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  1. The reel pictured is a 975LD. It is a lever drag, level wind, conventional reel.....not used for long distance surf casting.
  2. well that is a lever drag with level wind.....so not an ideal reel to be surf casting with. Casting a conventional is pretty easy, if you don't put down the spinning reel then you will never learn.
  3. I fish OBX a lot. I take two 13' heavers and one spinning set up for Bluefish and Spanish. I will sometimes take a 7'6" for working some lures in the sound.
  4. If you want distance you need to go conventional. I run a CTS 1305/06 with a variety of conventional reels. I use 16lb-20lb pro spec chrome with a 50lb shock. Im not one of the longest casters but I can hit around 100 yards from the beach.
  5. Born in Scotland and moved to the US in 1990. Water is super cold, beaches are not sand, they are stones, and I've rarely see anything sizable caught. If you are looking to fish away from the coast it's very tough. Everything for the most part is privately owned pieces of land. The last time I was there I fished a public section of the River Dee and caught some trout.
  6. You always have the best gear - if I didn't just close on a 16.5 acre farm, I would jump on that rod!
  7. I've seen some teaser shots of a new model. In my experience the SM Star Drag is a $400 paper weight. I've owned one and was extremely disappointed.
  8. Power Pro Super Slick for me - love the Oynx and Marine blue colors. Can't remember the last time I've had an issue with SS8.
  9. He’s probably the best in the US. He services all of my reels for me and has magged 3 Penn Torques for me.
  10. Squall 2 casting special (SQLII15SDCSLH) - might be a good option for you. Very limited options for a lefty. Seen people catch 5-6' sharks on 16lb pro spec with these reels.
  11. Consider purchasing something that can handle 8oz and bait. I’ve got two CTS built by Nicks Custom Rods - a 1305 and 1306. Amazing rods and Nick builds some really nice stuff. I can’t really use factory rods, I’m pretty tall and factory built rods have the reel seat set way too low for me.
  12. Nice! My advice would be 20lb Prospec chrome in blaze orange for your mainline. Use 50lb berkley big game for your shock leader. What rod are you planning on using. Sounds like you need a Custom CTS 1305 in your future.
  13. Saltiga is a great move - go with the 20 or 30. They are the ideal size for casting.
  14. They are pretty much a tournament casting reel out of the box and were never designed to handle large fish. The pinion support sleeve is pretty common for those reels actually. Matt at Reel Kustom Reels did mine.
  15. That is WAY too big. The largest you should buy for casting is the 30 size. My preference is the 20. The Saltiga 30 holds 295 yards of 20lb mono. What is the reason you would want to cast with a 50? .
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