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  1. The 25 will be laying the smack down on some sharks. Going to load it up with 20lb prospec chrome.
  2. Right around $75. But the cost is different depending on the reel. He makes them custom to each reel, they are not a kit. He also put a better mag in my Seigler SM. Magging the TRQ's makes it a much more versatile reel, you can still fish it from a boat/kayak and then send it from the surf. Heading back down to Buxton in June. Drum will be gone, but it might get a little sharky.
  3. These reels were never designed to be casted from the surf, as they came with zero factory braking. So if I went to go cast any of those reels without the mag, most likely it would result in a birdsnest, snap, and no distance. Adding the mag tames these reels which results in very consistent casts. I've owned the magged TRQ12 for a while now and I am able to get over 100 yards with ease. I just got the 15/25 back so I haven't had any time to dial them in.
  4. Finally got all of my TRQ’s magged. Matt at ReelKustomReels just finished my 15 and 25 this week. These reels absolutely launch bait when they are magged. Just wish I had the 25 in black.
  5. Berkley Pro Spec Chrome is good stuff. A little annoyed with them though. You used to be able to get right around 2400 yards of 20lb line for 50 bucks. They have now decided to change their yardage amounts on their spool. Now they charge 43 bucks for 1000 yards of line. They have essentially doubled their price on Pro Spec Chrome. I loaded up on the blaze orange when they sold them for a reasonable price. Hopefully it comes down in price.
  6. Run 10lb braid as your mainline, has the same diameter as 4lb mono. Then run a section of leader.
  7. Take a look at Manley Pliers - the 2006 model.
  8. Used spool of Power Pro in yellow. Around 400 yards left on spool. 20 bucks shipped to you.
  9. Vintage Daiwa spinning reel from the 70’s. Built like an absolute tank and is in good shape considering it’s age. The box has seen better days and I have some of the original paperwork. I bought it for display purposes in my basement but never actually used it. Reel functions with no issues. Asking $85 shipped.
  10. Quantum Smoke S3 size 30. Reel is in great shape. Awesome bass reel. Asking $90 shipped. Will accept PayPal or Venmo. Located in Germantown, MD.
  11. Hatteras Jacks in Rodanthe has them. He may ship.
  12. You are making the right decision.
  13. I own the same reel. You don’t need the lower gear ratio to land sharks from the surf. I’ve landed 100lb bull sharks with that same reel and 20lb mono. Was also putting 46” plus drum on the deck with the 6.1 gear ratio. I wouldn’t mess with it, that lower gear will get annoying when reeling back long casts. If you are looking to land even bigger sharks, go with a lever drag and kayak set up.
  14. What you using the reel for? The whole point of that reel is max casting distance. Would getting annoying reeling in 80-100 yard casts with a slower ratio. 6.1 gear can still haul some big fish on the beach.
  15. They need a pinion support sleeve upgrade if you are actually going to fish it. I just got mine installed last week. They aren’t really meant to be fished like a Saltist though, no clicker and far less drag. Also the paddle handle is tiny, would hate to deal with a 50” drum with the stock handle. I added a counter balance handle off a level wind saltist and it’s perfect.