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    Just want to enjoy fishing before I get too old and won't be able to cast my surf rods.
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    Wetting my lines
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    Work 5 & 1/2 days, only 4-5 hrs left for fishing per week.

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  1. For bait n wait, i guess the weight will not be a problem.
  2. Slammer IV is good enough for me. Authority price range too high.
  3. Solo fishing adventures, surviving skills/tips, how to built a fire without matches or lighter (hard work lol...), shelter building for campers and how to keep your catch fresh before you going back home (in 2-3 days).
  4. If you are bait fishing, don't overthink. Just look for a deep hole or rip current in the area you going. Have 3 rods, cast out 40m, 60m and 80m. Which ever distance get you the first fish then keep cast to that distance for more catch. As for bait, I still stick with mussel, mullet or squid (whichever I can find them FRESH, NOT FORZEN BAIT). As for tide, I always find productive 2 hours before max high tide, then everything will quiet down for 1-2 hours. That the time you walk the beach to find some LIVE BAITS (Sand Flea, Sand Worm and Crab). Then I will start fishing again on the start of run out low tide for 3-4 hours. MOST important thing, bring a buddy and beers so you won't feel bored. Just relax and enjoy your day, tight line buddy.
  5. I agreed, I go for Fireline as well.
  6. I agreed, I go for Fireline as well.
  7. Ur tackles should be enough to target shark, bear in mind that you can't tell if it's a smaller or bigger shark that will take your bait. Just remember to use wire as leader and hold on to your rod.
  8. That the part I hate, the left over (20-30m). What you guys do with it? Leave it there till forgotten that you got some left over line somewhere in the garage?
  9. I believe 8, 10, and 14 share the same body, only the spool is different for line capacity.
  10. Agreed with all of you, been able to enjoy a great morning surf fishing is a great season. Usually I fish overnight at surf or rock, but now since the pandamic and the curfew for everyone to stay at home after 7pm mean that I only left with morning and afternoon at my place, sad.
  11. I will go for Penn as well due to parts a availability for future. 6500 will suit 10' rod well. If you have doubt, go to your local store n try a 6500 and 5500 see which suit you best.
  12. Tell your student mum "Dont be a cheap mum, get her a Stella or Saltiga". Just add another zero at the said price hahahaha.....
  13. I always told them "I bought it 2nd hand, very cheap" eventhought all are mostly NEW.
  14. I source one from Basil Maning, shipping with DHL from SA to my place cost more than the rod itself lol......