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  1. Yep, had it happen with European Bass Kark
  2. Many Thanks for the replies.. I guess I should have said I own a Shimano Dialuna, 9'6" rating 45g, this covers really well up to one ounce and just over. I use this rod for metal jigs to 40g, 30-35g being the sweet spot. It will cast soft plastics to around 38g okay, but it's not what the rod excels at. I'm looking for a rod with a bit more grunt that is happy casting something like a 2oz Tsunami swim shad a respectable distance into surf, and for me to still be able to stay in contact at range. Is the 9'6" happy casting this, I'd hazard the 10' would be less happy in this range and would need to be wound up a lot more in the cast? Also interested in people's experiences with bucktails using either rod, as this is another application I would like to try. I've seen the videos of the fish caught on these rods, no doubt in my mind they can cope with decent fish!
  3. Hi all, My first post on the forum. I am from the UK and I target the European Sea Bass, or just plain Bass as we call them here. A few anglers here target them here from surf beaches with lures. Would anyone here be able to describe the differences between the two rods I mention in the title please? What is the sweet spot for both? How much farther will they 10' cast if at all (I know, lots of variables here)? Action faster on the 9'6? Does one perform different tasks, i.e. is one better with a hard plastic lure (minnow) or metal or heavy soft plastic How's are they both for Buck tailing (something I want to try over here) I want to get as much reach (casting) as I can, but be able to throw soft plastics with jig heads up to 60g, as well as metals into the surf, to reach structure (bars, rips holes etc.). I see a lot of videos that Kil put up are from the boat, are there any where people are using these rods in full surf conditions? I would love to know your thoughts, Any help would be great! All the best Kark
  4. Nice catch, would you mind telling me what the paddle tail and jig head combination is please? Thanks!