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  1. There another great rod. I never got my hands on the jr mag. I want to check one out one day. I used my buddy’s 7’ weapon and it was amazing. I caught a nice bass on it. The backbone was great.
  2. For fluke the ball works good but the S&S Fluke Nukem in white is a killer with gulp. I never thought it would matter. I out fish my buddy’s every time. They seen to glide over rocks instead of getting hung up. It’s my favorite.
  3. This would a perfect choice
  4. I’ll be 3rd if all fails
  5. I would check out Black Holes kayak rods. They’re an awesome rod. As far as a reel goes I will check out the penn slammer 4, Diawa Saltest or Shimano Saragosa. There all pretty good for getting wet. I’ve dunked them many times without any problems. They’re not a van staal but you don’t need one.
  6. I remember those rods. We used to buy those or the Fenwick UL.
  7. Aquaseal worked for me will. A friend who works in a tackle shop turned me on to it. Worth the money. And I think LL Bean recommends it
  8. Daiwa here I come.
  9. Please close. Going elsewhere. Thank you SOL
  10. I know a guy. Pm me your name and number. I’ll give it to him
  11. This reel is in new condition with new 20lb X9 power pro. Asking $250 shipped OBO.
  12. Are you still looking? If so I have a like new 6000 I’ll let go. With 30lb power pro
  13. Sold to xjclint. Thank you SOL.
  14. It’s yours. I’ll pm you around 6:00
  15. Just serviced at Grumpy’s‘s. The reels in great condition. It has a Gomez power knob. It’s bulled with 20 pound power pro. Asking $145 shipped. I’ll keep looking for the box. Right now I don’t have the box. Thanks for looking.