Tsnunami Airwave Elite 9'6" - I have a Penn Conflict 4000 with 30lb braid and it balances very nicely with that rod. The 5000 has the same frame as the 6000 but with a smaller spool. In my opinion the 4000 is a better choice. I also use a Daiwa BG3000 as well and it feels good on the rod. That is my main set up for throwing metal for blues.
  7. Recently caught some nice Triggerfish down in Alabama. They were on the grill within hours of catching them, one of the best tasting fish out there.
  8. Looks like an Atlantic Sharpnose
  9. Looks like you live in MD - we have a REALLY nice Bass Pro in Hanover, MD. You would be able to get a nice factory heaver plus a smaller rod to throw metal with. A new Ocean Master and a Tsunami Airwave would be close to your budget.
  10. I would probably consider getting two rods. One for the ability to throw 6-10oz lead in the 12-13' range, you will need that in OBX. I would considder an 8-9 foot spinning set up for throwing your lures. If you are soaking bait and then you see blues tearing up bait fish, you don't want to have to wait to reel up and switch from a bottom rig to a lure. You want the lure rod ready to be able to throw at a moments notice.
  11. Bass Pro Shop Carbonlite - 6'6" to 7" medium heavy. I use the 6'6" MH for senko fishing and it has a lot of backbone to rip large fish out of weeds.
  12. Bass Pro Carbonite rods are awesome value for the money. I run Quantum PT25 Smokes on them with 15lb braid for freshwater.
  13. Huge fan of Star rods. Have two Aerial stand up rods and two Plasma Inshore rods. They are bad ass rods! I would also consider the Airwave Elite as mentioned above.
  14. There is a surplus of awesome finds located in Germantown/Gaithersburg area
  15. Going to be tough to move with out posting detailed pictures.