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  1. Thanks for sharing. Looks like a great trip.
  2. I had one built at grumpys in 10’. The rod is amazing. All the trash talking people will be missing out on something truly great- ODM will back it up. Try to get to cast one of these rods. Someone said it’s for people on medicaid. Lol. If your older and you can cast further why wouldn’t you. And if your Superman just think how far you can cast. It really is a no brainer. The rod will talk for itself. And by no means am I saying my rod is better then yours. Have a great fishing season fall.
  3. It for sure is nice but it is expensive for the average guy.
  4. No problem. It’s true ratings. That’s why I brought it. I don’t know what they did in the design but it cast unbelievably well. I don’t work for ODM. I’m just a big fan of their rods. Everyone I bought works better then they say.
  5. What’s your favorite kayak with a peddle drive for getting out through the surf and fishing offshore? And what makes it your favorite. I’m going to buy a new one soon and I’m just thinking out of the box.
  6. I agree 100%. The only thing for me is the older seat kills my back.
  7. I put a sail rudder on mine. It helped a lot but not a fix all. I have the revo 13.
  8. Also look into the ODM Frontier 8’6” or 9’6”. They cast great and have great backbone. Sweet rods
  9. No way it’s real.
  10. Don’t be nervous. It’s not an everyday thing. Just pay attention. It can happen to anyone.
  11. What you have is fine. Some times you will pick up a bass or a ray and you’ll wish you had a rod with that backbone.
  12. There a great reel. Super tough. One of the best. Just ask the guys from Montauk. They are so hard on all there stuff and that reel holds up. So ask yourself how are you going to fish. Do you need a reel like that’s? Talk to real tackle shops who sell them and uses them.
  13. You are so right and I’m one of the 90% because most of us over look it. You don’t need it until you need it. Thanks for bring it to light on us.
  14. Sorry I wasn’t clear. I was talking about the 7’ TICA. My buddy uses one. The but is long for the yak. It makes it a lot easier to handle in the yak when you take a few inches off. I think he cut 6” off but start out cutting an inch at a time to see what works for you.