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  1. Well said. That would be my reel in that price range.
  2. Kong Fu death ring
  3. Kung fu death ring
  4. Just so you know there is a kayak and boat stuff forum. I’m sure someone would buy that for that price
  5. I use both sp and the hydro. I’ll take the sp over the hm. I’ve caught so many bass on them. But the joe baggs swarter became my real go to. Some nights I have crush them on that lure. They all have there place. And everyone has their own favorite.
  6. I’m in
  7. Thanks guys. I appreciate your help
  8. How long will it take for these rods to be available? Are these prototype in New Jersey to see them?
  9. OK here we go again. I know this topic has been brought up in the past. But now everyone has plenty of experience and both of these yaks.. Looking for a yak for an older kayak fisherman. It will be used in large bays and rivers. I don’t know too much about the drives in the old town or exactly what your model to look at. I know he has bad knees. i’m sure both are great kayaks. To the drives in the old town add fatigue? Is the stability safer than the whole be out back? And is one kayak easier to pick up speed? What model old town is comparable to the outback? Thanks for your help and your opinions.
  10. Elias V shads and Bill Hurley’s
  11. That’s a great rod.
  12. I’m in
  13. Great job. It’s the fish of a lifetime. Congratulations
  14. Pic’s and Location? My buddy is looking. I’ll give him the info after Catchg22 looks.
  15. I support catch and release. Nice glider. thanks