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  1. 9’-10’ Tsunami airwave with a BG4000 -4500. Go to bass pro and feel both out. Bass Pro will price match from your phone. Walmart is selling BG4000’s for 88 dollars.
  2. I use 50lb rose colored mono Ande for my shock leaders on my surf set ups. Use 30lb clear for bluefish/Spanish leaders. Both work great.
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  5. The Tsunami Shield is a newer reel, I would be more inclined to trust the Battle because it's been around a bit longer. With that being said, I own multiple Battle 2's and once I bought my first Daiwa BG.....I stopped using my Battles. Why are you so pressed on buying your reel from a specific place? Have you looked on Amazon or eBay. I would also go to Bass Pro, they will price match any major retailer. If you show them a picture of Daiwa BG off of, they will match that price. If you google Daiwa BG4000 Walmart you will see them selling the BG4000 for $88.80 - can't beat that!
  6. I owned two 12' 6-16oz casting rods for years and never had one issue. I would throw 10 and bait with them at times and they didn't even flinch. Sold them to a buddy and they are still working just fine.
  7. I fish 17-20lb mono with a 50lb shock leader from the surf and have landed 100lb sharks no problem. Braided line is not abrasion resistant, that is why you use a mono leader or wire to the hook. If you have braided line rubbing against the body of the shark you will never land one. I would probably consider purchasing at least a 12' rod for surf fishing
  8. I run 30lb mono attached to 30lb braid on my bluefish/Spanish set up.
  9. I would go with a Fathom 12/15 or a Daiwa Saltist BG20h/30h. I only use those two reels and have never had one issue.
  10. They are becoming harder to find these days. The 6-12oz version is very hard to load, the sweet spot is 8oz + bait for that rod. If you can find the 12' 3-6oz version that will be a better fit for you. The 3-6 oz version was underrated and can throw 8oz + bait. I would not spend $150 - $200 on a used OM though. Unless it was brand new and the last version before they discontinued them. For $150-$200 there are a lot of rods out there that would get the job done. Penn Carnage II is a pretty sweet rod and would be on the high end of your budget. Just go to a Bass Pro and check out all of their surf rods.
  11. I’ll take it.
  12. I’ve got an older BG30 in good shape but this rod could probably take the BG90, which I don’t think they make anymore. The blank of this rod is wider than my Fenwick 130lb class fighting rod.
  13. I’m the owner of the rod - thanks @1badf350 for posting the pics. It’s in really good shape. Looking to add a period correct reel to it in similar condition. Would love to know when it was made.
  14. Missed out on that deal!!!! I would have loved to grab another 12 at that price!