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  1. 80# braid will not easily pass through these small holes on FTH30LD. I gave up and wrapped electrical tape over them and did two wraps and uni knot.
  2. Hey BigFischer, I know your post was in December but if your black TRQ25 is still available I'm interested if you're willing to ship it. Cheers...
  3. Thanks for the info.
  4. I heard from Liz at Seigler that the SGN star drag reel release was delayed due to factory relocation and they're doing some new fly reel production along with the existing product line. Only the prototype is out now. Was told to watch social media for future release date.
  5. I've been learning about Seigler reels. There's supposed to be a narrow star drag reel. Is this available yet?
  6. Yeah, those are nice reels. Lifetime warranty. But the thing I like about those old ProGear reels is that they're so simple to service.
  7. Perfect! Thanks Slacker, that's just what I need. I will try to find one at a reasonable price. I have a Canon EOS 350 that's too big to carry. Cheers...
  8. I'm still hoping for a "Baby Baja" like a smaller, upgraded US113N.
  9. These days I go on eight day variety trips traveling about 3/4 of the way down the Baja coast. We have to clear Mexican customs at Ensenada but don't fish there. We target yellowtail, tuna, wahoo, grouper and dorado. The boats offer all the comforts of home with nice stateroom berthing, great meals and hot showers. I've been on dozens of trips over the years and must have dumped a bushel basket of cash over the side on the cost of these trips. Earlier on I spent time and money on longer trips of 14 to 16 days realizing my goal of catching a "cow" tuna (over 200 pounds). I've caught a few of those stand-up style and my personal best was 266. These are babies compared to the East coast giant bluefins, right?
  10. Hey Tony, Sorry I missed you at the Fred Hall show. I customized my VSX with Cal Sheets lower gears and it's great for large tuna. I understand he can even make the spool lighter but why go custom now when we have the VISX ready to go out of the box! (PS, where are the silver TRQ star drag reels?)
  11. Is it a 280 or 282 model called the Albacore Special? I really like those models.
  12. I'd buy a silver Torque. Will we be seeing those for sale soon?
  13. I used the red, tomato/basil sauce.
  14. These fish are so fast I wonder if anyone has even tried to land one on a fly.
  15. Is this material still used in antique fishing tournaments?