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  1. I sadly agree. Not only will bonus tags be abused without enforcement but any and all regulations in any state. The sad thing is there are many unethical anglers in every state not just New Jersey. Just like people continue to break criminal laws even with a greater police presence. That X factor can never be eliminated. Sad but true.
  2. I was pretty sure that was posted just don’t remember seeing the 24-28”. I think some people think that the bonus fish is the same as the normal slot. At least the bonus does not allow trophy fish to legally be harvested.
  3. I had to laugh because I caught mine on a jetty in Cape May also. Prob 4’. At the time I didn’t even know what it was.
  4. I don’t know if this has been posted but NJ will issue 27000 tags that will be used I believe starting May 15 for 1 fish per tag at 24-28”.
  5. Yeah ok
  6. You argument rests on the premise that know one gets caught in NJ violating the bonus tag regs and because everyone is like DrewC the state murders the stock. That same argument could be used for any states regulations. If I don’t get stopped in whatever state with however many bass over the limit then that is ok? If people are going to break the law be it recreational or commercial they are going to do it. To think that it only happens and hurts the stock in NJ is not realistic. No other states for hires gaff fish and upgrade? No other states recreational anglers take more than their limit and to feel that just because someone admits to breaking the law they are a good person Is just naive and stupid.
  7. I think we all can agree that they dropped the ball once again. At this point I believe our only option is to each do our part and protect them. If your individual state allows something,choose to do the right thing. If enough of us do that then maybe we can have a small impact. Let’s all join together on this. The cry babies, the grammar police, and keyboard gangsters can all unite.
  8. I have acknowledged and understand catch and release mortality. That is the main reason I believe the season should be completely closed during the spring spawn. I live along the Delaware Bay and I refuse to fish for the stripers in the spring. It’s my choice but in a perfect world would be the law. My point is that when a fishery is in trouble everything should be done to help and protect them. Moratorium would be the quick answer.
  9. That gave me a good laugh. Lol. I love a hard typing keyboard gangster.
  10. Well he “was”
  11. My biggest hope was that they would have a 1 fish slot to 35” and protect the spawning fish. It makes no sense that I can’t keep a crab with eggs but I will still be able to keep a female striper full of eggs. Not to mention catch and more than likely kill others that are released.
  12. Really. What did your post just add to this discussion? You just couldn’t help coming at me personally. Well done sir. Sit down and relax.
  13. Any commercial quota for a fishery in trouble doesn’t make any sense. I think we can all agree on that. For the record in over 20 years of Striper fishing in NJ I have never used a single bonus tag. I 100 percent do not agree with the system and have always refused to participate in it.
  14. I agree. It never should have got to this point and I argue that we are all at fault. All the states. To blame one small part of the whole picture is not the correct way to look at it. I pray my small children can enjoy the fishery at some point in their lives.