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  1. The Slammer III looks like the better reel on paper, cant wait to hold one. With all the features, its a sweet surf reel.
  2. Guys - thanks for the great feedback. Steve from ODM rods called me earlier today and walked me through the options. The 5500 Slammer III seems spot on while the 4500 could work also. I really appreciate the time you all took to get me comments and feedback, and shared experiences. Looks like I need to finalize my future rod and reel purchase with my other half....................... Frontier-X 1064 + Penn Slammer III 5500 w 30lb Braid................. Wish it was a simple deal, they just don't understand the fisherman's passion................and to have the BEST tools for the job! Take care and Tight Lines CB
  3. Thanks for the feedback - since I fish in Central Fl, I'm always worried about hooking into a large fish (Tarpon / Drum / Snook) and several hundred yards of line makes me feel like I have a chance!
  4. New to the world of High end fishing rods, was a long time Ugly stick guy and have narrowed down to an ODM 10' 6" NXFX-1064 rod based on whats the rest of the gang says (I looked at a lot on line, nothing close to view any others than the ST Croixs). I have held the 10'6" St Croix Legend but >$600 seems a lot for a rod..... I live and fish in Central FL, Bluefish during the late fall / early spring (5 - 10lbs) and whatever else bites the rest of the year. Planning to toss pencil poppers, buck tails, and an occasional live bait / chunk bait - all from the beach. I don't need a Van Staal and have narrowed down to the Penn Slammer II 5500 or 6500 w 30lb braid as a likely match. Looking for any feedback on which size would match the ODM Frontier-X 10' 6" NXFX-1064. Any suggestions? - purely via searches and reading the boards, I have evaluated "virtually" (online only) a lot a different rods / rod types and even the definitions to make sure I know what I want. Any ideas / thoughts / suggestion are very welcome. Thanks a bunch Tight lines, Capt Billy