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  2. Running a 115hp with gps fishfinder radar stereo bait well . Would I be be better off with a deep cycle 27starter than a 1000/800 standard size. Do a lot of fluke drifting in the summer months. Don't want to run with two batterys
  3. I guess big screens go with large boats, and large boats with deep pockets. I would think there would be a market for add on larger screens.
  4. Can anyone shed any light on why the dramatic cost increase in GPS/FISHFINDER units when the screens are over nine inches. TV sets are seven hundred for large screens. The software I think is the same. Large boats have TV sets on them and they seem to hold up. As we get older I'm sure the guys would like something easier to see.
  5. thanks for the offer but the boat is shrink wrapped now. The same boat a Maycraft 1900 is sitting in front of Bry's Marine on rt 35 in Neptune. I won't start working on it till late April
  6. sharkriver nj not doing anything now boat is under shrink till apri[
  7. Hello purchased a seaview wedge adapter 4 degrees thinking to bolt this directly on top of canvas into the radio box. Don't know if there is a plate on top of the box but I doubt it. The wedge is made from a solid starboard material. Going to run power wires directly to the battery. do you think a 27v deep cycle starting battery will be enough to run a 115 Evinrude and ff gps stereo all at once. this unit is a plug in to a Garmin741sx bought a few years ago. also on another subject if you install another chart ff can you put two transducers next to each other with out any interference. thanks
  8. thanks for reply. I have purchased a 4 degree wedge that should raise it about 2 inches in the front and 4inches in the rear. its will be a Garmin GMR 18 it's not heavy about 5 pounds total. the radio box is sturdy as well as I have hung some stereo speakers from inside the box already. Still shopping for the dome looking for good price. the boat is shrink wrapped so I can't get a good look at it. With the shortages of everything just want all the parts ready to go in the spring. thanks I do understand what your point is and I will deal with it if I have to. thanks again see you on the striper grounds Bill
  9. thanks, I could but I trying to avoid having to weld or screw an aluminum plate between the t-top cross bars. just wanted to know if anyone has done it. getting caught in the fog a lot lately.
  10. want to mount a garmin radome on top of a cc was thinking of attached threw the over head radio box because the boat has a canvas top. Don,t believe it has a plate there under the canvas. Any one have experience with this?
  11. has anyone installed a dome unit into a overhead radio box
  12. bought my gps/ff last year on sale then earned credits for a good deal on a trolling rod
  13. price out the axle first and the shape of the brakes if they need replacement. if you got a lot of rust you may need to saw or burn off bolts etc. take it to a dealer who sells trailers to get an estimate on the parts. does it need tires it will get to the point where the parts can get close to thirty percent of the cost then there is the labor which can cost 130.00 per hour or more. maybe you could sell it to somebody who only needs it for short hauls and storage.If I was running up and down the coast of jersey I would want something reliable under my boat
  14. I live in the hills would like to meet some time if you can fill me in about plug makers and their trade marks. I look at some plugs as fishers and then there are some that are works of art.