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  1. Never done that before. Does the type of paint matter, or can it just be like house paint?
  2. I have some pink buzz bombs from my humpie fishing days... have been thinking about using them for stripers but just feels kind of weird. They're
  3. What do you find is typically the most successful retrieve?
  4. When do you use the Kastmasters vs the bucktails?
  5. Does anyone here predominantly fish metal in the surf? I'm starting to do it more because it seems like an obvious way to deal with the severe winds we can face in the Bay Area, but I'm not having much luck. What conditions work best for metal? And which lures are you using (not sure if the sand eel imitation metals would be as effective)? Do you catch anything other than stripers on metal?
  6. My understanding is that halibut are a significant target in the surf for much of SoCal. Here in the Bay Area, one might occasionally hook a halibut in the surf (one particular sandy field near a certain gate is known for this), but by and large it's a boat and pier fish. Nobody is going to Ocean Beach to try to catch a halibut. Where does this change happen? And what causes this difference?
  7. I missed out on the herring spawns last year in the Bay Area and want to see if I can get in on it this year, both for the fish and the roe. Any tips or tricks? I think the hard part is just knowing where to find the fish.
  8. Been learning a lot from lurking so wanted to add something. Only 20" but my first fish on the SP Minnow:
  9. I use size 6 circle hooks with the Gulp sandworms and have a lot of success on surfperch. That won't solve the size selection issue, though.
  10. Very little current and my line was screaming, was worried I was going to get spooled. Thanks everyone for putting my mind to rest that I didn't screw up landing a trophy halibut.
  11. Hooked up on something monstrous last weekend and am more bugged that I didn't get to see what it was than that I lost it. Let's say it was somewhere in the North SF Bay fishing from a rocky shore. It pulled drag hard for about 40 yards and then just sat on the bottom and didn't move much over the next ~40 minutes. I know I wasn't snagged because it would move a little occasionally. Eventually my 30lb braid broke because I got impatient and was yanking on it too much to try to get it to move. To me this sounds like a big bat ray but the weird thing was I was using a 5" Keitech and I've never heard of people catching bat rays on jigs. Is it possible that it hit the jig or maybe I foul hooked it? Or could it have been something else (maybe enormous halibut?)?
  12. Hey! It's my first time posting on this site. I had the same question about surfperch in particular because the OEHHA ratings for surfperch are "do not eat" for the SF Bay but 6 servings (for men) for the general coastal guidance. I emailed OEHHA on clarification and the toxicologist said that the variance is caused because surfperch move around very little. The closest coastal measuring point to SF (not in the Bay) they have is Pacifica, and apparently the mercury levels there are consistent with the general coastal guidance. I'd bet that Monterey is pretty clean.