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  1. Nope, returned it. Now they're out of stock everywhere so probably going to get a Saltist MQ instead.
  2. well now I have egg (milt?) all over my face
  3. I believe they used to stock it with Browns but have since stopped due to them threatening an endangered amphibian (I forgot what kind). Now I believe it's just Rainbows but you can still find Browns. I'm speaking of the more upriver parts, like north / middle / south / clark forks.
  4. Speak for yourself. We keep a lot of stripers here too because they're delicious, especially the small ones. Don't let anybody tell you that you can't feed yourself with fish you legally caught.
  5. That's what I thought at first but it's definitely not.
  6. Okay that makes sense. I guess that isn't a defect then, my only issues are the line lay and jerky drag.
  7. Okay, makes sense, but it's still sitting unevenly so I guess it's something else causing that. Just a big bummer since this seems to be a new version and has QC issues.
  8. Okay, probably last photos, but also wanted to show how the new drag knob is super crooked on this one. Is it supposed to have two pins (not sure what to call them) on the bottom side of the knob instead of just one? That seems to be the cause of the crookedness. Obviously going to return this, just curious.
  9. Yeah, I read that as the lefty is coming out later, but the new righty version is already shipping. In fact, I think this lemon might be the new version based on the drag knob, which looks different from what I can see in all the other pictures. It also came with a bailless conversion kit. Is this the new version?
  10. Are you sure about that? Craig seemed to indicate that they were shipping now.
  11. Is there any reason to believe that a new one is coming out? Or is it pure speculation?
  12. Thanks, checked and respooled a little and it's definitely seated right. But also noticed that the drag is really jerky so I think something is just off on this one. Going to send it back for a new one and give VS one more chance.
  13. Why should I have to go to a shop to put line on my reel? I've always put it on myself with no issues, I'm stunned that a reel in this price range would have an issue like this.
  14. I was really excited to get my VR50, but the line lay after I spooled it is awful. There doesn't seem to be a way to remove a washer, so is there nothing I can do to adjust this? Anybody else encounter this?
  15. Never done that before. Does the type of paint matter, or can it just be like house paint?