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    Just want to enjoy fishing before I get too old and won't be able to cast my surf rods.
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    Wetting my lines
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    Work 5 & 1/2 days, only 4-5 hrs left for fishing per week.

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  1. A good setup for a surf rod n reel
  2. I owned 3 surf rods. Daiwa Sensor Surf 4.0 Daiwa Phantom Surf 4.80 Banax Fujika Surf 4.75
  3. I will go for 10ft one piece rod.
  4. Fin Nor Lethal 100
  5. I used to stay at cheap budget motel near the beach or rent a room for one night where there are signage for that purpose down the roads. Drive + Tired = Accident (BIG NO NO).
  6. I don't think there is a reel in the market now that "zero problem" without any minimal maintenance, if there is one do let me now. Thanks.
  7. Dawia Sealine X-Surf, 9+ years still going strong.
  8. I prefer line roller bushing type, no worry about rusting.
  9. You can find them in your reel schematic.
  10. Too long to read, I rather read the beach/surf.
  11. Dad always yelling, angry and nag a lot when I was young,about my school home-works, exam results and not to spend money on unnecessary things (we we very poor back then). Now, he only yell and nag on one thing, my fishing gears (spend money on unnecessary things) lol......
  12. Bring the reel to the tackle store, try them on some of the casting rods. Then you know which one suit you best. But I don't think the reel suit casting a 5/8oz spoons.
  13. Just to confuse you and end up by two rods from them, more profit lol........ For me, a good surf rod range from 10ft to 13ft. Depend what species you go for.
  14. Uglystick will be the best if you don't want to kill your wallet