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  1. I was wondering if anyone out here has rebuilt a 560L or 760L Penn Slammer reel. I had purchased some replacement parts about 3 different times and each time the o-rings around the liveliner switch appeared to be much smaller that the ones I had taken out. Unfortunately, I no longer have the original o-rings. I had this problem a while ago and had gone out on my own to find a substitute o-ring and was successful. Apple Rubber makes an o-ring which works well. I went out on my own because I had spoken with someone from Penn, quite a while ago and not Tony, and they told me that the new o-ring I got was correct. I didn't agree. When you look at the new o-ring under some magnification, you can see the shaft of the liveliner switch and the o-ring doesn't even touch the switch to create a seal. Also the new o-ring sits in the recess pocket of the housing which the shaft protrudes from. I don't even think the diameter of the material extends past the outer reaches of the recess pocket in the reel housing. Just wondering if anyone else had noticed this and if you did what info were you able to find. I have just recently contacted Tony, from Penn, and given him this info which he's looking into. Great guy! Also have sent him the reel so he can see what I'm talking about. I will update what I get back for info from Tony but am curious about info you all have. Thanks for listening.
  2. I don't believe in horsing fish and like the fight of the fish. With the lighter tackle it takes a bit more finesse, which I enjoy, but also don't want to be so undersized I kill the fish. It's balance. But I would like to know if the reel would handle canal fishing. Not sure if the Saltx 4000 would. What do you think? 4K under powered or over kill for canal?
  3. I recently got the chance to get the Saltx 6000 in my hand at a small show in CT. I'm looking for a mid range reel that's sealed and this seems like it fits my need. The reel has a great feel in my hand. I spoke with a factory rep and a friend who got the opportunity to fish with them and they loved it. As a disclaimer, they did say they got it late last year and had not gotten into big fish with it. The early version they used had an issue after a while with a squeak. They feed the info back to Bimini and they've already put a fix in place for it, at least I was told by the rep and friend. I was told another seal did the trick. The friend was also impressed with the vetting Bimini was doing with these reels. They had not heard of any other problems with the reel. I was wondering if anyone out there has heard of any recent good or bad feedback or problems with these reels? Also how it's handles big fish, if anyone has heard? I was told they are due out in April by Bimini, the rep and a few websites. Hopefully soon!