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  1. Check out Vega Rods - Potenza 420 will get it done. Penn Carnage 2 will also get the job done.
  2. 525 is a sold real, but you should take a peek at the new Fathom 2, they have a much more refined mag system.
  3. eBay is your friend - I was recently on the hunt for a 970, 980, and 990. Found the 970 and 980 on eBay and they didn't have a scratch on them. Set up some saved searches, so that if any of them pop up for sale, you get a notification. I snagged a very mint 980 for 80 bucks. There are a few 990's on eBay right now but people are asking INSANE money for them.
  4. Black one is a Conflict 4000.
  5. 9’6” for throwing metal in the surf. My casting surf rods range from 12’ - 14’.
  6. You are right about that - I only use VRBO and AirBnb now.
  7. That's awful - sorry to hear that. I was supposed to arrive on 4/22 - of course they were CRUSHING drum over the last week.
  8. I am in the same boat as you. Luckily the owner of the place I rented is being very flexible. That’s piss poor you are having trouble with getting your money back. I work for Marriott and they changed we our entire cancellation policy globally. Even if people booked advance purchase rates we are refunding their money.
  9. You close the thread on your own.
  10. Would you sell it? I have an antique fly rod that I have mounted in my basement. Would love to pair this to the rod for display purposes. Thanks.
  11. Contact Hatteras Jacks, they are located in Rodanthe, NC.
  12. A Gen 1 Fathom 12 is a super easy reel to cast with. Load with 16lb Berkley Chromespec. 2 brakes engaged is perfect for that reel, never had one blow up. Daiwa Saltist BG 20h/30h are also very easy to cast, 2 brakes engaged with those as well.
  13. Not trying to be a hater, just sharing information. These Gen 1 reels are selling for $120 plus shipping on eBay right now. Might be tough to move at $175. Fathom 12 is a great reel, it is what I use on my drum rod.
  14. I own a pair of their hip waders, they work great and they were only $25.
  15. If you are spooling up a Fathom Casting Special, then loading 20lb Berkley Prospec Chrome and 50lb mono shock leader. I only throw braid on spinning gear when throwing metal.