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    Just want to enjoy fishing before I get too old and won't be able to cast my surf rods.
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    Wetting my lines
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    Work 5 & 1/2 days, only 4-5 hrs left for fishing per week.

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  1. Double post
  2. I used to hide the newly bought tackles at my buddy house, only bring them back after used couple of time n told my wife "Dirt cheap, i bought them 2nd".
  3. Yes, if Mac is in the area the popper never fail me so far.
  4. For lake, 3000 or 4000 should be fine.
  5. I use Halco Roosta Popper.
  6. Only part that dissapointed me, 20kg drag with such seperior reel.
  7. Very interisitng reel, hope it really up to par or better than your previous design. Thanks.
  8. Link to FB page? Thanks
  9. !
  10. Before purchase any rod, borrow from your fishing mates the same model n try a few casts (treat ur mate a good meal after that). Then it will sure make your decision more accurate n precious. I ALWAYS try to do this before purchase, it will reduce the chances of "regret".
  11. I do agreed with this. If you r new to the game, try with something a bit cheaper n work your way up. But if you are not new n got a budget for your gears, then the suggestion here will be more accurate for your selection.
  12. 80% online, since my favourite closed down few years ago (Campbellsportackle). The rest are mostly commercialize, they dont really know much fishing except pick either the most expensive or most undesirable/unsell old stocks tackle n try to push to end customers. SAD!
  13. I just use these to get my lines free. Free method (1), u can get them FREE at any garage/workshop. Money spend method (2)
  14. Shimano Beast Master, 2.4m 1 piece. Been using around bridge n jetty for many many years.
  15. Tide, don't really care about the rest. I can't wait till all inline to go fishing, I go when I have my free time.