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    Just want to enjoy fishing before I get too old and won't be able to cast my surf rods.
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    Wetting my lines
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    Work 5 & 1/2 days, only 4-5 hrs left for fishing per week.

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  1. Sorry to bring up an old topic. But the new 2019 version just pop-up. Model till size 5000 only.
  2. Hose sprinkle spray of water to wash off all rods and wet towel to clean reels after every trip. Take off the line roller parts and clean them through, re-oil then install back. Major Service once a year.
  3. I try either side to see which way it fit properly, mine is the wider section face inwards the bail arm area.
  4. So which side outwards? Lol......
  5. My reel is a Pflueger saltwater, picture reel is a Shimano. Just want to know if roller are all install standard or different makes install them differently?
  6. Hi, Is there a way to tell which direction should the line roller be? Or they are standard direction for all make reels in the market? In the picture, the wider section is facing toward the screw area. Please help, thanks.
  7. Just finding areas where there possibility we can wet our line
  8. Plenty about Rapala on-line, search Mr Google. Try Anglers Warehouse Australia, got offer at the moment.
  9. Been using this for 2yrs+, no issue with zipper corrosion as well. But only splash proof, not fully water proof.
  10. Well, end of the day if ever the old one fail, we always can replace them with new set of Carbontex. Thanks for sharing all the experiences here. I just clean mine last night and leave them my wife dish stand (hope she don't throw them away when I get home lol........) After work, should be dry to reinstall back.
  11. Hi, Anyone know the size of the washer (both big and small) for this reel? I need to replace them. Thanks.
  12. Thanks for the souce.
  13. Well, majority of my fishing is saltwater species like cobia, mackerel, catfish, GT and grouper. Mixture of soft and hard runner. So I guess for me just a pinch of Cal's grease won't hurt the drag that much. Just don't want the carbontex to dry up n need changes that often. But Heavy Hooksteer do get a point also, why go grease a brake system that provide stopping power. So my own personal guess is that freshwater species don't grease, saltwater species grease also good to prevent saltwater entering the carbontex.
  14. U got me there hahahaha........
  15. Then there is no point of grease for Carbontex in the first place, except for internal moving parts like gears and bearings.