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  1. I use VMC 9626s in PS and I think they crush really easily. I have tried them in size 6, size 4, size 2, and size 2/0. I also just picked up some 4/0 Owner Barbless SSW Circle hooks for fishing mole crabs. The best barbless singles I found were Vanfook for freshwater and Gami 55BLs for saltwater. I also deep hooked a 16” fluke on a Gami Octopus hook the other day and was able to turn the hook around and remove it very easily since it was barbless. Would’ve felt bad tossing that thing back with a hook that deep or if I had ripped it out... Probably got the hook out within a minute and sent her off on her way.
  2. I have a couple of times when I managed to break a rig off on a few occasions. Even when it was on, I never did as well on the jighead. Was doing well floating bugs today but broke off as I landed a fish and didn't have enough line to retie so I tried the jighead and I wasn't able to buy another bite. What MC55 just said is the key. Having them drift and float around is what you need them to be doing.
  3. I was wondering if anyone fishes them on a dropped loop. I have some friends that want to come out and I figured that would be the easiest way for them to fish them. Bringing the GF out soon and I'll let her test it out.
  4. I just use my hand or foot to dig for them. I used to use a plastic pasta strainer that I would keep on my hip but I like to pack light. You'll usually find bigger ones in batches so sometimes it takes a little bit of walking to find them. Had one at 32" on fleas yesterday evening and even dropped a couple of small fluke on them. I also have to thank MC55 for introducing me to them. I look forward to walking the beach after work every summer digging up bugs and letting them drift, hoping for a bite. So much fun feeling the *tap tap* of the pickup! Hopefully this helps someone else out: I typically fish 15lb braid to an improved albright with a 24" 30lb leader to a 75lb TA clip. To change over to fishing bugs I would cut the braided line and retie my carolina rig with a bullet weight, a bead, a swivel, and a pretied 18" 30lb leader to a 4/0 octopus hook. Constantly retying got annoying. I would even have to retie just to switch weights. Last night I tried this out and it worked really well. Super fast to switch between my methods, weights, and there were no issues with any tangles.
  5. My uncle and I fillet a couple each year and smoke them. My uncle prefers to eat the smoked fillets whole and I like to turn it into a pate kinda dip for some crustini style crackers.Tastes perfectly fine. Never had to do milk or any of that other stuff for them either. Like any catch I take home - I just make sure to kill them immediately with a stab to the head, cut the gills and the tail to bleed it out, and get it on ice or start cooking it ASAP. First time I ever had smoked bluefish was at Bad Martha's on Martha's Vineyard too. If anyone ever goes there I highly recommend trying it.
  6. Interesting... I don't have that issue. 15 lb braid to a 1/16 oz slip to a small bead to a large barrel swivel and finally an 18" 20/25/30 lb mono leader. Had a good night on crabs out front today just now. A 26" and a 28" right in the wash. Put on a show for the folks behind me as they were eager to see me catch something. Plenty of schoolies earlier on a 4" gulp too. Seems like the summer is here.
  7. I like to fish it on a carolina rig (like the FW bass rig) with an 18" leader and 4/0 octopus hook to a swivel and a slip sinker above the swivel. I use 1/16 oz, 1/8 oz, or 3/8 oz depending on the surf. Like Bucks said, fishing the wash is key. Another good spot is the edge of the bar on the other side of the trough.
  8. Yep, this rod is awesome! Handles up to 2 oz like a champ. Out of curiosity I lobbed up to a 3 oz sinker but anything over 2 oz felt iffy for me. First day I had it I took it out bay side and tested all my plugs and it worked really well with everything I mentioned. Decided to see how it would fair out front and it tossed a 5" swim shad and a 1.5 oz bucktail into a 10mph head wind with no problem. Also managed a 26" striped in a pretty rough surf that day. No idea how it would handle an inlet. I'm very happy I chose this rod though!
  9. I could do $80 picked up around Old Bridge, NJ. I'll send you a PM.
  10. That's what I came to a conclusion too when checking just now. Mhmmm sounds tasty. Love eating the whole fish too and not letting much go to waste. Maybe I'll take one or two home this year to try them out!
  11. Outfront for the sunset. Bunch of sundials on gulp and light jigheads. Anyone ever take any home? Caught one decent one and I considered it but couldn't recall a size/possession limit so he went back. Didn't really regret it cause they are pretty thin but was just curious if anyone keeps them!
  12. Bump again. $90 picked up but willing to hear offers.
  13. Roughly 23"
  14. I throw 1/2 oz bucktails a lot. It's not so much that this rod didn't throw them well, as they still got decent distance, it is just a faster action rod than I prefer to fish with. I did cast the 1 1/4 oz Hydro Minnow a lot with this rod and got great distance and thought it did that fairly well. The rod also performed really well with 5" swim shads, which I think is due to their heavier weight. I think that the rod starts to turn on around 1 oz but finds it's sweet spot around 1 1/2 oz which is heavier than I usually toss. I replaced this rod with the Tsunami Airwave Elite 8'-8" and am much happier with the action of that rod for 3/8 - 1 1/2 oz lures with 80% of my fishing being done with 1 oz or less. If you are interested in testing the rod out before hand I have no problem meeting up somewhere in MoCo if you bring your own reel and lures.
  15. Yes sir, it is a 2 piece. Not looking to ship it. I am located in Old Bridge but I could meet in Manasquan (or anywhere between the two) if you are interested though. I have no problem wearing a mask or letting you look at it in my trunk when I am 6 ft away if that is your concern.