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    Just want to enjoy fishing before I get too old and won't be able to cast my surf rods.
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    Wetting my lines
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    Work 5 & 1/2 days, only 4-5 hrs left for fishing per week.

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  1. U will end up buy both eventually, not one lol......
  2. I believe this "illegal" fishing only exist in Third World Country. In Australia, the anglers n government do take good care of our fisharies.
  3. Penn Fathom II level drag with Ugly Stick Tiger Elite jigging rod. Cheap and VERY reliable combo.
  4. Didnt see any surf rod in their website lol...
  5. High Vis line for surf red, pink or green. Multicolor i only use for deep sea jigging.
  6. I got a 20k saltiga 2020 for jetty n surf fishing, friends call me crazy for using such a big size for the surf but i am happy with my reel. So far no complain, hook up a croc once no problem, end up cutting off the line with the help of some other anglers.
  7. Pyramid n Bank sinkers only. 3oz to 8oz, depend on the current n wave.
  8. My old Ugly Stik Beanie. I will turn around back home even i reach my destination if i forget to bring it.
  9. I use bait holder hook if crabs are around to shake off bait. Other than that, circle hook is my go-to hook for bait.
  10. I just need to wet my line at least once a week. If there is fish, that a bonus for me.
  11. Is that a 12 footer?
  12. Love beach, jetty but hate area with old crab cages and sharp rock areas.
  13. Tiger Elite, cheap n durable.
  14. For the rods, your guy go into US or UK site for details of the rod? Both sites seem a bit different in model range.
  15. With $500+, i will go for Century, Kilwell or CTS.