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  1. Thank you all. I'm getting psyched! Let's talk about used boats if possible. I have a sailboat in Mystic, so I know the waters fairly well and have the CT license , etc... Are we thinking: 17-19 ft. Boston Whaler type boat? Center console?
  2. Thanks everyone. Looks like a 10 wt may be the logical choice. My new neighbor showed me pics of monsters caught locally. For sure shore fishing would be a good idea for now. I'm close to Bluff Point State Park , CT so may try that first. Now to figure out lines, leaders flies, etc.. Is there a local fly shop along the CT shore that people recommend?
  3. Hi, I just joined the forum. Been fly fishing for many years, mainly trout. Done some salt here and there but all in the Keys and Bahamas for tarpon and bones. Anyhow, just bought a summer place in the low tax state of CT ... Looking to do some striper fishing there, pending the boat purchase. For now, I will beg the guy down the street to take me on his boat. Will be fishing Fishers Island Sound, The Race, Watch Hill , etc.. I have a couple of 8 weights. Should I be moving up to a 9 or 10wt rod?