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  1. bought my gps/ff last year on sale then earned credits for a good deal on a trolling rod
  2. price out the axle first and the shape of the brakes if they need replacement. if you got a lot of rust you may need to saw or burn off bolts etc. take it to a dealer who sells trailers to get an estimate on the parts. does it need tires it will get to the point where the parts can get close to thirty percent of the cost then there is the labor which can cost 130.00 per hour or more. maybe you could sell it to somebody who only needs it for short hauls and storage.If I was running up and down the coast of jersey I would want something reliable under my boat
  3. I live in the hills would like to meet some time if you can fill me in about plug makers and their trade marks. I look at some plugs as fishers and then there are some that are works of art.
  4. P bau that is the marking on the plug who is this made buy ?
  5. who uses this identification on their plug Pbau is their some place to find information on plug makers names and origins thanks