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  1. I found that I was infrequently wading in water that was higher than my waist but would get an occasional wave that would fill the basket so that's why I ended up putting the drainage holes. Just depends on where you fish I guess.
  2. Have the same one, like it a lot and would recommend it as well. It doesn't have any holes in the bottom to drain water which I wanted but it was easy to drill a few myself.
  3. I used a 8/10 wt bravo reel last season and had no complaints. It’s a great reel for the money and extra spools are cheap.
  4. Thanks, I'll avoid Catt then. Good to know about dead drifting streamers. I haven't done much of that but will certainly give it a shot. I have some meth eggs and sucker spawns from my last trip so I should be good there. Thanks for all the great info, now just hoping the weather holds up.
  5. This is great, thanks for the info. The "sewage trib" sounds intriguing but I'll probably try to avoid that one. I'm actually somewhat familiar with 18 mile (assuming you're talking about the Lake Erie one) after a half day I spent there around Thanksgiving. Never been to Catt and was hoping to try it but sounds like I should just wait until next fall. Thanks for the info on spin but was planning on sticking to fly, it's the only equipment I have.
  6. Thanks for the info, shame to hear that about the fly tyers. Would be great to go to Edison (have family down there I could visit at the same time) but can't make it that weekend.
  7. Was still planning on attending, would be great to meet some members of the local community. Just was hoping to try some rods out by vendors that won't be there.
  8. I'm fairly new to fly fishing and was excited to go to the show this year, but was surprised by how much smaller Marlborough was compared to Denver. Seems to be missing a lot of vendors I would have expected (major rod/reel companies, Orvis, Fishpond, Patagonia etc). Is this show normally smaller than the others?
  9. This was great advice. Listened to the podcast on the drive home from work and Alberto mentions that fishing can last into late January, The fish are still be there in February, but weather and ice is the issue. In case anyone else is looking for the podcast is from Sept and titled "Secrets of Lake Erie Steelhead Tributaries, with Alberto Rey".
  10. Thanks for the info, given the limited time I have and the tough fishing conditions it would be nice to have a guide if possible.
  11. Reviving this older thread hoping for a little info on the Lake Erie tribs in late winter. I'll be in Buffalo for the end of January into early February visiting my fiance's family and was wondering if the Cat or other waters stay fishable this time of year. I know the weather can be miserable but would be willing to tough it out if there's an opportunity to get away for the day and catch some steelhead.
  12. If you are looking to save some money I would recommend checking out the Redington Classic Trout. This spring I picked up the 6 piece 8' 3wt for hiking trips and have been happy with it so far. They also have 4 piece 7'6", 8' and 8'6" versions. The rod has a more moderate action which some aren't' a fan of but I think works well for small streams.
  13. I was starting to wonder what I had gotten myself into by into! Thanks for all the tips. Time to get out there and get started on my 70k casts.
  14. Sounds like a good way to practice your strip set!
  15. Not to hijack the thread, but as someone still pretty new to fly fishing I was wondering if you guys practice with or without a fly. Practicing without a fly on feels different to me (maybe it's just in my head), and I have been thinking of tying on a beat up clouser I have with the hook cut off so it doesn't get caught on the grass.