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  1. I've got the maroon 40-405g blank that was built for me and I also have the 40-425s Silver "Hatteras" blank that I had built. The silver ballistic is my favorite surf rod that I own but they are very rare. I also love my maroon ballistic rod - throw 8oz and bait all day long. I would stay away from the factory built rod because the real seat is set very low and it's set up for both spinning and conventional. The 40-405 is the one to get though. If you buy the blank and have it built, you are in CTS territory. My vote would be CTS1306, but if transport is a concern the three piece Ballistic is very convenient to travel with.
  2. I do that all the time. I like hitting football fields so I can get a good measurement. It's amazing what the long casters can do - I think I've smoked one when I hit 140 yards and some guys are throwing over two football fields!
  3. What reel were you using?
  4. CTS 1303 is a very nice rod for the job but will cost you between 500-600 fully built.
  5. I don't think that is too big - you can do a lot with that rod.
  6. Currently own a CTS 1305 and 1306. I love both of them and they have performed flawlessly. If I had to own just one I would go with the 1306, it really likes 8oz and you can put some thump into your cast. The 1305 will throw 8oz but I prefer throwing 6-7oz with that blank. Nick Walke in Kill Devil Hills, NCwould be the expert on the CTS blank. Ryan White at Hatteras Jacks in Rodanthe, NCwould be your Century expert. I've seen the Surf Machine Max in person but never thrown it. I can buy two fully built CTS's for close to one Surf Machine Max, I don't feel like your getting double the performance out of the Century. Whatever you have built, make sure you get the reel seat positioned in the correct location for your body/arm length.
  7. Star Plasma Series inshore rods - they make a 7'6" heavy that would be perfect. I've got two of them and they are amazing.
  8. tie on a new shock and let her rip. I used to run Ande back in the day for my shock, lost a lot of fish to my shock breaking. Switching over to 50lb clear berkley big game and I've had minimal issues.
  9. Lesson learned. Need to invest in a sand flea rake then. I’ll be back in September and October.
  10. What ramps were you on? I was there from 6/11 - 6/17 and it was a dead zone. I fished from ramp 32 to 48. I was not fishing with sand fleas, I wish I was though. Was using Fish gum, fish bites, and fresh shrimp on my pompano rigs. I had shark rigs out daily with only a run in with a large stingray. Ventured into the sound and got on a nice drum bite, we caught 4..
  11. I don’t even know where to start with the slp-works site.
  12. They don't even have a schematic for the Saltist MQ 3000 listed on the USA Daiwa site! I searched online and wasn't seeing one. Was trying to find the part number for the MQ handle.
  13. I'm running a Holosun 510c on my 11.5" AR - I love it.
  14. Does anyone know if the Saltist 3000 MQ handle would screw into a BG3000? The color doesn’t match but would love a factory power knob. I have no interest in Gomexus knobs. Thanks!
  15. Rhino Rack