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  1. Would love to see pics of the setup if you have them. Thinking throwing my penn slammer 4500 on it
  2. Would you say the sweet spot is around 1 oz. From the beach for fluke I usually thought 3/4 to 1 with a teaser
  3. How did you buy it. Don’t see them listed on the website yet.
  4. Has anyone had a chance to fish with these rods yet? I know they just came out with this model recently. Just want to hear some true world feedback on it before I decide on my shore fluking rod. And for those that have any of the susuki rods how do you like the foam grips. My experience is they always get dirty and are hard to clean.
  5. Not fishing gear but bought a pair of fireplace gloves from bean because of the warranty and the reviews. The right hand glove developed holes in the fingers in less than one winter season. And the left glove looked used but in great condition. Called them about a warranty claim and the customer service rep kind of told me I was beat in a round about way. Sent them back to bean with a note that had all my info and original purchase date and order number that proved they were bought WITH a lifetime warranty. Received a brand new pair of gloves for free. So I believe they must be honoring products bought under their previous lifetime warranty.
  6. I would be interested in the heavy action if you would sell separate. I’m near 08302 so I could meet up
  7. Great idea!
  8. I might have a Lamiglas 7040 for sale.
  9. What size is the shrink tube? And I’m guessing you use 3mm sleeves with the thicker bungee? Going to use this on the kayak.
  10. Sounds good. The drift sock may be a good investment and I also don’t mind the exercise. It makes the beer taste that much better when you get home!
  11. Is it for sale. lol
  12. Been wanting to try the pr. Are you using the Shimano bobbin?
  13. Needed to get new braid for a cpl new reels and wanted to replace some old braid. Relatively new here but was really hawking the braid thread. Decided on the yozuri super braid and got it from amazon for a reasonable price. So far very very impressed with it. Surprised that I don’t hear more about it. Just loaded a new penn slammer 3 with about 250 yards of 15lb. Anyone else use it?
  14. It will handle that. I’ve jigged up to 8 with mine on a St Croix mojo jig no prob. I feel the rod is more the X factor. And I feel the same as some, true world drag it has way more than plenty. I think a lot of guys have never actually scaled their drag. When you scale a lever drag with like 12 lbs of drag and hook it to something and actually pull it’s way crazy how much it really is. If you fished 28lbs of drag you are locked down. Lol