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  1. I've actually been doing better at one spot at closer to low tide out front. As of recently I've seen bait being pushed closer at low tide more than high tide. My guess is that it is easier for game fish to corral bait when there's less water. I've been going out whenever I can recently and not paying much attention to the tides since I've had less time to pick when I want to go. Having said that, I still did pretty well last night and it was closer to high.
  2. Had a very fun outing tonight. Met another guy out there throwing an diamond jig and told me he had some luck out earlier in the week with it but I decided to stay with my bucktail. I always let it drift it the wash as long as I can and had this feisty one nail it right before I pulled it out. Not a monster by any means but I think it's my new PB and biggest of the year so far. After than I had a fluke chase my bucktail all the way in and front flip out of the water and onto the sand before a wave washed him back in. I was shocked but he didn't come back for another chance at the bucktail. I also think I saw my first spanish mack jump. Couldn't really tell but it was a long, dark, slender fish jump pretty high out of the water. Tossed a diamond jig in its vicinity but no dice. Once the sun set and most people left I had snappers around 10-15" on just about every cast on a hydro minnow and left with them still bumping it. Definitely became a favorite plug for me now. Almost didn't go out tonight too, but I'm pretty glad I did.
  3. I'll keep it as a lake trout rod for now. Might post it back up over the winter.
  4. Out front for a little bit today. Water was colder than it has been as of recently with lots of stuff in the water. Tried drifting bugs around but that was hard and not a tap. Eventually got a small blue on a Zoom Fluke but that was it for my night. Saw someone else pull something small out which I think was a small blue as well. Didn't see much bait or any activity around other than that.
  5. I'd let it go for $40.
  6. Sold to STONES! Thanks SOL.
  7. Sorry, I don't want to ship it as of right now.
  8. I just got a 9' Triumph Surf w/ a Penn Slammer III 4500 (20 lb J-Braid) and although it's a faster action rod than the Airwaves, I still think it casts light lures exceptionally well. I think that just over 1 oz is right around it's sweet spot. I tossed 3/8 oz jigheads + 4" swimming mullets, 1/2 oz bucktails, a 3/4 oz hopkins shorty, 1 1/4 oz hydro minnows, a 1 1/2 oz hopkins shorty, and 5" swim shads with it last night while testing it. I think that right around 2 oz and up it would start to get a little bit sloppy but I didn't get to test that end yesterday. I was really looking for a rod to cast ~1 oz really well and I am glad with this choice. I was a little upset because I was wondering how light I can go and left my pack of 1/4 oz jig heads and 4" Zoom Flukes at home. That'll be a test for a different day.
  9. If you're still interested, I will do $125 picked up. Actually, I will retract that, I am going to keep it for now. If I decide to put it back up I will let you know.
  10. After each trip, I have a small tupperware container filled with a TurtleWax car soap and water to wipe down my rod/reel. I have also used Pledge. I just apply one of those two to a microfiber cloth and start wiping. I think that both leave a waxy residue (that's not visible or noticeable at all) which makes water bead right off. RainX is a very interesting idea what I haven't thought of and I just might look into that soon.
  11. Out front today drifting some bugs around. Tough bite. Got a small striper around 14" and had a few hook ups that got off pretty quickly. Once it got dark had a skate come by and practically suck on my toes... Definitely skeeved me out for the next half hour. Poor guy got stuck and I had to help him back in.
  12. Picked up by LateralLineSider today, thanks SOL!